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The pregens as they are now have several glaring weaknesses and mistakes.
It has been a long time since Paizo published them, and they could really do wuth an overhaul: add Cold Iron/Silver weapons, reach weapons, change a trait to Reactionary, etc. If you really want "playable" pregens this is important.

I understand that there are also bills to be paid and the overhaul of a free product would take a backseat to developing the paid stuff. That said , I wouldn't mind if paizo asked a little money for the Pregens v2.

If the above would be difficult or impossible, I would like to see more pregens become PFS legal. We have limited chpice as it is now.

As the thread title says. This could add a mostly harmless level if challenge, and create interesting dilemmas.(Find a +2 sword that deafens the wielder, for instance.)

Silver Crusade

Why isn't class tier accounted for in the APL ?
For instance, a party with a few full casters is much more powerful than a party without rhem

The Pathfinder code mentions that "Pathfinder agents are
expected to respect one another’s claims".

What does this mean/imly ?
What consequences does it have ?

Can a caster get this on purpose somehow ?

Can I make a regular attack AND the gore attack gained from this totem, even if my bab isn't high enough to make two attacks ?.

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I'm getting a bit sick of the site logging out my account so soon. (Only after a few minutes. (I've lost quite a few character backgrounds because I forgot the time limit).

This isn't the FBI website. Please extend the time that someone is logged in to their account, or remove the irritating auto-logout altogether.

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I'd like to make a martial dighter/synthesist summoner combination. The idea is to have some sort of "supersoldier".

Is this feasible ? What would be the best way to go about it ? My guess would be an unarmed combat specialist.

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So I've just hit level 3 with my sorcerer, and am thinking about how to spend my PP. I currently have 16 PP.

Any suggestions ?

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If you take a dead PC to a temple of Pharasma, will the clerics raise it ? Does it make any difference if itwas an "unnatural death" (killed by an ousider, undead, or just murdered ?

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See subject. I think the batterimg ram is small enough.

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And if one class is more powerful, does it start out more powerful, or is there a turning point ? (ex, sorcerer becomes more powerful than bard at level 3)

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The ac of a low-level Sorcerer is not impressive, even with Mage armor.Should I worry about this ?

I play in a three-man party, and while we have a barbarian as a tank, I still feel very vulnerable.

I'm strongly inclined to take an Zen archer dip, to compensate.

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Why doesn't the Barbarian have it ? As "primitive" cultures who do a lot of hunting (and maybe raiding) this seems a skill that would fit the class.

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It has been said (someweher in the Cheliax fluff) that Tieflings are treated as second clas citizens. Why is that ? You'd think that someone who has a devil hertitage would get more respect in this devil- worshipping nation.