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@Deanoth:I was one of those "less than 100" that had a damaged Blue. All of the dragons horns were broken off. It was poorly packaged in the larger box from Paizo. I had to contact the usually very responsive Paizo support twice (had to call the second time), and the person I talked to was less than helpful. He finally indicated I could return the dragon to WizKids, which I did, at a cost of $6.50 for shipping. The return process took about 3 weeks. This dragon had one of the pegs broken off of the base, it separated completely from the base as I carefully removed it from the plastic packaging. It's not a big deal to secure it better than it was, so that's not a problem. It's the "ho-hum" attitude that Paizo support took towards this, as well as the cost of the figure. Maybe WizKids would replace the second dragon, but would the third be any better? I can't wait to see how the skeletal dragon arrives -- my theory is it will be like putting a dinosaur skeleton back together when the box is opened.