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Gimme gimme gimme gimme pls :)


Hmm, Birthright and Harn stuff could work. I think I have a couple of books I have to dig up from the basement.

Thanks for all the suggestions folks.

I'm not sure how many sessions the political stuff will last, but the city the pc's are in have traveled from one ice world to Maztica. And after a while they went to war on Helmsport and won, but now Amn want the land back and have contacted the pc's to try to get aid from them, or stay out of the fight. It seems that the players will aid Amn (since the current ruler is "bad"), but they want to put a friendly ruler from their own nobility on the throne. So I only need to make some noble houses and what they feel about each other, about war, amn and the players.

And stuff from either Harn og Birthright could work here.


The pc's are currently in Maztica, so I don't think I will steal any nobility stuff from any other FR sources since they probably will head over to Faerun sooner or later I'm sure. But I guess it wont hurt to take a look at those ad&d source books.

I'm sure I have read about a d20 book which deals with a political campagin, but don't remember the name.


It looks like my campagin is moving into nobility and political intrigue in near future and I need noble families. Anybody have or know a good place to get info on already made noble/royal families for a fantasy setting? Any suggestions on supplements I should look at to run a politcal campagin?

Ungoded wrote:

A creature that flies can make dive attacks. A dive attack works just like a charge, but the diving creature must move a minimum of 30 feet and descend at least 10 feet. It can make only claw or talon attacks, but these deal double damage. A creature can use the run action while flying, provided it flies in a straight line.

Yes, a flying creature can 'run'.

Damn, how could I have missed that last sentence. But thanks :)


Can a flying monster use "run" to fly faster (like x2, x3, x4) or is fly a set speed?


As a person with sometimes very very very short time memory it can get confusing to run battles with lots of monsters/npc's. The initial 1-2 rounds usually goes well, but after a huge and long battle drags on I often loose track on which mob is which of lets say 8 gargoyles. So, anybody got any suggestions on how to tag miniatures beside using dice? Any clever things out there I could buy?


Atrocious wrote:
Ogre Mages are not very well designed. (CR 8 and only 37 hp?!) It would take extraordinary circumstances for an Ogre Mage to live up to its base CR. This is a fairly well known problem so Paizo made the (correct in my oppinion) decision to "adjust" his CR a little. He is tougher than both an 8th level sorcerer, or a regular Ogre Mage, but that combined does not make him CR 16. CR 12 sounds just right to me...

Yeah, their 37 hp really is silly for a cr 8 monster. But what about a Ogre Mage with 8 fighter lvs, still cr 12? It's hp would be beefed up pretty good, and with the right magic items he could be a real bad ass. Guess the cr system can be a bit broken so gut feeling is needed a bit.

Is the CR on Arley the Ogre Mage in Maure Castle lv1 a bit too low since he has 8 lvs of Sorcerer. After taking a look on the srd it seems that the cr is based on nonassociated class levels, but when I look at the normal ogre mage stat as characters it say favourite class is Sorcerer. So should he have had higher cr or is the cr based on that he is a giant with high str and such that you chose to use the nonassociated class levels. I must also admit that if you had used the regular +1 cr/lv that cr 16 feels too high.


I have looked at this 3.0 adventure and am tempted to use it in my current campaign and drop some hints about it since I'm running The Iron Satyr from Dungeon 108. But since its based on 3.0 I wonder if there are any here that have converted the npc/monsters to 3.5 and would be glad to hand it over? :-)

If not, do you think it is any point in spend much time to rebuild all the npc/monsters, or just run it as it is (well, maybe just convert the old DR system)? I think that most players in my group would not notice any difference between 3.0 and 3.5 if I remember DR and that buff spells have their duration reduced.

And if you have already run this adventure, what do you think about it and did the players enjoy it?


I got Dungeon 147+148 today with Dragon 356. Still missing Dungeon 146 tho so that one might be lost in the system somewhere. I hope that shipment improves with pathfinder since after the last renewal of Dungeon and Dragon issues startet to get here 4+ weeks after the normal time before the renewal. If not I guess the 1st pathfinder series will be the only one I get.


If a charater with several permant spells is the target of a dispel magic is successfully dispeled, are all the spells lost or just supressed? And if they are lost should he pay the normal xp cost again if he choses to use permanency on the same spells again?


Olaf the Stout wrote:
Joshua J. Frost wrote:
Keoki wrote:
Olaf the Stout wrote:
In addition some people are supporting Paizo and subscribing to Pathfinder just to stick it to the man (WotC).

This would be a silly way to accomplish this, since WotC owns Paizo.

That's a big negative, my friend. Paizo is a privately held company that is not, in any way, owned by Wizards of the Coast. It has always been this way. Paizo published Dragon and Dungeon under license from WotC, not as a division of WotC.

