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Alright,thank you Sharaya



I had just received my Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Occult Adventures Character Deck this week(Order# 4650132), and found 5 cards that were stuck together when I opened the sealed deck. When they were separated, they became damaged due to some type of adhesive substance between the cards. The 5 cards were:

Shroud Cloak
Falcon Crown
Robe of Vision
Skyplate Armor
Censer of Awakening

I am requesting replacement cards, and willing to return the 5 cards that were damaged, thank you.


Thank you Katina, you guys are always the best!

Sharaya wrote:

Hi Alan,

I'm sorry to hear that! I've set up an order for a replacement card for you.


Good Morning Sharaya,

I have just received the replacement card in the mail today, but it looks like this card also has an edge frayed and worn especially the back. Are all the Mythopoeic Sphinx cards in the same condition? Its just that when I play my sessions, the particular card just stands out in my deck, even if I have them sleeved.


Good Morning,

After opening the adventure deck 4 Secrets of the Sphinx, I found that the loot card MYTHOPOEIC SPHINX had its corner damaged during production/shipment, and I am requesting a card replacement for it. All other cards for my deck are fine except this one.

Warm regards,


Oh, no I found the card called Blackwing from the previous adventure deck, thank you.

Ok found it thank you.

I couldn't find that Henchman card when playing the barrier card Inevitable Trap for Mummy's Mask Shifting Sands, anyone know where it is located, is it in the Base set?

Good Morning,

I just received the PACG adventure deck 3 Shifting Sands, and found that one of the cards has been damaged, and was still shrink wrapped with the deck. The card is called SKULL RIPPER. I am requesting a replacement for this card please.

I also have a question for a barrier card called INEVITABLE TRAP. the rule states that a henchman card called BLGHTWING needs to be summoned and encountered, but I don't seem to have that card in this adventure deck...where would that card be?

Warm Regards,

Alan c/

I found this card from my recently opened Mummy's Mask Base Set, and it was the only card type of its kind. Does anyone here know which scenario this is used for, and should there be more types of these cards somewhere in the box?

Ok great Diego, thank you

The Mummy's Mask base set that arrived with my order is missing all 7 of the Character and role cards for the base set(I do have the token cards for them). Also, the 2 loot cards were also damaged during shipment (Game of Afterlife, Scarab Buckler). I also don't have the Bazaar card, if that should also have been included.

It looks like I have the same issue as Fatalist with the missing cards: ask. Please let me know if there is a link for an official Card list for this base set to look for missing or duplicate cards, thank you.



I received my order on 11/26, but one of the figures came broken from it's stand(Padrig the Eidolon) from the Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #3. I have included a picture on a separate email that was sent to customer service last week, but I never got a reply. How can I have this replaced? The other 2 Pathfinder Battle sets were in good shape. I still have the copy of my receipt, and the set is still unopened. Thanks for your time.


Bi-Monthly (once every 2 months)

I want this extra time for QA purposes(no production rushes that end up with printing/shipment errors, or other snafus like we have had in the past base set releases), and to help recuperate enough disposable income for players between releases. I think this will be better for the product line in the long run.

will the rules be streamlined or made easier to understand?