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So, I have recently announced the 52-in-52 Program, which will give customers a new pdf a week, every week, in 2020. Each of these products will be provided in four formats, one each for Starfinder, Pathfinder 1st ed, Pathfinder 2nd ed, and 5e.

All written, or developed, by me.

So, that's 52 new Pathfinder 1e products you can pre-order now! If you want an idea of what those products will be (Mass combat rules! Artificer! Magical Girls! Talking Animal Ancestries!), you can check out the FREE catalog now. It gives the title and short description of every one of the product, and much of the cover art. (And it links to the preorder page).

And if you preorder now, you also get a 500+ pdf megabundle immediately.

The preorder is only at these links, and runs at least through the end of the year. After that the 52-in-52 program will go up to its full price, and the bonus megabundle will no longer be included.

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So, I have recently announced the 52-in-52 Program, which will give customers a new pdf a week, every week, in 2020. Each of these products will be provided in four formats, one each for Starfinder, Pathfinder 1st ed, Pathfinder 2nd ed, and 5e.

All written, or developed, by me.

So, that's 52 new Pathfinder 2e products you can pre-order now! If you want an idea of what those products will be (Mass combat rules! Artificer! Magical Girls! Talking Animal Ancestries!), you can check out the FREE catalog now. It gives the title and short description of every one of the product, and much of the cover art. (And it links to the preorder page).

And if you preorder now, you also get a 500+ pdf megabundle immediately.

The preorder is only at these links, and runs at least through the end of the year. After that the 52-in-52 program will go up to its full price, and the bonus megabundle will no longer be included.

So, I have recently announced the 52-in-52 Program, which will give customers a new pdf a week, every week, in 2020. Each of these products will be provided in four formats, one each for Starfinder, Pathfinder 1st ed, Pathfinder 2nd ed, and 5e.

All written, or developed, by me.

So, that's 52 new Starfinder products you can pre-order now! If you want an idea of what those products will be (Mecha! Runes! Magical Girls! Titan Knights!), you can check out the FREE catalog now. It gives the title and short description of every one of the product, and much of the cover art. (And it links to the preorder page).

And if you preorder now, you also get a 500+ pdf megabundle immediately.

The preorder is only at these links, and runs at least through the end of the year. After that the 52-in-52 program will go up to its full price, and the bonus megabundle will no longer be included.

The spell point system introduced in Houserule Handbooks: Spell Points was designed to be a flexible, simple set of rules for replacing the normal spell slot/spell preparation system used by spellcasters in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook with a different resource management system — spell points. Though both successful in this goal and quite popular, the book was written before some of the official Pathfinder Roleplaying Classes existed, and thus does not include them. But now we can! In More Spell Points, we provide all the rules you need to adopt the spellpoint rules to your Hybrid and Occult classes! We cover the Arcanist, Bloodrager, Hunter, Investigator, Shaman, Skald, Occultist, Psychic, Spiritualist, and Vigilante (for spellcasting archetypes). Simple, balanced, and fast, the spellpoints system has come to the rest of the first edition path!

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I do "#Starfound" on Facebook and Twitter, and realized I should share them here as well.

Often called "Lashunta Opera", the telepathic performances of Ashavello are more than that. Actors perform as historic figures, which serve as context for the Asha'Vetti, who project the actual emotions those figures experienced, passed through generations of empaths.

Now Available!
Put More “Mancy” in Your “Technomancy!”
Technomancy is the heart of the science-fantasy feel of the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, so you always want more of it! The Technomancy Manual gives you 21 new spells, ranging from a phantom limb to assembling a vehicular transport junkbot! Because Technology is better with a Little Magic!

The Starfarer’s Arsenal is a line of short pdfs offering a single weapon, presented from item level 1-20. No matter what level your character is, there’s a weapon at just the level they want in the Starfarer’s Arsenal!
Laser grenades are an unusual blend of laser technology and the tactical area-denial function of grenades and other explosives. Rather than destroy itself with each use, a laser grenade flash-dumps a batter charge to create a burst of laser damage in an area. Though expended, the laser grenade can be recovered, loaded with a new battery, and used again.

Starfarer's Codex: Horrifically Overpowered Feats is a product we thought we wouldn't have to do.
One we SHOULDN'T have done.
But, literally by popular demand, here it is!

And, now it's part of our very first KlickStarter!

So, you may ask, what the heck is a KlickStarter?
It’s a way to use the power of social media to earn bonus content and stretch goals for a product that excites you… but that doesn’t ask you to take any risk! The pdf is for sale NOW, and you can buy it and have it in your hands NOW. You get what you paid for immediately, with ZERO chance of never seeing the project that excited you.
By helping spread the word, and pushing to give us a great first four weeks of sale, you can STILL drive stretch goals and earn bonus content. It’s the best of both worlds! You can participate and make the project bigger and better, with more and more content getting added for free, but you don’t have to wait to get the base reward!
So, we have the pdf of Starfarer’s Codex: Horrifically Overpowered Feats (the product we never should have made, and you should never use, but people have been demanding for over a year!) ready for sale NOW. Go buy it, download it, and it’s already yours!
But if you help us just a little more, the following stretch goals can get you EVEN MORE CONTENT!
So what are our stretch goals?

