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So I'm sure there's already plans for previews and such on the blog posts leading up to release, but I think it would be interesting for myself and likely others to have a blog post highlighting the design of the 2nd Edition (A behind the scenes "making of" if you will) and what it sets out to do.

I don't think the term "fixes" or "improvements" apply exactly, I don't want to imply that there's anything wrong with 1st edition, but I'd be interested in the thought process that lead to various evolutions of the rules as we modernize them and move towards the new edition.

I think it'd be cool to see what the goals where and some of the cool design choices and changes meant to bring us closer to that vision.

It may help to raise understanding and interest for many as well, in particular those who did not have availability to follow the play test and view all the changes and tweaks during and since.

Just food for thought, but I'd certainly be looking forward to that!

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Just want to chime in here as well. I would definitely support even a $100 book for more detailed monsters, descriptions, loot/item harvest and all kinds of other world placement/use ideas. However I also agree that a giant hardcover can be unwieldy and uncomfortable to use regularly.

I think a nice compromise is something larger than most current bestiaries similar in size to Ultimate Equipment for example. It’s a small difference but hopefully added page count helps to reduce cutting too much content. At which point I’d again like to see multiple bestiaries with the first being the most prominent and commonly used staple monsters (iconic rpg monsters?) from the previous edition (even if not originally in PF1 Bestiary 1)
I really am down for way more monster info from a lore/story perspective as stats to me are not so much what makes a monster unique.

I’m very much happy with reskinning a monster and reusing stats, it’s the descriptions that make the monster in my opinion!

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First of all thanks for all of the time you take answering questions for the community. I've been reading for a few years now and must say I'm impressed with the consistency in this thread. You've been answering on nearly a daily basis whenever you can including holidays and times that you're away from work!

I've been a big fan of the information about Golarion and other subjects you've discussed, in particular topics regarding the Dominion of the Black. I've picked up several books and subscribed to Iron Gods and Strange Aeons APs due to your involvement (even if mainly forwards and outlines in the case of Strange Aeons) so thanks again for everything and for introducing these subjects to readers that would otherwise be unfamiliar or oblivious to the depth of the setting!

I was wondering a few things:

1. You've talked about world building some and your home brew setting. For others attempting to keep organized with their introductuce/created themes in their own games how do you keep track of the details personally? Especially in the early days pre-Golarian. I assume some form of a journal or massive word doc equivalent?

2. Is there any Paizo product that lists the revealed races and structure of the Dominion of the Black? I've looked around but suspect we need to scour vast libraries of material like a true cultist to glean this forbidden knowledge... Now that I ask it may be more fun that way anyway.

3. What are the odds of Aboleths being featured in some books in the near (1-2 year) future? I realize you can't talk much about unrevealed product but just thought I'd ask as I hope I'm not the only one eager to see more!

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Well I ended up picking up Bestiary 2 &4 based on the advice and feedback here so thank you everyone. I also nabbed "The Dragons Demand" and it's looking like a fun and semi related read as well while I wait eagerly for the subscription page to offer the first volume of this AP.

Just wanted to pop back and say thanks again to everyone and James too for the conversation as it feels too rare a thing on the internet these days and I wanted folks to know the help was appreciated!

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Woo! This is great news I specifically bought into Iron Gods, Tech Guide, Numeria and People of the Stars to show some sci-fi love with my wallet. Hopefully this from myself and many others is what influenced this dedicated space line of material. In any case I'm excited to see what the future brings!

Thanks James Sutter and the rest of the Paizo gang!