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Full Name

Nurai Ayaulymkyzy




Avatar of Love + Synthesist Shadow Caller Summoner 6 | HP: 41/48 [+22/54] | AC:21 T:15 FF:17 | DR: 7/Magic, Cold+20 Elec+20 SR: 2 | CMD:18 | F:+8 R:+10(8) W:+10 | Perc:+5 | Spells: 1st: 5/5 | 2nd: 4/4

About Nurai Ayaulymkyzy

Nurai Stats:

Kayal+* (Fetchling)
Avatar of Love Synthesist Shadow Caller of Summoner 6
Chaotic Good Medium Humanoid (Native Outsider)
Initiative; +3(1) Perception +5

AC 21 touch 15 flat-footed 17
hp 48 [+54]
Fort +8 Ref +10(8), Will +10
Resistances Cold +20, Electric +20, SR +2, DR/Magic +7
Devotion: Eidolon gains a +4 morale bonus on Will saves against enchantment spells and effects.

Speed 30 ft.
Melee Claws x 4 - +10 to hit - 1d8+9+1d6 Bleed damage - x20 Crit


Summon Monster 1-3

Cantrips: Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Mending, Message, Read Magic Open/Close

Level 1 [5 per day]
Known: Rejuvinate Eidolon, Snowball, Icicle Dagger, Protection from Evil
Considering:Alarm, Feather Fall.

Level 2 [4 per day]
Known: Ghost Wolf, Evolution Surge, Lesser - 2 points, Wind Wall, Barkskin
Considering: Cat's Grace, Create Pit.

Level 3: [considering] Leshy Swarm (add linguistics - Sylvan)


Str 14 (19), Dex 16 (12), Con 12 (13), Int 14, Wis 11, Cha 16,
Base Atk +4; CMB +8(10); CMD 20

1st - Defiant Luck - Reroll a natural 1 on a saving roll or force a reroll of a critical confirmation.
3rd - Unarmoured Specialist - Gain +2 to AC when not wearing armour.
5th - Blood Vengence When an ally is reduced to negative hit points or killed, you may enter a state similar to but less powerful than a barbarian’s rage as a free action on your next turn.

Touched by the Twilight - See through solid objects or into the Twilight three times a day.
Adaptable Flatterer - +1 to Bluff and to attack flat-footed opponents.

Racial Traits
Bound to Here - Appear and classify as a human.
Darkivision - See in perfect darkness up to 60ft
Emissary - Once a day, roll twice on a Bluff or Diplomacy roll and take the better roll.
Shadowy Resistance - Kayals have cold resistance 5 and electricity resistance 5.
Subtle Manipulator - Use Memory Lapse as a spell-like ability.
Skilled - Gain a +2 to Stealth.

Acrobatics: +4 (2), Bluff: +6, Climb: +2 (+4), Diplomacy: +8 (+16), Escape Artist: +5 (+3), Handle Animal*: +3, Heal: +3, Knowledge (local)*: +6, Knowledge (planes): +4, Perception: +5, Ride:+3(+1), Sense Motive: +4, Stealth: +5, Survival: +5, Swim: +2 (+4)

Background Skills
Appraise: +3, Craft (Food)*: +4, Knowledge (geography)*: +5, Knowledge (history)*: +5, Linguistics*: +3, Perform: +4, , Sleight of Hand: +5 (+3)

Languages English, Kazakh, Aklo.

Combat Gear Bike leathers, butterfly knife, pepper spray [4]

Other Gear Backpack, road atlas, motorcycle with sidecar and satchel bike bags , helmets, mechanical tools kit [basic], duct tape, penlight, outfits, trail mix, blankets, first aid kit, spell components pouch, wand of cure moderate wounds 50 charges
Funds 4450

Special Abilities

Avatar of Love
HP - Gain +2 hp per level.
Offensive Abilities - +2 to hit, +5 to damage, +3 to CMB and CMD, +2 to spell saves.
Defensive Abilities - +2 to AC, +10 to Resistances, +2 to SR and DR
Saving Throws - +2 to all Saving Throws.
Adamant Alignment - Alignment cannot be changed from good for longer than a round.
Beloved - A number of creatures equal to half Hit Dice + charisma modifier can be Beloved. The Avatar can use the following feats with them - Back to Back, Bodyguard, Covering Defense, and In Harm’s Way. For the Back to Back feat, any beloved adjacent to the avatar of love is also considered to have this feat.
Final Sacrifice - Sacrifice self to heal the Beloved[s].
Harmony of Love - For a number of rounds equal to there level, the Avatar can function as though there Beloved[s] are using Bardic Performance Inspire Courage.