For those you can boost here at Paizo,the important one is the “EVEN MORE FEATS” STRETCH GOALS

What, 18 pages of Horrifically Overpowered Feats not enough for you? You REALLY want to ignore our warning not to use this product in any way, don’t you?!
Okay, fine. We’ll give you more. If you give us more!
(More exposure, that is.)
We’ll add pages of content to a revised Starfarer’s Codex: Horrifically Overpowered Feats to be updated in March, based on how many SHARES we get by 2/26. Every person who marks themselves GOING to this event, and every person who SHARES this event (plus every like and retweet of our announcement on Twitter, plus every like of our blog post announcement, plus every new person who comments on the Paizo.com product page) counts as a share.
So if you want to get extras without even spending money, join, like, and comment AT THIS LINK
Shares Total Extra Pages
50+ 5
75+ 8
100+ 10
150+ ???

Like crowdfunding… but better!

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So, RGG continues to work on expanding the Blood Space campaign setting. We first referenced it in the adventure Blood Space and Moon Dust, and have used it for context in a number of Everyman Gaming's Star Log[/b] products and our RGG class and spell books for Starfinder.

But I've also begun to explore some of the edges of the Blood Space campaign, with elements that aren't core to the setting. These can easily be dropped into any campaign, by their very nature, and I'm working to make them work indpendently, together, or as part of all of Blood Space.

The first was the Deluxe Driders book, which provides an alternate drider origin in the form of the FiendWeb of Akkanar, and has a huge range of drider stat blocks at different CRs.

I followed that up with the Slaugh, ancient sorcerous shapeshifting aliens who once ruled a vast empire.

On my blog, I've also done some things with the cosmic peacekeeping force of the LawStar Justicar, and the Xorarcan warrior-race.

So, while the main campaign setting continues to be worked on I wonder... is this fringe material interesting to more people? Should I keep expanding it? If so, which element do people find the most interesting?

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It's very early days yet, but I've been working on a "weird west" setting hack for Starfinder, called the Really Wild West, over at my blog.

All the relevant articles can be found linked from this regularly-updated Index Page.

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So, beginning August 1st, Purple Duck products will no longer be for sale on Paizo.com. Purple Duck is fine, and their products will continue to be for sale elsewhere. And all the pdfs you buy here will remain in your libraries.
But there will no longer be any Purple Duck for sale here.
So, time for a sale!

50% off ALL Purple Duck Pathfinder-Compatible Products on Paizo.com

50% off ALL the OGL Porphyra pdfs.

50% off ALL other Purple Duck pdfs on Paizo.com!

And we're trying to pull together an absolutely all-inclusive, every--single-pdf bundle.

But just until the end of the month.

And then you can never but any of it on this site. Ever again.

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Starfarer Companion!
A Starfinder-Compatible Supplement from Rogue Genius Games, Coming in August of 2017, written by people who Know the Game!
What is in the Starfarer Companion?!
Races! – Aasimar, Catfolk, Deoxyians, Dhampirs, Grippli, Ifrit, Kitsune, Kobolds, Mechanoi, Nagaji, Oreads, Samsarans, Suli, Sylphs, Tengu, Tieflings, Undine, Vanaras, Vishkanya, and Wayangs!
Classes! — Starfinder-compatible versions of the Bard, Cleric, Magus, Paladin, Ranger, and Wizard!
Feats! — Support feats for the new class options, plus fun possibilities for characters of any race or class!
Spells! –7th, 8th, and 9th level spells, plus lots of old favorites brought into the Starfaring Age!
Companions! — Paladins and rangers have lots of cool companion options.
Computers! — New modules and upgrades, plus tons of pregenerated computers to save GMs and players both considerable effort!
Starships! — More options, and lots of pregenerated Starships to drool over!
And More! All ready for any campaign, but including the flavor needed to integrate smoothly with the Blood Space setting, RGG’s upcoming Starfinder-compatible campaign setting that can be a stand-alone adventure ground, or just Another Place in the Galaxy of Your Games.
The Starfarer Companion is written by Alex Augunas and Matt Morris, with the assistance of Matt Banach and Owen K.C. Stephens

Written by Pathfinder expert Jason Keeley, and illustrated by veteran gamer and cartoonist Stan!

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Heya Folks,

RGG plans to do at least a few Starfinder books, but we're open to your ideas too!

So... what are you excited about seeing from 3pp for Starfinder?

MicroSettings are experimental campaigns designed to be played with the Pathfinder RPG (and sometimes additional resources). Currently they're all just free content available on my blog (https://owenkcstephens.com/), but each has the potential for becoming a larger product (likely published by Rogue Genius Games) someday.

WarQuest World is a microsetting where where players of a MMORPG get sucked into the online game-world, and must learn to survive and thrive there. You can find various articles describing it by clicking on the #WarQuestWorld tag at the end of each related article (or clicking here)

WarQuest World has some new rules elements for the Pathfinder RPG, including Character Roles (MMORPG-style roles each character can fill, and in this case unconnected from your class), and different rules for crafting, encumbrance, cooldowns, and even aggro... since the PCs are stuck in a MMORPG come to life, it's rules still apply to their new reality.

The Genius Guide to More Cleric Talents
The concept of cleric talents (and why they are a good idea) is first presented in The Genius Guide to the Talented Cleric, along with a large number of talents (many adapted from the abilities of cleric archetypes and hybrid classes). The new talents presented here can be used with that book, or added as new options for the traditional cleric class. With the extra options, a cleric can gain power as the leader of a cult, gain favor from her god by making sacrifices, and cut deals with supernatural creatures other than her god, all while remaining the voice and hand of her chosen divinity!