Wanted to clear that up.

Josh, are you saying that you found my comments negative or are you referring to what Keoki posted?

If you are referring to my comments, what exactly did you find to be negative? I'm interesting in hearing your (and others within Paizo) thoughts on this matter.

Olaf the Stout

I'm sure that was a reply for what Keoki postet.


Heh, got a bit confusing there. But the devils who the players will encounter is a Gelugon and probably a couple of wandering Orthon's (FCII)and they have greater teleport at will. So they are free to tp(k) around in the dungeon the players are about to enter. But to not make it too hard they don't want to be chickens and tp back to the gelugon, they sure wanna try kill the intruders and score some advancement points.

And just to mention it, the Legion Devils and Steel Devils are very cool.


The outsiders are Devils and have it in their description, so they are set to teleport anywhere on their current plane.


Just a quick question about outsiders and teleport. Since Greater Teleport is a spell like ability, it works on both the material plane as well as their home plane right?


No Dungeon and Dragon magazine sure sucks, but I'm looking forward to the Pathfinder AP and signed up from my excess subscription credit. Keep up the great work.

I'm at work atm so can't be 100% sure of the casting from the spellbook, but I just "know" that I have read about it somewhere. But it could be that my imagination is running wild hehe. Will consider to run the RAW thing here so poor players which are in deep s#$& and was gonna burn some spells from the spellbook to get out :)

I know that you could cast spells directly from your spellbook like a scroll in earlier editions, but can't find any rule for it now, anybody out there that could point me in the right directions if they know where it is? If not I guess the easy way is just to let the wizard cast it like a scroll and loose the spell from the book. But when he does that and buys the spell again, he need to make a spellcraft check to be able to write it correctly, right?


While waiting for the next Song of Ice and Fire book, I have borrowed Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson. I think this is very good high fantasy, and I enjoy the way he writes. The bad thing after reading this and G. G. Martin, the regular D&D books seems so medicore.

Thanks, have sent reply.

I have been a subscriber for a while now and have never had any problems with delivery of either Dragon or Dungeon. I live in Norway, and when the posts with Dragon/Dungeon arrived at euorpean subscribes starts to show, I have usually got mine within a couple of days, but all this changed after new year.

Last issue of Dragon I got was 352, and I got that about 3-4 weeks after the normal arrived in europe posts.

Last issue of Dungeon I got was 143 (and I saw 145 in the local game shop yesterday). Should I be worried that something is wrong with my subsription?


Might go for a little mix here. If the character was between 1% - 50% from next lv, they'll loose a lv and end at half way between that lv and and next. But if they were at 51%-99% to next lv, they will loose a lv, but get 75% into that lv.

Will also use the energy drain part until they get enough xp to lv up again, since it will save some hassle.

As I had my first death yesterday in a 1,5 year long campaign, I looked at the Raise Dead spell and the rules for getting back to life. As it is written, you loose one lv and is put half way between that lv and the next. So the lv 10 char (which was around 1000-1500 xp from lv 11) will be a lv 9 char and half way to lv 10. I guess its bad luck to get killed and raised just before you lv, but life is hard.

From those of you who dm, how do you handle death, raise dead and xp loss?

And as a player, will you take it as a man if you like the char, or will you often think he is broken now, and make up another instead?

I am considering to maybe let him keep his lv, but reduce the xp so it will take time to catch up, but its still a heavy xp loss. I think death should matter somehow. but it still feels like big punishment.

I haven't played through AoW but when you mention it I remember that there was some scrying on somebody on a ship. But it seems like scrying works different my world, than in the offical worlds (or maybe the person who wrote that adventure just don't have a clue about D&D :-p)

But still, can't get over the 2 invisible stalkers making soo much trouble for the party, will remember that a long time hehe.

The situation was this: The players were gonna put some magic items on a flying castle to prevent it to be able to move within 50 miles of both their home city, and their dwarven allied city, when they activated the 2nd part of those items. First they were gonna travel to the dwarven city which was under siege, and enter it through one "back door" then move to the flying castle from there, and this was gonna be some underdark action I had planned. But suddenly they started to talk about scrying an npc they had met that they thought was in the city, and use teleport to both enter the city and move back to warn another city.

The thing is that the partys mystic theurge don't have scry, but one of the other cohorts has it. So they wanted to get a couple of scrolls of teleport, then the cohort would use scry with the other pc watching to get familiar with the area their npc friends was at so both could teleport a couple of bodies there.