Synthesis Shadow-Caller Summoner

Fused/Shadow Eidolon - The Eidolon is part of the Summoner, taking their shadow. It grants her its physical abilities, and attacks instead of being a separate creature.
Fused Link - Sacrifice HP to keep the Shadow from depleting it’s HP.
Shielded Meld - While active, gain +2 to AC and Saves.
Summon Monster - Use Summon Monster as a spell-like ability for one minute per level. Increase the level of Summon Monster that can be used by one for every two levels. Currently up to Summon Monster III.
Shadow Summoning - Alter the list of creatures that can be Summoned.
Maker's Jump Whenever the synthesist is fused with his eidolon, the synthesist can cast dimension door as a spell-like ability using his caster level. This ability only affects the fused synthesist and eidolon. The synthesist can use this ability once per day at 6th level, plus one additional time per day for every six levels beyond 6th.

Fused Shadow Eidolon
Strength - 21
Dexterity - 12
Constitution - 14
Armour Class - 15
HP - 54
Evolution Points - 9
Evolutions - Claws
1 Point Evolutions - Claws, Improved Natural Armour, Improved Damage (Claws), Magic Attacks, Skilled (Diplomacy +8), Bleed
2 Point Evolutions - Ability Increase (Strength +2)

Favoured Class Bonus - +5 Skill Points.


”Yeah, I get rude stares and ruder questions from time to time. I’ve met quite a few people in my time who forget basic manners when they see cool things like me. Yeah, I’m almost vantablack. My mum Ayaul has a similar skin tone, though hers is like a cool blue-black while is mine is a warmer brown-black like a darker version of my ана. Yeah, I love my eyes but my pupils are a bit small and the ‘whites’ glow greenish - hereditary geneticy issue that is not anyone’s business - so I wear sunglasses a lot to stop the questions and cause I don’t like bright lights - who does? I like wearing comfortable clothes and shoes - won’t catch me teetering in heels... though I gotta admit, I like wearing leathers even if getting in and out of them can be a pain.It’s half the fun of having a motorcycle for me. I like how I look, I don’t think it’s anything to really talk about or stare at though. Far more interesting things about me...”

Nurai’s of average overall size, and lately has found herself as comfortable in high collared bike leathers as in fleeces and soft loose outfits. Comfort is top priority, followed by safety, and drawing attention away from the obvious reminders of the twilight in her blood seen in her complexion and eyes as in her abilities. Nurai would prefer people see her new jacket or necklace or wit rather than hear more comments about how ‘interesting’ her features are. She wouldn’t trade them, her amazing family gave them to her, but it’s the last thing she wants people to focus on. It rarely ends well.


”People are social creatures, right? Like society wants to break us all into these individual units and boxes but that’s just damaging everything and everyone. People have only survived this long by cooperating with each other and caring for each other. If neanderthals can care for weak and wounded people, then so can we with all our abilities. I mean, yeah, there are anti-social and downright cruel a!~#~!~s and particularly those who use their power to hurt people you have to beat back into the muck, but generally, people just want to live and love and stuff and we do that better together. Even better with cake...”

Nurai is an avatar of love. A do-not-be-an-ass avatar of love whose very personal sense of right and wrong, and an even more innate drive to take the wellbeing of others very personally, means she will shadow punch a guy back to the Stone Age if they cross the line. Without blinking twice. Nurai has a somewhat flexible line on many things but crossing it is not something most people would want to do more than once. Cross a firm one and Nurai will use all the power of love to ensure they don’t get the chance to hurt someone like that ever again. Generally, Nurai is a cuddly, affection, live and help others live, lovely person. She’s person, though not human, and like all people she has her doubts and dark times, but most of the time Nurai is easily contented in most place with most people - or at least very good at pretending to be so.