Now available!

To the best of my knowledge, this DriveThruRPG/RPGNow bundle is literally every pdf I was the primary author for that Rogue Genius Games sells.

$600 dollars worth of pdfs. More than 1700 pages of actual content. Lest than $30.

It gets deactivated (presumably forever) sometime tomorrow, Saturday the 9th.

Get it here

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The Four Horsemen and Rogue Genius are proud to present the Talented Bestiary Kickstarter! Simplified creature creation and 200 plus new monsters!

The Four Horsemen and Rogue Genius Games are proud to present the Talented Bestiary! After years of hard work, we’ve created a supplementary system for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game that allows anyone to quickly and easily create balanced monsters from the ground up! While rigorously play-testing the system, we’ve produced hundreds of new monsters inspired by all the Bestiary classics and are excited to share both the system and our creations with our fans!

The book and 230 monsters are already written and nearly ready to publish, but we want to see this project given the finishing touches it deserves. That means paying for beautiful original artwork, careful editing, and expanded content galore. We can’t do that without your help!

If you'd like some idea what this book'll be like when it's done, we have a Preview, with the basics of the system and six useable monsters! And it's Pay-What-You-Want! (Even if what you want is $0!)

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It's been a long time since we had regular releases in the Talented Hero line of pdfs.

For those of you not familiar with these, each one takes a single class (through last year we had released pdfs covering the barbarian, cavalier, fighter, monk, ranger, and rogue) and redesigns it to have nearly all it's class features be broken into talents (like rogue talents) and edges (rarer selections of more powerful options). Each class also has a follow-up book of "More XX Talents", giving even more possibilities.

You can check out all the pdfs here! We have a LOT of 5-star reviews on these.

We then has a long drought, where we couldn't get any of these books out.
But now, the Genius Guide to the Talented Witch and the Genius Guide to More Witch Talents have come out, and we're ready for more!

Next month we plan to release the Talented Bard and More Bard Talents.

In May we plan for the Talented Cleric and More Cleric Talents.

In June we hope to release the Talented Druid, and More Druid Talents!

And after that my crystal ball gets hazy. :)

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Hybrid classes are a fun way to expand the number of options available to players and GMs alike, without trying to build a class entirely from scratch. Each hybrid class combines concepts and some rules of two existing classes along with brand-new ideas and mechanics to create something familiar to but distinct from its parent classes.

The Four Horsemen have given us four brand-new hybrid classes!

Four Horsemen Present—Hybrid Class: Blasphemer
Scream Bloody Hell!
This hybrid class can whisper sweet lies or scream bloody hell. The blasphemer combines a bard's mastery of performance and language with the antipaladin's love of depravity and vileness – though she can be fairly flexible on what kind of evil she supports. With the power to use spells, pernicious performances, smites, and wicked words, the blasphemer is ready to talk some smack! Complete with two archetypes – the flame-tongue and the scale-tongue – and a selection of new spells appropriate for the blasphemer's wicked ways!

Four Horsemen Present—Hybrid Class: Fury (PFRPG
A new hybrid class that delivers the purest of smackdowns – the focus of barbarian rage and monk martial arts skill combined into one ass-kicking compound combatant! The mighty master of wrath comes complete with three archetypes: Maimed, Revenant, and Vengeful!

Four Horsemen Present—Hybrid Class: Renegade
A new hybrid base class mixing the gunslinger and rogue! This charming ambush assassin comes complete with three archetypes: Brigand, Contract Killer, and Smuggler!

Four Horsemen Present—Hybrid Class: Shifu
A new hybrid class that combines the monk's discipline and unarmed mastery with the kineticist's power over the elements. The shifu has dozens of elemental strikes, infusions, and ki disciplines she can learn to make her unarmed attacks much more than just "improved!"

What else would you like to see the Four Horsemen mash together and hybridize?

Whenever new classes get added to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, one question that quickly gets raised is "will this be supported?"

It takes time for a new class to have anywhere near as many options as things from the core rulebook and APG, or course. In the case of the material from the Advanced Class Guide, Rogue Genius Games has been releasing books to help expand what kinds of things you can do with hybrid classes.

Advanced Options: Arcanist Exploits
The arcanist combines elements of the two ultimate arcane spellcasters: sorcerer and wizard. Advanced Options: Arcanist Exploits offers new exploits appropriate to any arcanist and five arcanist archetypes (the dagger-wielding bloodletter, construct-focused galvanist, monster-emulating thiriomancer, item-focused wandmaster, and abjuring ward weaver) each with its own set of additional exploits appropriate to the archetype's theme!
Magic is power. Exploit it!

Advanced Options: Slayer Talents & Lethalities
The slayer combines elements of the ranger and rogue. Advanced Options: Slayer Talents & Lethalities offers new talents and advanced talents, and an entirely new kind of option for the class, "lethalities"

Advanced Options: Warpriest Blessings
Bless YOU!
Warpriests combine the divine and magical elements of the cleric with the martial prowess of the fighter and can invoke powerful blessings, combat powers granted by their deities and tied to various domains. Advanced Options: Warpriest Blessings provides new blessings based upon the animal and terrain domains, as well as cleric domains from previous Rogue Genius Games releases.

And of course if you want a different way of blending two classes other than using hybrid classes, you can check out the popular and massive Genius Guide to Variant Multiclassing Rules, which allows a character to sacrifice feats for a progression of class features taken from another class, covering all the base and core classes, as well as numerous prestige classes.

