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Full Name

Nina Gerhardt Thoolis


Brunnmigi (Kitsune)


Infiltrator 7







Special Abilities

Bristly Moustache, Razored Claws, Realistic Likeness.






Sylvan, Common, Tien, Skald.



Strength 8
Dexterity 18
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 8
Charisma 16

About Nina Thoolis

Character portrait.

"Zey're staring at us," Nina stated bluntly, brushing his messy red hair back over the right side of his face.
"Let 'em stare," scolded Kuro, a short Tengu whose black feathers where bristled nervously as the duo stood in the queue.
The red headed gentleman with the bristly moustache and strange yellow eyes stood with the short boisterous Tengu in line at the withdrawals account of the Razmiran security vaults. The high-roofed chamber was silent but for the quiet grate of steel from the 40-odd armoured guards in fullplate waiting and watching.
Waiting and watching the red-headed man and his tengu companion.
"Come on..." Nina said to himself quietly, his teeth gritted.
"Patience!" Kuro squawked.

A muffled cough was heard from somewhere in the vaults.
Nina turned and smiled apologetically to a family of downtrodden peasants who were waiting behind them. Kuro stood tense, waiting for someone to call him out, or for the familiar sound of swords being drawn.

It was unclear if the nearest armoured guard was male or female. The thick suit of steel covered every inch of his or her body, and the lobstered gauntlets held a cruel looking halberd tightly. Nina narrowed his eyes and sniffed, his bristly moustache bobbing up and down. From behind the visor, a faint snoring noise could be heard. The armoured figure leaned against the wall, the solid rock bracing the figure from falling in a snoozing heap. Nina's yellow eyes widened.

"Kuro! Zey are all asleep - ze guards are simply wearing locked gauntlets!"
Kuro didn't budge. "You sure?"
Nina put his hands down his trousers and drew out a razor sharp, curved Tien blade that sparkled in the light. He waved it around in front of the armoured guard.

No response. The drugs had worked.

"Keh heh heh heh" cawed Kuro, perhaps with a bit too much arrogance for Nina's liking.
Nina and Kuro took their chance, drawing their swords and presenting a unified theatrical presence to the queue of Razmiran citizens.
"Friends!" Nina barked. "Every guard in this vault will be comatose for ze next eight to ziss-teen hours! They cannot hear you! Zis is quite clearly a robbery! Put yos hands on yos heads and kindly lie on the floor!"
"Any funny business, and I'll peck ya eyes out!" squawked Kuro, hopping around on the spot.
The miserable populace unhappily lay on the floor as the duo headed to the main desk, where a elderly grey-haired bureaucrat frowned unhappily at two.
"I would rather die than betray the sacred trust of Razmir!" the old man stuttered.
Kuro frowned up at Nina and waved his claw at the old man.
"I will happily help a kind Tengu like yourself out!" the old man mumbled, his face falling into a giddy smile.
"Exemplary!" Nina smiled. "Plees lead us to the main vault."

After 15 minutes of loading precious gems into the extradimensional space of a magical quilted sack, Nina and Kuro felt they had enough to make a keen profit on the operation. Kuro heaved the sack over his shoulders. The old bureacrat, whose name was Glonn, sat on a stool as he adoringly watched Kuro take the riches he was paid to protect.
"Easier than a Calistrian Geisha from Goka," Kuro chuckled.
"You get to carry the treasure?" Nina frowned.
Kuro looked innocent, as far as he could.
"All these gems would merely remove your ability to be stealthy."
Nina's yellow eyes glowed. "Nuzzink removes MY ability to be stealthy."
"Amara Li has debts, you know."
"Ah-HA! Now we see ze truth of-"
BANG! The two thieves heard the double doors of the main room above them blast open, and the iron footsteps of multitudes of Razmiran knights scatter across the public hall.
"Sheizer!" barked Nina.
Glonn stood, in shock, suddenly in realization of what was occurring. He opened his mouth to scream.
Kuro turned absentmindedly to see Nina dash up to the old man, grab him with super human strength and push him face first into the extradimensional sack.
Glonn's muffled cries disappeared as Nina tied the sack shut, just in time for Kuro to grab the riches and sprint towards the loading hall, to the rear of the building.

