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Nerdy Canuck wrote:
You need to include those bonuses, though. They're a fundamental part of the system and how DCs are set up. Realistically, the casters are very, very likely to have access to those bonuses (not all Mystics, certainly, but a pretty good number). And Techlore is entirely automatic, as is Operative's Edge. If you are excluding those things from the calculation, you are tilting the calculation away from what the numbers actually are.

I guess you are correct. I'll keep a closer look and see what else i might have missed. Thanks for the reminder friend!

Nerdy Canuck wrote:

You're neglecting the further +5 available at that level from Techlore and Channel Skill.

WIS 26 (With Personal Upgrade) +8
Techlore/Channel Skill +5
Skill Ranks +16
Class Skill +3

That's +32, so you only need an 8.

Tbh i totally forgot about it. But I didn't involve ANY skill bonuses from any class (like Operative or Envoy) or even the skill focus feat, i wanted to take a look at it as a skill in on it self.

My point is, you need to REALLY focus on it to make it work to identify spells. Maybe it's like this by design, and they want it to get harder as the levels go up.

I've been running a heavily custom game of Starfinder set on Earth in 2045, so their knowledge of magic was very limited.

In the last session they had their first real encounter with magic, and of course their first Mysticism rolls to identify said spells. Now, the DC to identify a spell being cast is "10 + 5 x spell level". In lower levels it's pretty low, 15 or 20 for 1st and 2nd level spells.
But to identify a 6th level spell (the highest on the game) it's a DC of 40. So, at 16th level (when they would probably encounter a 6th level spell for the first time) IF you had a starting INT of 16, AND put all your bonus ability scores on INT until now, AND all the ranks, AND it's a class skill, AND you got a +6 personal upgrade to INT you get a total of +28 and you still need a 12 to identify it... So, less than 50%, even in ideal circumstances.

I was thinking to house rule it back to the Pathfinder style, "15+ 2 x spell level".

Anyone else had the same issue, any other ideas?