Want more support for hybrid classes? What would you like to see Rogue Genius tackle next?

The Four Horsemen have created a series of PDFs all tying in to constructs, and augmenting the awesome (and massive, 5-star rated) Construct Companion

Four Horsemen Present: Abstraction Golems Expanded
Out-of-the-box golems perfect for creating interesting scenarios for even the most experienced players! This volume offers abstraction golem templates such as Fate, Hatred, and War!

Four Horsemen Present: Pakuvresh, the Flesh Golem Factory
A terrible citadel created by the Nether Mage, a long-since missing tenant, Pakuvresh is a dread factory endlessly churning out constructs of once-living flesh. The stronghold now drifts through shadowy realities, sending out bound fiends and using automated and undead labor to build a flesh golem armory… for unknown purpose.

Four Horsemen Present: Animated Traps Expanded
Animated ambushes perfect for surprising any party! This volume which offers the alarming wooden door trap (which slams itself on the unwitting explorer), the holding chamber of blades (which paralyzes and slashes those within), or the prismatic crushing stone trap (which surrounds, then crushes it's prey)! A total of seven animated traps in all!

Four Horsemen Present—Base Class: Engineer
Ever wanted to play a character that builds and wears her own suit of magic golem armor?! But crafting and using constructs is a difficult proposition for a PC. Constructs are expensive, difficult to repair, and require a certain mastery of spellcasting.
The engineer scoffs at such excuses, turning all her intellect and work ethic towards creation. Spending years locked away in schools and laboratories, she explores all the secrets constructcrafting has to offer. The engineer’s creations are her sword, armor, and art. While learning to craft her automatons might make her a peerless master in any number of areas, her first love is always the design and creation of magical life.
An engineer fights alongside or within her constructs, relying heavily on creations during combat. An engineer’s power comes from careful preparation in modifying her servants and crafting items of power. Many engineers concentrate on improving personal fighting capabilities, modified heavily by worn automatons and magical items.

And, of course, you should also pick up the Four Horsemen's pdfs supporting the mythic rules!

What other content would you like to see from this collective of apocalyptic freelancers?

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Being Mythic is Awesome!

In conjunction with d20PFSRD, RGG has four new pdfs with expansions and continuations of the Mythic rules!

Four Horsemen Present: Mythic Archetypes
The Four Horsemen present a new set of archetypes, tailored to take "Mythic" to a whole new level.
Mythic heroes are a diverse lot, from the children of death gods to the last scion of an all but extinct civilization. Why should two vastly different backgrounds produce the same mythic potential? Mythic Archetypes seeks to revisit the assumed conventions, granting additional alternatives to every mythic hero. These nine new heroic archetypes from Adaptable or Elemental, to Fiendish or Undying, provide a wider range of options for your mythic campaign!

Four Horsemen Present: Mythic Magic Expanded
The Four Horsemen show you how to do more with Mythic Magic than just expend a point from a pool! With Mythic Magic Expanded, you learn the secrets of Blood Rituals, gather worshipers together to call on Mortal Faith, weave your sagas into near reality with Storytelling, empower the things you craft with ancient Sigils, concentrate the power of the world into massive Monuments, or use mythic energies to craft Warding Circles to deal with outsiders.

Mythic Path: Transcendentalist
(With a 5-Star review!)
The Four Horsemen present a new mythic path, for those occult heroes seeking to unlock the secrets of psychic energy. The transcendentalist's power comes seemingly without effort, possibly transcending the limitations of the flesh. As a conduit to the realms of unseen mysticism, you draw upon psychic energy to unleash the powers of the universe.

Four Horsemen Present: Mythic Magic Items
Mythic characters need mythic magic items to keep up with them, and the Four Horsemen have you covered! From legendary items such as the sorrow-loving obsidian longsword Hirasthe ("the presence of evil") and the tower shield known only as the Mighty Parapet, to magic items ready to be enhanced with a character's mythic power such as the Brush Blade, Cascading Cloak, Mortifying Mask, and Sundering Shield, this product offers 19 items ready for the GM to say "Make some Mythic Characters!"

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Owen KC Stephens and Alex Augunas have begun talks regarding possible cooperation, combination, and collaboration between Everyman Gaming, LLC and Rogue Genius Games!

Rogue Genius Games' 51% Off sale has just one week left!

More than half off nearly everything!

Plus you can give us feedback and earn a freeee pdf!.

For one more week!

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Our beloved Consigliere, Stan!, celebrated his 51st birthday last month. In honor of this event, Rogue Genius Games is selling nearly every pdf at 51% off for the month of November at our Paizo.com store.
Monster books, from bestiaries to collections of templates. Adventures, with writers ranging from Monte Cook to Ed Greenwood. New classes, new options for old classes, a spell-point system, and an entire set of magic item books with permanent items priced at 2,500 gp and down.
But all for just a limited time!
What could be better?
How about FREE pdfs!? See the next post.

Add some class to your character!
The Genius Guide to Variant Multiclassing is now available! Building off the short rules from Pathfinder Unchained, this volume allows characters to sacrifice feats, rather than precious class levels, to gain just a few abilities from a second character class. It includes:
*Variant multiclassing rules for every core, base, alternate, and hybrid character class.
*Variant prestige classes, allowing characters to differentiate their characters without giving up advancement in their original favored class.
*Dedicated variant multiclassing, for character willing to sacrifice nearly all their feats for even more features of a secondary class.
Now there's more than one way to add a bard to the party!

