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Full Name

Nishalerau Al'Blen


HP 72/72 | Init +1 | AC 14 T 13 FF 12 | CMD 14 | F +8 R +6 W +8 | Per +8 | Low-light


Heavenly Fire 8/8; Wings of Heaven 9/9 min.; Spells: 1st 8/8; 2nd 7/7, 3rd 7/7, 4th 4/4

About Nishalerau Al'Blen

Male Gnome Sorcerer 9 (Celestial bloodline)
Small Humanoid, age 47, 2'9" tall; 35 lbs. Reddish white hair, bronze skin.
AL Chaotic Good
Senses: Perception +8, Low light vision
Languages: Taldane (Common), Gnome, Sylvan
Location: The Harrowing
Ability Roll (Point buy, unscaling)

STR 8 (-1)
DEX 13 (+1)
CON 17 (+3)
INT 14 (+2)
WIS 10 (0)
CHA 20 (+5)

HP: 72/72
AC: 14, currently 14 (+1 DEX, +1 Dodge, +1 size, +1 Natural), Touch 13, FF 12, CMD 14
Fort +8 (+3 base, +3 con, +2 cloak)
Refl +6 (+3 base, +2 cloak)
Will +8 (+6 base, +2 cloak)
Init: +1 Move: 20'
BAB +4; CMB +2
Dagger +2 (+6 to hit, 1d3+1 dam, 19-20/x2, P or S) or
MW Silver dagger (+4 to hit, 1d3-2 dam, 19-20/x2, P or S)

Skills: Total 36+9
+9 Appraise (6)
+10 Bluff (6)
+7 Diplomacy (2)
+7 Heal (4)
+6 Intimidate (1)
+14 Knowledge, Arcana (9)
+8 Perception (6)
+11 Profession (scribe) (6)
+9 Spellcraft (4)
+11 Stealth (6)
+12 Use Magic Device (4)


  • Dodge
  • Mobility
  • Nimble Steps
  • Spell Penetration
  • Greater Spell Penetration
  • Burning Spell
  • Traits Suspicious; Seeking Adventure

    Gnome Racial Traits


  • Bloodline (Celestial):
  • Bloodline Arcana: DR 3/evil
  • Heavenly Fire (Sp); 1d4+5 damage/heal 8/day
  • Bonus Spells: bless (3rd), resist energy (5th), magic circle against evil (7th), remove curse (9th)
  • Celestial Resistances (Ex) - Resist Acid 10 and Resist Cold 10
  • Wings of Heaven (Su); 9 minutes/day, use in 1 min increments.
  • Spells:
    Cantrips: 8 known (DC 15): Acid Splash, Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Disrupt Undead, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Spark
    1st level 8/day (DC 16): Expeditious Retreat, Mage Armor, Protection from Evil, Unseen Servant, *Bless; 0 cast
    2nd level 7/day (DC 17): Blur, Darkvision, Scorching Ray, Spontaneous Immolation, *Resist Energy; 0 cast
    3rd level 7/day (DC 18): Elemental Aura, Fly, Summon Monster III, *Magic Circle vs. Evil; 0 cast.
    4th level 4/day (DC 19): Elemental Body I, Fire Shield, *Remove Curse; 0 cast

    Travelers outfit
    Amulet of Natural Armor +1
    Cloak of Resistance +2
    Vambraces of the Genie (Efreeti): protects the wearer against hot and cold environments as if she were using endure elements; use invisibility (self only), produce flame, and pyrotechnics each once/day.
    Wand of Deep Slumber (CL 5th, 44 charges)
    Wand of Magic Missiles (CL 3rd, 47 charges)
    3 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
    Scroll of Invisibility and Mirror Image
    Pony w/saddle, saddlebags, a week worth of oats rations.
    1 week personal rations.
    220 gp; 30 pp
    3 Spinel, deep blue (100 gp each)


    Long ago, a small sect of fey, ancestors to the current gmone race, agreed to mix their heritage with a group of celestials, so their bloodlines ran intermingled. These fey were ostrasized by their brethren for this, and eventually they died out, and the bloodline went dormant.

    Recently after the events of the Darkfall, this bloodline has resurfaced amongst the gnomes. Due to the past history of this bloodline, any gnome found with this bloodline was exiled...which is what happened to Nishalerau Al'Blen.

    In truth, fear of what he represents is probably the true reason...at least that is what I tell myself. Sill, being free to wander Golarion is not a terrible fate...

    But, sometimes late at night, just before drifting off to sleep...visions of a great evil coming appear, and then is quickly forgotten...most everyone he has talked to about this vision, thinks it refers to the Whispering Tyrant, but he is not so sure.

    Now, after wandering for many years, including a couple of years with a Pathfinder member who he became close with before the unfortunate incident.

    Where he ended up believing the fey lady, and then allowing his friends betrayal at the hands of her and her 'friends'. Nish renounced her after finding out about the affair and rescued him, an act which nearly cost Nish his own life. He never found out how Nish had been involved, and after the rescue, he thanked Nish with the gift.

    Wracked by guilt after what happened he fled the civilized lands, and now he finds himself working with a group of like minded people as a "specialist/scout", at least according to Watch-Captain Alfrik Gundarstein, in the Lastwall region. He feels there is a great evil approaching and needs to increase his control over the bloodline gifts, in order to meet the oncoming threat (and also to atone for his own failure).

    Now after having dealt with that threat, he now spends his time wandering the lands looking for new challenges and also people in need to assist...