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Ranger 13 | HP 121/121 | AC 26 T 17 FF 20 | Saves: F: +15 R: +19 W: +13 | CMD: 32 | Init: +8 Percep: +18 SM: +6








Neutral Good




Nirmathas (Tamran)


Common, Sylvan


Commander of Fangwood Keep

Strength 14
Dexterity 23
Constitution 14
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Osric Longstride

Pathfinder Society #: 85794-1

XP: 36
FP: 68
PP: 57

Scenarios Completed:
Intro I: First Steps - Part I: In Service To Lore (1 XP, 2 PP)
#2-01: Before the Dawn, Part I: The Bloodcove Disguise (1 XP, 2 PP)
#2-02: Before the Dawn, Part II: Rescue at Azlant Ridge (1 XP, 2 PP)

#3-01: The Frostfur Captives (1 XP, 2 PP)
#4-18: The Veterans Vault (1 XP, 2 PP)
#3-09: The Quest for Perfection Part I (1 XP, 2 PP)

#4-09: The Blackros Matrimony (1 XP, 2 PP)
#3-18: The God's Market Gamble (1 XP, 2 PP)
#3-21: The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment (1 XP, 2 PP)

#5-01: The Glass River Rescue (GM credit: 1 XP, 2 PP)
#2-15: Shades of Ice, Part I: Written In Blood (1 XP, 2 PP)
#4-19: The Night March of Kalkamedes (GM credit: 1 XP, 2 PP)

#5-03: The Hellknight's Feast (1 XP, 2 PP)
Pathfinder Module: Fangwood Keep (3 XP, 4 PP)

Pathfinder Society Special: Race for the Runecarved Key (1 XP, 2 PP)
#4-17: Tower of the Ironwood Watch (1 XP, 3 PP - FK boon for 1 PP)

#4-14: My Enemy's Enemy (1 XP, 3 PP - FK boon for 1 PP)
#24: Decline of Glory (GM credit: 1 XP, 2 PP)
#3-17: Red Harvest (1 XP, 3 PP - FK boon for 1 PP)

#2-04: Shadows Fall on Absalom (1 XP, 3 PP - FK boon for 1 PP)
#3-20: The Rats of Round Mountain, Part I: The Sundered Path (1 XP, 2 PP - FK boon for 1 PP)
#40: Hall of Drunken Heroes (GM credit: 1 XP, 2 PP)

#5-17: Fate of the Fiend (1 XP, 3 PP - FK boon for 1 PP)
#5-10: Where Mammoths Dare Not Tread (1 XP, 3 PP - FK boon for 1 PP)
#26: Lost at Bitter End (1 XP, 3 PP - FK boon for 1 PP)

#4-12: The Refuge of Time (1 XP, 3 PP - FK boon for 1 PP)
#5-20: The Sealed Gate (1 XP, 3 PP - FK boon for 1 PP)
#38: No Plunder, No Pay (1 XP, 2 PP - FK boon for 1 PP)

#5-05: The Elven Entanglement (1 XP, 3 PP - FK boon for 1 PP)
#20: King Xeros of Old Azlant (1 XP, 3 PP - FK boon for 1 PP)
#5-25: Vengeance at Sundered Crag (1 XP, 3PP - FK boon for 1 PP)

Eyes of the Ten, Part I
Eyes of the Ten, Part II
Eyes of the Ten, Part III
Eyes of the Ten, Part IV

Initiative: +8
Perception: +18
Speed: 30/30

AC: 26 Touch: 17 FF: 20
(+9 armor; +6 Dex; +1 deflection)
Fort: +15
Ref: +19
Will: +13
CMD: 32

BAB: +13/+8/+3

Masterwork Cold Iron Greataxe +16/+11/+6 / 1d12+3 / x3 / S
Silvered Light Mace +15/+10/+5 / 1d6+2 / x2 / B
Cold Iron Dagger +15/+10/+5 / 1d4+2 / 19-20 / x2 / P or S

+2 Holy Composite Longbow (+2 Str bonus) +23/+18/+13 / 1d8+4 / x3 / P
Masterwork Longbow +22/+17/+12 / 1d8 / x3 / P

Favored Enemy (Ex): (Humans, +2; Evil outsiders +4; Undead +4) At 1st level, a ranger selects a creature type from the ranger favored enemies table. He gains a +2 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks against creatures of his selected type. Likewise, he gets a +2 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against them. A ranger may make Knowledge skill checks untrained when attempting to identify these creatures.

At 5th level and every five levels thereafter (10th, 15th, and 20th level), the ranger may select an additional favored enemy. In addition, at each such interval, the bonus against any one favored enemy (including the one just selected, if so desired) increases by +2.

Track (Ex): A ranger adds half his level (minimum 1) to Survival skill checks made to follow tracks.

Wild Empathy (Ex): A ranger can improve the initial attitude of an animal. This ability functions just like a Diplomacy check to improve the attitude of a person (see Using Skills). The ranger rolls 1d20 and adds his ranger level and his Charisma bonus to determine the wild empathy check result. The typical domestic animal has a starting attitude of indifferent, while wild animals are usually unfriendly.

To use wild empathy, the ranger and the animal must be within 30 feet of one another under normal visibility conditions. Generally, influencing an animal in this way takes 1 minute, but, as with influencing people, it might take more or less time.