Written by Jenny Jarzabsky!

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It's taken 6 years to get to this point, but the 132-page [url=http://paizo.com/products/btpy9fio/discuss?Anachronistic-AdventuresAnachronistic Adventures[/url] book, with classes, specializations, equipment, and campaign rules for 100% Pathfinder-compatible games emulating pulp adventures set in the 1700s to 1940s is available now!

Prepare for Pulp Adventure!

Want two-fisted action? Dapper heroes with ESP, strong-jawed adventurers who run in, guns blazing, and sophisticated great detectives? Love the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, but you're looking for pulp adventure stories from the late 1700s to the 1940s? Then you want Anachronistic Adventures!

This pulp genre toolbox works seamlessly with the existing Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rules, and presents:

Six new 20-level classes (Cogitator, Daredevil, Enforcer, Luminary, Sensitive, and Tough) representing iconic pulp heroes concepts!
More than a score of archetypes that let you fine-tune unique modern age characters!
Rules for modern firearms, heroes without armor, low-magic campaigns, and everything else you need to run anachronistic adventures or create your own anachronistic campaign!

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It Just Got Easier to Make an Encounter Harder!

Whether it’s the shaman of a pack of lizardmen, a group of gnoll mystics from the blasted deserts, or a succubus temptress one step more dangerous than her sisters, sometimes you just need to spice up a monster!

Just slapping the advanced template on a creature often isn’t very interesting, but actually adding levels of core and base classes to monster stat blocks is time consuming and math-intensive. The simple class templates in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Monster Codex provided a fast and easy way to add the abilities of the core heroic classes to monsters, which is great when what you need is a monster with druid or rogue abilities, but that still leaves no quick way to create monstrous alchemists, antipaladins, oracles, samurai, and warpriests.

The Genius Guide to Simple Class Templates for Monsters, adds simple class templates for the 21 alternate, base, and hybrid classes the original system left out. Each comes with fast and simple rules for adding class abilities to a monster, and a fully-written out, fully- illustrated example of what an antipaladin mohrg is like. Or a ninja rakshasa. Or a warpriest frost giant. Because when you need a nalfeshnee arcanist, you don’t have time to write it up from scratch.

With full-color illustrations for every one of the template sample monsters!

Our first book from up-and-coming writer Jenny Jarzabsky!

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So, first, a massively revised and expanded Anachronistic Adventures is available in the current All-Star Bundle of Holding, along with products from Kobold Press, Dreamscarred Press, Legendary Games, and Rite Publishing! But only for another week!

Second, I released a free "adventure sketch," a rough outline of an adventure a GM can fill in and modify as needed for a specific game, for a Progress Level 4 Anachronistic Adventures game: Jurassic Island!

The original Enforcer (from Anachronistic Adventurers: The Enforcer) was designed to serve a specific character role—a modern fighting-man transported to a fantasy world typical of the Pathfinder roleplaying Game. In that role, it serves admirably, and can easily be used in place of a fighter. However, if the enforcer is moved back into his native environment, be that pulp action adventures, weird war dieselpunk, modern urban fantasy, or science-fiction, the class begins to suffer. An enforcer in a Pathfinder-compatible fantasy realm can draw on the same tropes and support as a fighter, from spells cast by allies to enough magic items to light up like a Christmas tree, and is only expected to accomplish what a fighter normally does. In campaigns without the built-in assumption of that support, and the added weight of their own tropes where the fighting-man is often the *most* effective option for shutting down a foe with powers, it doesn’t hold up to genre expectations.

Thus this Beta-Revision, made publicly available. This enforcer is designed to operate in a world where Anachronistic Adventurer classes are the norm, and clerics and wizards are rare. That changes what the enforcer has to be able to accomplish. This version still assumes *something* other than class features takes care of things like the bonuses Pathfinder characters gain as they gain levels, but that thing can easily be bonuses-by-level, such as are presented in Pathfinder Unchained.

This is a work in progress, not a finished class. It has just enough meat to make a meal, but not to support a lavish and ongoing banquette. But feedback now can help determine what spices and side dishes get added, or help determine the whole thing needs to be thrown out and the cooks start over.

Every feat you don't already have!

The Feat Reference Document will be up on Paizo in pdf sometime soon (I'd guess next week, since some folks are out of the office). But you can get it right now on DriveThru and everywhere our pdfs are normally available, and a print version will also be available on DTRPG soon.

This book is "Everything You Don't Already Have!!"

The Feat Resource Document has over 700 feats from the publisher of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook! It's the ultimate compilation of feats that aren’t in the online Resource Document, taken from more than 100 adventures, companions and campaign sourcebooks.

All are in as close to their original format as possible with only those flavor changes required to make them 100% Open Game Content. Additionally, every feat has any word changes highlighted, so it's easy to determine if a feat has been modified in any way from the original published version, and all the needed rules sub-sets are included (so if you take Dragoncrafting, or Deific Obedience, all the rules needed to use those feats are in the Appendix).

So stop flipping through scores of splatbooks looking for exactly what you need to make a villain memorable, tie a hero to his homeland, or properly use a dwarven chain-flail. Instead, get everything you need in The Feat Reference Document! It's the ultimate Pathfinder-compatible companion rulebook.

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Thanks Liz!