The bottom line played out like this: The cohort failed one scry and didn't make the spellcheck for 1 of the teleport scrolls. Next scry went better and she made the spell check and they teleported right into a room with 2 invisible stalkers, since their npc friend was held captive in said flying castle (which really made things a pain for a party of 3 lv 10, 1 lv9 pc and 2 lv 7 cohorts). At the end of that battle 2 lv 7 warfoged fighter/jug arrived just as the party barbarian held the door shut. But then the ninja did a clever thing, he ghost steped through the door and decided to attack. Short story, he is dead now and the rest of the pary is hiding in the room by using rope trick. Too bad for them the spell only last 7 hours so they wont get any spells back before it end.

This can get ugly :-p


How would/are you use the spell scrying? From the spell description: Scrying - You can see and hear some creature, which may be at any distance. If the subject succeeds on a Will save, the scrying attempt simply fails.

Would you say that only the caster will see anything in the mirror, or would you let everybody that is present see what the caster see in the mirror?

I know I have final say over whatever the players will argue, and will probably rule that only the caster see anything in the mirror, everybody else just see their own reflections. But just would like to know what others would do.


Thanks for the input all, not sure what I'll do yet but I'll figure it out before next session.


Some of my players have recently taken the Leadership feat and the party increase with 2 cohorts. I’m not 100% sure how to give out xp to the main characters after an encounter so could use some imput from the fine folks here. Will use an encounter calculator just to make it easy, and the party members are 4 lv 9 with 2 lv 7 cohorts.

Option 1: Lets say the party kills a cr 10 monster worth 3818 xp, should I calculate it like only the pc’s did the killing then add xp to the cohorts like it says in the leadership description? This way the pc would get 954 xp each.

Option 2: They kill the same cr 10 monster but I calculate the cohorts as part of the kill then the total xp would be 4454, and each pc gets 742 xp, then calculate regular cohort xp according to the leadership feat?

So which options is the “correct” one?

Would like to be added for the mailing list as well for some hawt goddies :)


I think I just woke up at the wrong side of the bed today, and just felt like blow off some steam after reading some reviews. When I looked at the errors in the statblock again its nothing whitch is game breaking I guess. So, I will probably order both FC1 and MVIV again.

Will I write another stupid post one day when I'm in a bad mood?

probably :-p

will I learn from it?

don't think so


KnightErrantJR wrote:

Because, you know, if Orcus has a bluff check of +29 instead of +32, its going to RUIN YOUR WHOLE CAMPAIGN. Yup, might as well chuck the whole book. Nevermind if its one of the best non-setting specific books WOTC has come out with in a while. Oh, and speaking english has little to do with getting stat blocks right.

Whats really funny is if you think about how many coding errors the programs on your computer probably have on them as we speak, but then they get patched, and the program still runs, so hey, who cares? In a lot of ways a stat block is just a string of code that your mental processor reads so you can play the game, and even if they are in error, if the error doesn't interupt the game, then its not really a big deal to me.

I added the speaking english part because GGG corrected my grammar.

And I can't help it, the little attention WotC gives to statblock editing really bothers me, atleast with monster heavy books.

Great Green God wrote:

As someone who has experienced editing error (i.e. errors that were accidently introduced into the manuscript after it was turned in), I can only say that the process of producing any work (written or otherwise) can always be muddled a bit by the introduction of humans into the process. So there you have it, no more humans, no more errors.

Given the amount of techincal writing that goes into stat block production it is no surprise that most errors occur there. That said most of these are as simple as someone forgetting to apply a size modifier correctly something that might affect a statblock by +4 to -4 one way or another; i.e. not a big deal, unless you are anal about numbers (as opposed to words).


That WotC use proofreaders that don't have english as their primary language, don't know their own system and can't add/subtract?

As I mentioned, a couple of errors is not that bad and I can live witht that. But when 60% of the statblock have errors, its just bad.


Orcwart wrote:

Is this confirmed??? I've ordered this book through your site and would hate for it to be true. :(((

Didn't you guys write the FC1?

Read the review here:


You can see that the stats that were delivered is not the same that is used in the book, so it was edited to the garbage bin.

(From the review: But it's the stat blocks where the real problems lie. I guess it's somewhat appropriate that the stat blocks found in Hordes of the Abyss are themselves somewhat abysmal, but since there's only one Development Manager listed in the credits and no other Developers, it's pretty easy to point the finger of blame directly at Jesse Decker. (Author James Jacobs, while politely not naming names, also mentioned on a recent EN World messageboard thread on the subject that the stats he turned in are different from the stats as published, and in each case the errors were added by the developers; that's got to grate!) In any case, with my standard provisos that these are merely the errors I noted during a single read through of the book, and the list is therefore guaranteed to be neither necessarily complete nor entirely accurate (although I hope I didn't goof up anywhere myself - and if I did, please let me know so I can fix it!))


