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Brondulf, Guntram, and Brogag:
Zarta follows you out of the office and asks to have a quick word before you leave.

“It’s cute to see Ambrus so concerned about your welfare… but he’s right,” Zarta begins. “Dealing with this sort of situation is exactly why the Grand Archive was created. We have to retrieve whatever caused this bad luck, so it can be studied and understood. Normally, Gorm Greathammer would be the one to discuss this with you, but he is rather preoccupied with… well, he’s not able to be here himself. Just make sure you come back with everything from the wreck. We don’t yet know if it’s a single item, or some combination of items, that is the cause. Even if the cause is a single item, the context provided by the other relics, and especially the charts and notes collected by the team, are vital to our understanding of this phenomenon. Make sure everything is brought back here intact.”

Dark Archive

"Ahem. Yes, well, wasn't that pleasant. I think there may even have been a question in there somewhere."