I specifically want to call out the great work Sam Hing (author) and Bob Greyvenstein (cover artist, interior artist, and layout artist) did on Horrors of the Aboleth, one of our coolest and best-looking books to date!

“Just when you thought it was safe to adventure in the water!”

Aboleth are an empire of entirely inhuman intelligences who are older, smarter, and more vile than most land-based races. Horrors of the Aboleth assumes that a race as old and powerful as aboleth, and as prone to manipulating and transmogrifying other races, is going to have a great deal more in their empire than just their core race and skum servants.

We present a wide range of noisome and disquieting new threats, ready to turn their alien intellects to the destruction of the PCs’ world and all lovingly illustrated by the cover artist! So prepare to behold the behemoth, face the slime golems, and flee the tentacle crabs. Nothing can save you now.

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Thanks for the boost!

The newly-released Mythic Options: Mythic Base Class Features includes mythic upgrades for every official base and alternate class, covering every option in the book each class is first presented. If your Alchemist, Antipaladin, Cavalier, Gunslinger, Inquisitor, Magus, Ninja, Oracle, Samurai, Summoner, or Witch needs mythic options designed specifically for their class, this is the book for you!

Of course if you need mythic class options for the Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, or Wizard, we've done those already in Mythic Options: Core Mythic Class Features!

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“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” —Michelangelo

Available now, The Construct Companion is our biggest book yet, with 120 pages of animated objects, golems, colossi, and support material including two construct-type playable races, themed archetypes, feats, spells, and rules for things like construct familiars! Written by Pathfinder RPG Design veterans, including 2013 RPG Superstar winner, Steven T Helt!
In this book you will find:
• New constructs to use as both antagonists and resources including animated objects, colossi, golems, and constructs.
• Rules for customizing existing constructs, and for creating them from the ground up, including new animated object abilities and complex modifications, rules for reanimated objects, animated traps, animated vehicles, templates for creating construct and golem versions of other monsters, and optional rules for expanding the animate objects spell.
• New paths for building characters including class archetypes, prestige classes, construct animal companions and familiars, new feats, new magic items, and two playable construct races.
• Mythic tier options including templates that bring sentience and power, on a more cosmic scale, to standard golems using themes such as artifice, death, love, madness, space, and time.
• Four new encounters featuring several of the unique creatures presented in the Bestiary chapter, complete with stats and treasure.
Written by Pathfinder design veterans, including the winner of RPG Superstar 2013, Steven T. Helt.

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Available now!
The Construct Companion is our biggest book yet, with 120 pages of animated objects, golems, colossi, and support material including two construct-type playable races, themed archetypes, feats, spells, and rules for things like construct familiars! Written by Pathfinder RPG design veterans, including 2013 RPG Superstar winner, Steven T Helt!

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So we already have the following official paizo hybrid classes:
Arcanist: Sorcerer/Wizard
Bloodrager: Barbarian/Sorcerer
Brawler: Fighter/Monk
Hunter: Druid/Ranger
Investigator: Alchemist/Rogue
Magus: Fighter/Wizard
Shaman: Oracle/Witch
Shifter: Druid/Fighter (shifter with real bite -edited to add from suggestions on Facebook)
Skald: Bard/Barbarian
Slayer: Fighter/Rogue
Swashbuckler: Fighter/Gunsligner
Warpriest: Cleric/Fighter

And RGG has these classes, which are basically already hybrid classes:
Hellion: Fighter/Witch (Genius Guide to the Hellion) – Due to be expanded
Justicar: Fighter/Inquisitor (Advanced Options: Inquisitor's Judgments) –Due to be revised
Magister: Oracle/Sorcerer (Genius Guide to the Magister) –Due to be revised (again)
Vanguard: Fighter/Sorcerer (Genius Guide to the Vanguard)

And I have notes for all of these. Which one interests you the most?
AND, separate question, what hybrid would you like to see that isn’t here?
Breaker: Barbarian/Monk
Dacoit: Gunslinger/Rogue
Madcap: Alchemist/Bard
Mountebank: Rogue/Sorcerer
Mouser: Ranger/Rogue
Natural Philosopher: Alchemist/Druid
Ovate: Bard/Druid
Retch: Alchemist/Barbarian
Scaramouche: Bard/Fighter
Thuggee: Cleric/Rogue
Tribal Champion: Barbarian/Cavalier
Warlord: Barbarian/Fighter
Wise One: Alchemist/Witch

Advanced Options: Warpriest Blessings is now available!

This product provides new blessings based upon the animal and terrain domains, as well as cleric domains from previous Rogue Genius Games releases.

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Birthdays and Anniversaries 44% off sale!
It's been a heck of a year. I just celebrated turning 44. I got hired by Paizo, oversaw projects for Green Ronin, and moved to Seattle. Rogue Genius Games is celebrating its first year. A sale is definitely called for. Since a 1% off sale isn’t much of a celebration, for this year only we're doing a 44% off sale for the month of November! Everything we've published as of Nov 1 is 44% off for just this month.
44 years. 44% off. If there is anything of ours you've ever even considered getting, NOW is the time to get it!

One of the secrets to my success is that I listen to my patrons, and often draw inspiration from their requests. I can't fill every request, but Advanced Options: Slayer's Talents and Lethalities, The Genius Guide to the Shadow Warrior, The Genius Guide to Fire Magic, Houserule Handbooks: Spellpoint Compilation all got their starts as suggestions from folks on the Paizo messageboards. So during this month, I have an offer for you.