Favored Terrain (Ex): (Forests +4; Mountains +2) At 3rd level, a ranger may select a type of terrain from the Favored Terrains table. The ranger gains a +2 bonus on initiative checks and Knowledge (geography), Perception, Stealth, and Survival skill checks when he is in this terrain. A ranger traveling through his favored terrain normally leaves no trail and cannot be tracked (though he may leave a trail if he so chooses).

At 8th level and every five levels thereafter, the ranger may select an additional favored terrain. In addition, at each such interval, the skill bonus and initiative bonus in any one favored terrain (including the one just selected, if so desired), increases by +2.

If a specific terrain falls into more than one category of favored terrain, the ranger's bonuses do not stack; he simply uses whichever bonus is higher.

Hunter's Bond (Ex): (Animal Companion - Wolf) The second option is to form a close bond with an animal companion. A ranger who selects an animal companion can choose from the following list: badger, bird, camel, cat (small), dire rat, dog, horse, pony, snake (viper or constrictor), or wolf. If the campaign takes place wholly or partly in an aquatic environment, the ranger may choose a shark instead. This animal is a loyal companion that accompanies the ranger on his adventures as appropriate for its kind. A ranger's animal companion shares his favored enemy and favored terrain bonuses.

Woodland Stride (Ex): Starting at 7th level, a ranger may move through any sort of undergrowth (such as natural thorns, briars, overgrown areas, and similar terrain) at his normal speed and without taking damage or suffering any other impairment.

Thorns, briars, and overgrown areas that are enchanted or magically manipulated to impede motion, however, still affect him.

A Sure Thing (Silver Crusade): Once per day, you gain a +2 bonus on a single attack roll against an evil-aligned creature. If the
creature is not evil-aligned, this ability is wasted with no benefit.

Reactionary (Combat): +2 bonus to initiative

Standard Spells Prepared (CL 9):
Level 3 (1/day): Darkvision
Level 2 (3/day): Barkskin x2
Level 1 (4/day): Gravity Bow x2, Lead Blades x2

Point-Blank Shot (1st)
Precise Shot (1st - human bonus)
Rapid Shot (2nd - ranger bonus)
Toughness (3rd)
Endurance (3rd - ranger bonus)
Weapon Focus (Longbow) (5th)
Improved Precise Shot (6th - ranger bonus)
Deadly Aim (7th)
Boon Companion (9th)
Manyshot (10th - ranger bonus)
Iron Will (11th)
Power Attack (13th)

9 skill points/level = 6 + 1 Int + 1 human + 1 favored class
-1 Armor Check Penalty included
Class skills in bold

Acrobatics +7
Appraise +1
Bluff +0
Climb +7
Craft +5
Diplomacy +5
Disable Device +6
Disguise +0
Escape Artist +5
Fly +3
Handle Animal +12
Heal +10
Intimidate +6
Know: Dungeoneering +10
Know: Geography +10
Know: Nature +16
Know: Religion +3
Know: Local +4
Know: Planes +7
Perception +18
Perform +0
Profession (Woodcutter) +6
Ride +4
Sense Motive +6
Sleight of Hand +4
Spellcraft +7
Stealth +12
Survival +18
Swim +7

Magical Items:
Belt of Incredible Dexterity +6
Bracers of Archery, Lesser
Cloak of Resistance +5
Efficient Quiver
Handy Haversack
Ring of Protection +1
Shining Wayfinder

Oil of Bless Weapon (2)
Oil of Daylight
Potion of Fly
Wand of Cure Light Wounds 11/50 charges

Celestial Armor 20.0 lbs.
Chain Shirt
Masterwork Cold Iron Greataxe 12.0 lbs.
Alchemical Silver Light Mace 4.0 lbs.
Cold Iron Dagger 1.0 lbs.
+2 Holy Composite Longbow 3.0 lbs.
Masterwork Longbow 3.0 lbs.

- cold iron arrows
- cold iron arrows w/Ghost Salt blanch
- cold iron arrows w/ Adamantine blanch

Handy Haversack 5 lbs.
Bedroll 5 lbs.
Waterskin 4lbs.
Rope, hemp 10 lbs.
Flint & Steel
Trail rations (5) 5 lbs.
Wooden Holy Symbol
Acid Flask (1) 2 lbs.
Alchemist's Fire (2) 2 lbs.

- GP - SP

Total weight: 45.0 lbs. (Light Load)

Osric was born and raised in Nirmathas, near the capital of Tamran. His father was a woodcutter and carpenter and his mother kept the house in order and tended a locally famous vegetable garden. Her cooking was also well-known among their neighbors. Osric had a fairly good life growing up with his sister, but the intermittent wars with Molthune caused the family no end of stress.

After reaching adulthood, Osric learned to cut and hew wood, while also honing his hunting skills. He became quite skilled with the bow, and used his skills on occasion serving with the local militia. He aslo spent a good deal of time among the fey creatures of the Fangwood while on his hunting trips. After a while, he learned their language as well.

Eventually, Osric began to wish to do more for others than he could as an ordinary citizen at home. He saw what grief wicked people could cause, and wished to protect others around the Inner Sea. When the fighting with Molthune finally reached a long-standing lull, he visited the newly opened Pathfinder lodge in Tamran and entered the Society's service.