"Vait for me!" yelled Nina, as the Tengu dashed into the back room.
"No time!" the Tengu yelled, as he ducked to avoid a rain of crossbow bolts.
Nina swore and leapt behind a pile of crates of art objects. A group of knights had already thought of the back entrance and were descending upon Kuro with heavy crossbows raised.
Kuro brought up a claw, where a pulsing magic ring lay. Two of the bolts altered their trajectory and harmlessly sailed past the angry Tengu.
Kuro growled. Sparkles of energy glowed around his feathers until a set of majestic feathered wings had grown from his back. The wingspan had a length of nearly three metres and flapped up dust as Kuro became airborne.
"Pathfinder magic!" spat Nina, watching from his hiding spot.
The guards, unrelented by the display of magic, hastily reloaded and let off more shots. There was the smash of a stained glass window breaking, and the cawing laughter of Kuro as he flew into the clear blue sky.

Leaving Nina alone behind some crates, as fifty armoured knights searched for his location.
"Sheizer!" Nina thought to himself. Left to right, there was no cover without giving away his position.
He focused his mind serenely, meditating to make himself unseen. He dashed behind a tower of Keleshite carpets and tapestries.
"Spread out!" the Captain of the guard yelled. He did not resemble a knight, instead wearing jet black robes, covered with a porcelain face. Maybe a priest? Nina thought.
Nina meditated briefly, and, his body unseen, rolled into a hidey hole underneath an enormous jade statue of Razmir himself.
He breathed out. This was getting close, but with his invisibility, he just might have a chance.
The captain began to utter divine syllables. Nina concentrated his sharp hearing on the words, what was that spell? It sounded familiar.
See Invisibility.
"Sheizer!" Nina thought, as the armored hand reached down under the statue and grabbed his collar roughly.

"Here he is!" yelled a guard, pulling the wretched man up to the gaze of the Razmiran Priest-Captain.
"I found him hiding underneath a statue!"
The old grey-haired bureaucrat wailed under the gaze of the Razmiran Priest.
"Please master!" he yelped. "The two thieves cast a spell on me. They said some magic words and next thing I knew, I'd been thrown under that statue!"
The Priest stared impassively from behind his porcelain mask.
"Sleep or slumber spells..." he spat. "Take this useless rat away. Continue the search! There is one left here!"
With that, the armoured guard pulled the bureaucrat away. For some reason, the bureaucrat was smiling.
The guard dragged the old man down the alleyway, towards where the security coach was waiting. His armoured boots rang out loudly.
"You failed your duty," the guard warned. "Going to be at least two years of pain in it for ya."
"Pain?" Nina asked curiously, as he slid his wakizashi slowly out of the massive wound in the guard's arm.
The guard opened his mouth to shriek as the second wakizashi slid across his face. Blood splattered across the alleyway walls as the silhouette of a fox scampered off.

Ambrus Valsin yawned.
"You expect me to believe this cockamaney story?" he asked, in his cluttered office back in Absalom.
Kuro and Nina nodded solemnly in unison.
He rolled his eyes. "Fine. Nina, you're a Pathfinder now. Now stop wasting my time and get on with your first assignment."
Nina, delighted, leapt with joy. Kuro high-fived him.

1. Weapon Finesse: Wakizashi.
2. TRICK: Vanishing Trick.
3. Two Weapon Fighting.
4. TRICK: Weapon Training: Wakizashi. +DEX
5. Realistic Likeness, Uncanny Dodge.
6. TRICK: Offense Defence (RT)
7. Fox Shape.
8. TRICK: Improved Two Weapon Fighting. +DEX
9. Lunge.
10. TRICK: Invisible Blade.
11. Improved Critical: Wakizashi.
12. TRICK: Crippling Strike. +DEX

Traits: Skeptic.
Indomitable Faith.
Racial Trait: Gregarious.

Hat of Disguise
Wand of Hide From Animals
Wand of Ki Leech
Crane Cold Iron +1 Agile Wakizashi
White Lightning +1 Agile Wakizashi
Night Rain +3 Slick, Shadow Mithril Chain Shirt (17,500gp)