Suggest a product you'd like to see Rogue Genius tackle. Post it BOTH on this thread, and as an email to owen@roguegeniusgames.com. Tell me in email and post what pdf we published by Nob 1 2014 you'd like to get for free.

And I'll send it to you.

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In 2009 The Genius Guide to the Dragonrider was released, the first in the very long and popular line of Pathfinder-compatible pdfs. The book offered rules for dragon steeds that included all the chromatic and metallic dragons and it was suggested that another class, the spellcasting Dracomancer, would soon follow.
The Genius Guide to the Dracomancer is now FINALLY available!

(Better late than never!)

The Dracomancer is a new base class, designed for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. It is a spontaneous arcane spellcasting class that draws upon the themes and abilities of dragons, and has a draconic companion that acts as guard, ally, and advisor. Dracomancers are similar to sorcerers in that they have a deep connection to a source of magic power, but in the case of the dracomancer the power source is the mystic energy all dragons draw upon rather than the mystic inheritance of an inhuman bloodline.

Additionally since the stats for draconic companions and dragon steeds (from the Genius Guide to the Dragonrider) are interchangeable , the nearly 30 draconic companions presented in The Genius Guide to the Dracomancer can be used as new steeds for the dragonrider, expanding dragon steed options to include all the imperial, outer, and primal dragons!

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The Talented Ranger is available now!

With the popular and proven edge and talent system that has already been applied to many other classes in the Talented Class line of books from Rogue Genius Games, we’ve built a new talented ranger class that can take a wide range of specialties from favored enemies and terrain to bonding to a weapon, gaining a pack of animal companions, and even becoming an ally of magic itself. While these most certainly include a number of things that could be considered forms of woodsman, they also allow for rangers as prowlers of big cities, warriors with a touch of arcane magic, and supernatural hunters who expose the secrets of the demons they hunt.

Here's an excerpt, from the Wall of Text appendix:

Appendix Two: Save Vs. Wall of Text
Because it includes more than 20,000 words of edges, talents, advanced talents, grand talents, and traps, getting through the talented ranger's options can be daunting. Once a character has been written up it’s easy to look up any selected edges and talents if they are presented alphabetically, but when thinking about what talent to take next the abilities can form a nigh-impenetrable “wall of text.”
To help with this issue we’ve categorized all the edges and talents into the following themes and sub themes, based on common ranger character concepts: animals, plants, and vermin; favored allies; favored enemies; favored terrain; fighting prowess; spellcasting and supernatural powers; skills, knacks, and movement; stealth; tracks, traps, and tricks.
Each option gives its name and notes if it is an edge, advanced talent, or grand talent. This allows a GM or player looking for a new option to see which abilities are most likely to match his desired character concept without reading through the entire list of options.

Animals, Plants, and Vermin
Beast signals (talent)
Dual-Form Shifter
Expert trainer (talent)
Horse whisperer (talent)
Hunter's bond: animal companion (edge)
Improved empathic link (talent)
Improved shifter's blessing (talent)
Master shifter (grand talent)
Plant empathy (talent)
Second companion (grand talent)
Shifter's blessing (edge)
Sovereign beast companion (talent)
Strong bond (advanced talent)
Spiritual bond (advanced talent)
Summons (talent)
Vermin empathy (talent)
Wild empathy (talent)

Favored Allies
Advantageous terrain (talent)
Bodyguard (talent)
Hunter's bond: hunting companions (edge)
Hunter's bond: terrain bond (edge)
Hunter's bond: witchguard (edge)
Pack leader (talent)
Pallas companion (talent)
Superior tactics (advanced talent)
Trailblazer (talent)

Favored Enemies
Adaptation (edge)
Devil slayer (talent)
Disrupt control (talent)
Elemental resistance (advanced talent)
Essential foe (advanced talent)
Exterminator (talent)
Favored attack (edge)
Favored enemy (edge)
Fiendish quarry (advanced talent)
Focused fury (edge)
Hunter's bond: hunter's aim (edge)
Hunter's bond: hunting companions (edge)
Hunter's focus (edge)
Improved adaptation (talent)
Improved favored enemy (talent)
Improved focused fury (talent)
Improved hunter's focus (talent)
Manhunter (talent)
Resist magic (advanced talent)
Undaunted (advanced talent)
Yokai hunter (talent)

Favored Terrain
Able explorer (talent)
Advantageous terrain (talent)
Deep knowledge (talent)
Deep sentinel (talent)
Favored attack (edge)
Favored terrain (edge)
Hunter's bond: spirit bond (edge)
Hunter's bond: terrain bond (edge)
Improved favored terrain (talent)
Infiltration (advanced talent)
Live in comfort (edge)
Master of all terrains (grand talent)
Master of spirits (grand talent)
Mystic herbalism (talent)
Perfect advantage (grand talent)
Ranger sigils (talent)
Spearhead (talent)
Terrain dominance (advanced talent)
Terrain mastery (talent)
Urbanite (talent)
Wilderness whispers (advanced talent)

Fighting Prowess
Attach (talent)
Combat style (edge)
Evasion (edge)
Favored weapon (edge)
Harrying attack (advanced talent)
Hunter's bond: pack prowess (edge)
Improved combat style (talent)
Improved evasion (advanced talent)
Improved favored weapon (talent)
Improved quarry (advanced talent)
Inspired moment (advanced talent)
Master of terrain (advanced talent)
Master of weapons (grand talent)
Mystic weapon (talent)
Quarry (advanced talent)
Rage powers (edge)
Rage of the wild (edge)
Soul blade (advanced talent)
Sword sworn (talent)
Uncanny dodge (edge)
Wild talents (talent)

