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Marissa HW/W:
humanoid (Human)
Init +9; Senses ; Perception +10

AC 19, touch 19, flat-footed 10 (+ armor, + deflection, +9 Dex, + natural, size)
Fort +12, Ref +14, Will +20
Defensive Abilities: See Special abilities

Speed 30ft. ( 30ft. without armor)
Special Attacks: See special Abilities


Str 14, Dex 28, Con 24, Int 30, Wis 30, Cha 30
Base Atk +8/3; CMB +; CMD
Feats Brew potion; Stealthy; Deceitful; Silent Spell; Touch mastery; Opportunity Counterspell; Quicken Spell; Secret Spell; Signature Focus; Eschew Materials; Potent Ability; Improved Conterspell; Corruptible(flaw)

Skills 2+
Appraise (Int), Bluff +34, Craft (Int) +29, Fly (Dex) +28, Handle Animal (Cha), Heal (Wis), Knowledge (arcana) (Int) +29, Knowledge (nature) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int) +29, Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis) +29, Spellcraft (Int) +29, Survival (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (History) (Int) +29, Knowledge (Planes) (Int) +29, Use Magic Device (Cha) +29. Disguise +30, Escape Artist +29, Stealth +29

Broom Prestidigitation 8/day; Pretect home 5hrs up to 15 entrances; broom of flying that only works for her; “sweep away” outsiders 10 HD or less as banishment.
Cast Circle (Sp) Pro good/spells and nondetection. 20ft radius 8hrs 12/per day
Familiar (viper)
Retributive Circle Will (DC 28)
Create Idol (Su)DC 10 Craft (doll) or Craft (spiritual tool) Will (DC 29)
Blood Sacrifice (Su)Will (DC 29)
Idol Curse (Su) DC 5 Craft (doll) Will (DC 29) 8 commands /per day per target.
Spell Poppet
-Deliver Touch Spells (Su) After casting a touch spell, as a full-round action delivering the spell as a ranged touch attack. The target must be within range of her aura of desecration.
Aura of Desecration (Su) 60ft radius DC of channeled negative energy by +1 and the turn resistance of undead by +1
Bonethrall (Su)
Possess Undead (Sp)
Hex (DC 29)
-Misfortune (Su) 3rds duration
-*Evil Eye (Su): -4 to choice AC, ability checks, attack rolls, saving throws, or skill checks 13 rds duration
Major Hex
-Vision (Su)
-Waxen Image (Su) 10 uses before melts.
-Agony (Su) 16 rd Duration
-Retribution (Su) 10 rds Duration

Fast-Talker +1 Bluff Bluff is class
Magical Lineage Silent spell 1 lvl lower.

Languages Common,

Daris ?/?:
humanoid (Human)
Init +; Senses ; Perception +

AC , touch , flat-footed (+ armor, + deflection, + Dex, + natural, size)
Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +10
Defensive Abilities ;

Speed ft. ( ft. without armor)
Special Attacks


Str , Dex , Con , Int , Wis , Cha
Base Atk +; CMB +; CMD
Feats Deceitful; Stealthy; Silent Spell


Traits Lesser Noble: +1 Diplomacy and Knowledge (nobility)
Masterful Demeanor: +3 intimidate non-human humanions

Languages Common,

Zoe S.A/F-Y.B:
humanoid (Catfolk (black))
Init +17; Senses low-light; Perception +25

AC 23, touch 10, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, + deflection, +10 Dex, + natural, size)
Fort +16, Ref +20, Will +20
Defensive Abilities Evasion (Ex); Improved Evasion (Ex); Cat's Luck (Ex) 1/day roll twice on Ref take better; Camouflage (Su) gains 20% concealment in dim or less lighting; Improved Evasion (Ex); Evasion (Ex)


Speed 40ft. ( 40ft. without armor)
Ranged 36/31/26/21(+3if moved 5ft) (Shuriken) (1d2+3d6+17(5ft move before +3)+4 bleed)
Special Attacks: Deadly Focus (Su)1/day swift action +10 hit/dam 15 min rest to restore.; Bleeding Attack* (Ex) adds 1 bleed per damage dice; Swarm of Blades* (Ex) hit target of his deadly focus standard action swift action 20 feet of the target Reflex(DC 28) or take 3d6 damage (+3d6 if shiriken); Greater Deadly Focus (Su) 2/day +10 hit +16 dam


Str 24+7, Dex 30+10, Con 22+6, Int 26+8, Wis 30+10, Cha 22 +6
Base Atk +16; CMB +; CMD

Feats Catfolk Exemplar(scent); Combat Reflexes; Acrobatic; Acrobatic Dodge 13/day; Opportunity Shot; Precise Shot; Rapid Shot; Far Shot; Distance Thrower; Point-Blank Shot; Athletic; Physical Adept; Surprise Shot; Improved Precise Shot; Immobilizing Shot

