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Kris Newton









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I'm a longtime GM and rules tinkerer just breaking into full-on design for Pathfinder and other systems. I Kickstarted my first full game – Feed, the Vampire Mythos Roleplaying Game– in November 2013. You can download it at its DriveThruRPG page, or order a print copy here.

Interesting facts about OwlbearRepublic:

1. Co-host of the Gameable Disney Podcast, a podcast about taking roleplaying inspiration from the animated Disney films (check out the podcast tumblr if you're interested).

2. Began gaming with TSR's Marvel Superheroes, beginning a love affair with terrible games that culminated in a truly shameful Palladium collection.

3. Runs Pathfinder in an awesome homebrew setting.

4. Has been gaming long enough to know that you don't care about his awesome homebrew setting.

5. Favorite three gnome names, in ascending order, are "Officer Aubrey Bobbins," "Perfidious Scuttlebutt," and "The Mystery of Inky Strange."

6. Likes the alignment system because it makes no sense.