Spellcasting and Supernatural Powers
Dark sight (advanced talent)
Druid spells (edge)
Eldritch spells (edge)
Herbal extracts (edge)
Favored arcana (talent)
Hunter's bond: divine warden (edge)
Hunter's bond: shadow bond (edge)
Hunter's bond: spirit bond (edge)
Improved ranger's luck (advanced talent)
Master of the arcane (grand talent)
Master of the green (grand talent)
Master of the ward (grand talent)
Patron (edge)
Ranger's luck (edge)
Ranger spells (edge)
Warden orisons (talent)
Warden spells (edge)
Wild talents (talent)
Wisdom of the spirits (advanced talent)

Skills, Knacks, and Movement
Able explorer (talent)
Divine calling (talent)
Eldritch calling (talent)
Explorer's lore (talent)
Graveyard stride (talent)
Improved tracking (talent)
Master of bonds (grand talent)
Master swimmer (talent)
Push through (talent)
Rock hopper (talent)
Seaborn (talent)
Squeeze (talent)
Strong senses (edge)
Talent (edge)
Unfettered step (talent)
Well-traveled (talent)
Woodland stride (talent)

Blend-in (advanced talent)
Camouflage (advanced talent)
Hide-in-plain-sight (advanced talent)
Improved camouflage (advanced talent)
Invisibility trick (advanced talent)
Tracks, Traps, and Tricks
Ear to the ground (talent)
Expert trapper (talent)
Explorer's lore (talent)
Extra hunter's tricks (talent)
Extra hunter's traps (talent)
Hunter's tricks (edge)
Launch trap (advanced talent)
Master hunter (grand talent)
Quick tracking (talent)
Read tracks (talent)
Track (talent)
Trapper (edge)

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So as one of the authors of the Advanced Class Guide I am dying to get started on some 3pp content for it, but for firewall reasons I don't begin writing for any Paizo book until 30 days after its release.

Even so, I am beginning to have ideas for some Advanced Options pdfs for the ADC classes, and *I am curious where folks would most like to see my first efforts in a few weeks. Which of these interests you most?

*New Arcanist Exploits (brand new arcanist options)
*Expanded Bloodrager Bloodlines (bloodrager versions of the sorcerer bloodlines from places like the APG)
*Brawler Brutalities (talent-like options a brawler can take in place of some of its class features)
*Hunter Knacks (talent-like options a hunter can take in place of some of its class features)
*New Investigator Talents (brand new investigator options)
*Expanded Shaman Spirits (spirits based on mysteries from places other than the APG)
*Skald Sagas (talent-like options a skald can take in place of some of its class features)
*New Slayer Talents (brand new slayer options)
*New Swashbuckler Deeds (new deeds a swashbuckler can take in place of her normal deeds)
*Expanded Warpriest Blessings (blessings based on domains from places other than the Core Rulebook, possibly including druidic animal and terrain domains)

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New year, new plan, new thread. :)

There's been no news on this project for quite some time. Here's why.

In October or so of last year I was bought out from Super Genius Games. I got to take a lot of the things I had written and developed with me, including what existed of Warlords of the Apocalypse.

In order to publishing these things I started a new company, Rogue Genius Games (a name pre-approved by SGG as part of my buyout).

Getting a new company started obviously took a fair amount of time and effort.

Then, still in November, I was hired by Green Ronin to be their developer of Pathfinder-compatible products.

The Freeport and Advanced Bestiary Kickstarter projects took a lot of my attention.

Then, in March of this year, I got hired by Paizo to be the developer for the Pathfinder Modules line. I packed and sold everything and moved across the country, and arrived at the end of April.

Then PaizoCon. Now Gen Con. All while still working for Green Ronin and writing weekly material for Rogue Genius Games.

Given that there's a new Mad Max film coming out next year, I feel motivated to make movement happen on this, but I also wanted to see what Paizo's Technology Guide had in it, since I want to be 100% Pathfinder compatible.

I expect things to start hopping again in September.

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The first full-length Pathfinder adventure from Rogue Genius Games, Spring of Disorder, by Mike Myler, is available now!

Wildlife surrounding the isolated village of Feiknstafir has become extremely aggressive of late, and rumors warn of foul druids or fey-folk haunting the wooded region. The Hacking Leefs goblin tribe to the north is slowly being turned insane by the phenomenon, the local clan of wild elves has become even more aloof than usual, and no person from the forest gnome settlement of Smaparmar has been heard from for weeks. The party travels to Feiknstafir to investigate the strange happenings in the town and must face off against a strange assortment of enemies, brave the underground ghost town of the gnomes, and finally lay to rest the malevolent spirit behind it all!

Not every adventure is a dungeon stomp, and not every enemy is who, or what, you expect!

A 26-page adventure for three to four, 3rd-4th level PCs.

The Genius Guide to the Dragonrider was the first 3pp pathfinder product I wrote, and it was fun to go visit it again to write up the rules for Mythic Dragonriders!

Also many thanks to Rich Howard for the new review for the Original Dragonrider Class

And don't forget the expansion, 8 Dragonrider Feats, which is FREE!

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