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Full Name

Orren Patrizi




Magic User 1








Neutral Good






Common,. Orc, Goblin, and Dwarf.

Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 5
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 13
Charisma 8

About Orren Patrizi

Male Human Mage (Invoker)
NG Medium Humanoid
Hit Points: 3/3
10 STR: -/-, 40 weigh allow, 115 max press, 6 Open, 2% BB/LG
12 DEX: +0 Reaction, +0 Missile, +0 Defense
5 CON: -1 HP, 45% SS, 50% Res Survive, +0 Poison
15 INT: 4 Languages, 7th, 65% Chance to Learn Spell, 11 Spells Per Level
13 WIS: +0 Magic Defense
8 CHA: -1 Loyalty, 0 Reaction
AC: 10 (No Armor)
Saving Throws:
Paralyze/Poison: 14
Rod/Staff/Wand: 11
Petrify/Polymorph: 13
Breath Weapon: 15
Spells: 12
THAC0: 20,
Dagger (1d4, speed factor 2)
Heavy Crossbow (1d8, speed factor )
WEAPON (1): Dagger (-5 penalty when not proficient)
NONWEAPON (8): Ancient History (1 slot, Int -1), Animal Handling (1 slot, INT -1), Direction Sense (1 slot, Wis +1), Fire Building (1 slot, Wis -1), Languages, Ancient (1 slot, Int 0), Reading Writing (1 slot, Int +1), Religion (1 slot, Wis 0), Spellcraft (1 slot, Int -2)
Per Day - 1st (2) –
Known – 1st – Armor, Magic Missile, Sleep

3 Healer's Bags
Heavy Crossbow 20 bolts
Grappling Hook for 8 SP with
2 50' fine Silk Rope(s)
Rations 10 Days/6 Left

XP= 492


Orren grew up in Baldur's Gate. As a young frail child he was to ill to play in the games that most boys enjoyed in the streets of the big city. Orren was a smart lad though and his work with his father copying tomes allowed him to be recognized by a local mage who uncovered his talent for magic.

Orren was apprenticed to the mage, Therus the Red, as a young teenager. His skills improved though his frail form did not.

Still the Flaming Fist mercenary company sought all takers who were tough enough to stand against threats, if they fell down in the line of duty so be it. Orren took a chance and joined the company as a young mage. Leaving the teachings of Therus, perhaps too soon.

In a skirmish at the western border of Cormyr, working for a Noble family seeking to protect the realm from the death DRagon, Orren nearly lost his life to a Goblin's spear. Luckily, the tide of battle turned and a cleric of Helm was able to seal Orren's wounds.

As he was nursed back to health over the next week, the cleric, Myr stopped by to check on Orren.

"Boy, you are not suited for the battlefield. Still, you are smart and courageous. Those things we have need of in the Company. Duke Eltan is considering a trip to the lands to the far west, Maztica. Would you set sail on a ship from Amn and give your impression of what if any opportunities exist for the Company in these new lands?"

Orren jumped at the chance and once his healthw as fully restored took a caravan to Amn, booking passage on the next voyage to Helmsport....