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So, RGG continues to work on expanding the Blood Space campaign setting. We first referenced it in the adventure Blood Space and Moon Dust, and have used it for context in a number of Everyman Gaming's Star Log[/b] products and our RGG class and spell books for Starfinder.

But I've also begun to explore some of the edges of the Blood Space campaign, with elements that aren't core to the setting. These can easily be dropped into any campaign, by their very nature, and I'm working to make them work indpendently, together, or as part of all of Blood Space.

The first was the Deluxe Driders book, which provides an alternate drider origin in the form of the FiendWeb of Akkanar, and has a huge range of drider stat blocks at different CRs.

I followed that up with the Slaugh, ancient sorcerous shapeshifting aliens who once ruled a vast empire.

On my blog, I've also done some things with the cosmic peacekeeping force of the LawStar Justicar, and the Xorarcan warrior-race.

So, while the main campaign setting continues to be worked on I wonder... is this fringe material interesting to more people? Should I keep expanding it? If so, which element do people find the most interesting?

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Owen, I desperately want a real setting book for the Blood Space campaign setting. Do you recommend 'Blood Space and Moon Dust' for a good overview of it?


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