Nurai shines if there are lovely people to love on, care for, and/or help in generally. Not really a quiet person, her place at a party would be lost in a dark corner having deep conversations with someone she’s just met who really needed an open ear and a warm cuddle who didn’t know that’s what they needed until they met Nurai. She’s the type to remember all the little details about a person, though not always conversation and is a bit shaky on specific events - some of those parties do just blend together. She’s getting better at reading people, but it doesn’t come naturally, especially on those who do not want Nurai’s kind of affection. Nurai thinks everyone wants to join her cuddlepile, why wouldn’t they? They’re so relaxing, especially with a good book or movie, blankets, and plenty of time.

Nurai has little sense of urgency. In a moment, if confronted, sure, and she always ensures she talks to her family members at least weekly but Nurai generally treats things as if there is plenty of time and that things will generally work out with said time. Like an itch, just a small one, to get out of the city for a wee break matches well with an invitation to an old mining town bar that from the maps will take Nurai and her motorbike through some beautiful places…

While she doesn't openly discuss it, Nurai somewhat believes in The Dissolution, believing in finding balance through the shadows and that in death, anything that might be left of her will simply merge into the shadows. That she has bonded to herself the shadows colours her take on that philosophy which does effect many of her other actions.


”People always expect some epic story on how I became an avatar of love. We’re only created in really amazing heartstring-tugging legend making moments right? Well, no...see, my mother’s one. Well, one of them - I have a few more than most. One night she and my other mums and some others were dancing, just laughing the night away in a room that felt full of warmth and...she looked amazing, inspiring even. Mum Ayaul says it was fate or destiny or something that meant her once in a lifetime shot to pass it along happened with me in the room, but really, growing up with that much can’t really help but happen...who wouldn’t want that?”

Nurai grew up in a home surrounded by people and shadows. Most of her mothers have had a touch of the twilight in their families for generations. Some even spent time living there, but that was all well before Nurai was born. They wouldn’t recommend such an unsafe place now, it was just part of how they all met as reckless teenagers and certainly not something Nurai or her siblings or friends should try...

Nurai grew up in a city with her mothers and siblings as well as family friends who often stayed for long periods of time. There was never a shortage of things to do or people wanting to share a story, a cuddle, or to practice turning one’s shadow into a weapon with or on. Some of her siblings, friends, and Nurai shared a home starting in her twenties. It was too expensive to live alone, and really, who would want to when there are lots of lovely people to work on the crap life throws at them together. Surely, personal space was good but Nurai found time and again that things just went better if there were more people who were happy to cooperate and cuddle together. Nothing major, no red strings, soulmates, fairy tale sounding story like her mums, just people being social animals and connecting and making life as good for each other as possible. What more could a person want?

Well, Nurai didn’t want more, but different - just for a bit - was starting to sound nice. A change of pace, a breath of fresh air from it all. The letter from Valda Simmons sounded just the ticket. Nurai remembered meeting Valda on a few occasions, she was fun to talk to though Nurai couldn’t recall anything particularly interesting or amusing at any of them. There was that one party her mothers’...or maybe that gathering at the museum her ex-girlfriend organized before she went off to Europe...or possibly that couple who had stayed over for a month while they fixed their car before continuing their road trip who got everyone together at that cafe bar thing...or maybe that one time with the weird Twilight objects that had exploded in those guys faces on not-quite-an accident. Nurai and Valda’s paths had crossed a few times but nothing particularly of note for such an invite...but it was beyond tempting. A trip out of the city, talk to a...well, friend might be a bit strong, but a nice person, see some new things, meet some new people, try getting out of the city for a bit. Sounds lovely for an avatar of love, just needs to get her bike, bag, and some open road...

*While Nurai is seen as human by those are not in the know and kayal by those who know a bit more, Nurai is open that she is a mix of all of her mothers even if some are harder to spot.