Skills: Acrobatics (Dex) +33(+8*), Bluff (Cha) +25(+8*), Climb (Str) +34(+8*), Craft +27 (Int), Disable Device (Dex) +29, Escape Artist (Dex) +29, Knowledge (local) +29, Perception (Wis) +31, Perform (Cha) +25, Survival (Wis) +31, Sense Motive (Wis) +25, Sleight of Hand (Dex) +29(+8*), Stealth (Dex) +31(+16*), Swim (Str) +26

-Stealth Bonus (Su)* +16 stealth works agianst darkvision,scent,and similar
-Skill Bonus (Su)* +8 Acrobatics, Bluff, Climb, Escape Artist, Sleight of Hand in dim light and darker
-Camouflage (Su) gains 20% concealment in dim or less lighting, even from creatures with darkvision or non-visual senses
-Produce Shadow (Su) darkness, except it drops all light conditions to dim light 26/rds per day
-Living Shadow (Su)gaseous form spell, except the shadow assassin can still make attacks with light weapons, bolas, and shuriken (though such attacks deal only half damage), and the shadow assassin can attack insubstantial targets without any miss chance or reduction in damage done 26/rds per day
Shadow Style
-Shuriken Style (Su) +3d6 shuriken damage
-Shadowblade (Su) x3 free action +5 enhancement force
Shadow Talents: bleeding attack; swarm of blades
-Skill Mastery Acrobatics, Bluff, Climb, Craft, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Perception, Perform, Survival, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Swim
-Silence* (Su) FORT DC 28 Target of deadly focus hit with melee (silence)
Daggermaster (Ex) +3 hit,dam light blades,shurikins,bolas
Bypass DR (Su) of target of Deadly focus
Quick Response + 5 int
Swift +10ft movement +2 acro
Leaping Attack after moving at least 5ft gain +3 hit,dam
Weapon training2 (Thrown) +2 hit,dam
Weapon training3 (Light blades) +1 hit,dam
Armor training3 -3AP +3max dex
Natural Hunter +2 Perception, Stealth, Survival
Low-Light Vision
Climber 20ft climb spd +8 climb

Traits: Shadow Child; Reactionary

Items: Studded darkleaf armor AC:+3 Max dex:+7 AP:0 x20 shiriken

Languages Common, Catfolk

Fidget DM.DD/Barb-TP:
humanoid (Human)
Init +; Senses ; Perception +

AC , touch , flat-footed (+ armor, + deflection, + Dex, + natural, size)
Fort +20, Ref +13, Will +18 (+4 vs magic +9 while raging)
Defensive Abilities Uncanny Dodge (Ex); Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex); Damage Reduction (Ex) 4/-; Warding Spirits (Su): luck bonus to AC = Charisma modifier max 6 vs; Dawa (Su)5/slash 5/piece; Juju (Su) +4 to saves vs magic; Greater Juju (Su) 10 vs magic SR 18; All DR is increased by 1


Speed ft. ( ft. without armor)
Special Attacks Sickening Touch (Su) standard action (DC 19) 9/per day Sicken 6rds; Deadly Blow (Su) 1d6 melee vs ;


Str 30 +10, Dex 26 +8, Con 30 +10, Int 22+6, Wis 26 +8, Cha 22 +6
Base Atk + 16; CMB +; CMD
Feats Catch Off-Guard, Minor Damage Reduction, Minor Damage Reduction, Defiant Luck, Inexplicable Luck

Skills Knowledge (religion) 14, Use Magic Device 12, Acrobatics (Dex) 27, Sense Motive (Wis) 27, Stealth (Dex) 27, Perception (Wis) 27, Bluff (Cha) 25, Craft (Int) 19, unused 58

Favored Terrain (Ex) [Jungle]
Trophy Fetish (Ex) X3 (armor)
Rage (Ex)
Rage Powers (Ex) Strength Surge (Ex); Auspicious Mark +1d6 to d20 roll(Su); Eater of Magic (Su); Superstition +9(Ex); Increased Damage Reduction (Ex); Reckless Abandon (Ex); Witch Hunter (Ex); Surprise Accuracy (Ex)
Greater Rage (Ex)
Indomitable Will (Ex)
Eat the Dead (Su)
Death Mask (Su)
Secrets of the Dead (Su)
Voice of the Dead (Su)

Traits Long Jumper: When using the Acrobatics skill to make a long jump, you treat the DC of the skill check as if the distance being jumped were 5 feet shorter than it actually is.
Two-World Magic: Add a o lvl spell not of your class. to your list of spells known

Languages Common, Giant

A noble of a yet unnamed kingdom. Who's family is a famed for there negotiating practices. Quite notable about this family is that they choose to have there children choose anyone to be there bride, be it noble or commoner. Yet there family still keeps respect from other kingdom. Many peasants dream of there children wooing this family so to elevate there station in life. Too many youth think of them like they are the prince and princess of fairy tails. Kingdoms main source of income is importing goods and distribution of said goods across other kingdoms.

Current known Hobbies
Ballroom Dancing