After reading a couple of reviews by John Cooper on EN World and see that the statblocks are still horrible, even its quite som time since they were going to hire proofreaders to fix this, I canceled my pre-orders of both Fiendish Codex I and MMIV.

Since I really got so many monsters it seems its time to avoid purchaseing statblook heavy WotC products until they manage to get the errors down to a minimum lv (10-20% I can live with). But just look at FC1, the statblock error is around 60%, that is just unforgiving.

I just hope I wont be to tempted to download any of these if I see them available on the big void called Internet.


Its a great series, but the down side with it is that it makes other novels a bit of a drag to read. After finishing A Feast For Crows, I started to read Marked for Death (Eberron) and it just feels.....meh. There are no really cool characters and the writing is pretty boring as well. So now its the hard wait for A Dance With Dragons.

So, with all the regular praise with the setting I started thinking if its only me that don't like it. So, if you are like me, what is the turnoff for you with Greyhawk?

For me its mostly all the silly sounding names on the nations, places and environmental features. And each time I have read in the book and see some of the barbarian tribes like frosti/frutzi or whatever I laugh my ass off.

I must say that both FR and Eberron have much better naming on nations, places than Greyhawk.

Would I buy an updated Greyhawk book? no, don't think so.

So, did you know what Kyuss was doing all those years in his imprisonment?

He put on his pink dress and went crazy singing: Tell me what you want, what you really really want....

Worm power FTW!

I just took the survey and one thing I reacted about was the music section. How come there was no heavy metal or just metal category there for us metal freaks?

So now you have to delete all your answers, add the new category in music and do it all over again :-p

Or you can just give some free stuff to shut me up hehe.


Thanks for the discussion all, and think I will go for 50gp/acre.

This is how the campaing is set up: The city the players was inside during a siege got moved to a distant continent in a big valley with hot springs. All around the valley is snow.. snow.. and more snow.. and some more snow and a very big glacier.

They have met some dwarves while they were exploring, but so far the only major settlement is the city. They got some cheap land after some successful adventures and have started a lumbercamp/farm.

Now they are interested in starting a mining operation, and turn the camp/farm into a small village (they moved the labores families there after a plague in the city).

This is the first campaing in a long time that nobody have died in over 6 months of real gaming time, and have gone from 3rd to 7th lv. Most campaings have ended after a tpk in a couple of months time, but this one looks good :)

Have fun all.

The players are in a very remote area with only one large city nearby. They alreday have some land they got as a reward and want to buy more. And as the DM I like this, but have trouble putting a price on it.

Hi there, my players have plans to buy land but I don't really have any clues how to price this. Any suggestions from the fine crowd at these boards would be helpful.

Don't recall what term a normal "unit" of land is called in english (acer/acar?), so help me decide how much land 1 unit is and the price.


Dragon arrived today in a separate envelope so everything is ok :)

I had one envelope in my mailbox yesterday with the long side torn open whitch included Dungeon 133. If they shipped both dungeon and dragon in the same envelope as they usually do when they ship both issues simultaneously I guess dragon is gone. But will wait a couple of days just in case they shipped in seperate envelopes.

And as a note, the envelopes is not that good, several times they have been torn pretty badly, maybe some duckttape could be used on them.

From http://www.theplaceforgames.com/news.asp?Action=News&NewsID=72

Paizo Magazine Status 17 Feb 2006

Below is the current status of all Paizo Publications for Europe


Last Issue Sent: 341
Last Issue Sent on: 17th February 2006
Next issue due on: 15th March 2006


Last Issue Sent: 132
Last Issue Sent on: 17th February 2006
Next issue due on: 15th March 2006

I don't think there will be an updated FRC book until next edition of D&D. The book which upgrade 3.0 to 3.5 is Player's Guide to Faerun.

The heroes of the Forgotten Realms are as diverse and varied as the regions from which they hail. This collection of Faerûnian lore and arcana allows you to create and equip an endless array of characters braced for the challenges they’ll encounter. From races, feats, and spells to prestige classes, magic items, and more, Player’s Guide to Faerûn provides a v.3.5 update to the Forgotten Realms setting, reintroduces some old favorites from 1st and 2nd Edition, and offers all-new character-building material.

I must remember to do this later in my campaign: Let one of the bad guys cast silence on a monk, which in turn tumbles to the PC mage and grapple him.... ah genious :-)

It could also be that since the fighter is a willing target (no save)there would be no save for the mage and cleric since none of them are the target of the spell when they are in the radius.


Same here in Norway so I guess its time to take a break from WoW and read some instead :)

Check this link

http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/general/customerService/dragon339InEur ope

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