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Full Name

Naiara Medvyed


Changeling (Night Hag)









Special Abilities

Slumber Hex (DC 14, 1 minute)






Stolen Lands


Common, Aklo, Abyssal, Sylvan, Draconic



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Strength 7
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 10
Charisma 12

About Naiara Medvyed

Naiara's life began as a demented game of hot potato.

Like many changelings, she was conceived when a green hag seduced a bright young man of import. Unlike many changelings, that green hag was part of a coven presided over by the Night Hag Venbrilyx. Thanks to Venbrilyx's machinations Naiara was infused with even more dark power, her fate to be watched over by her new nightmarish mother. Fortunately, the coven broke up before Naiara was born, and her green hag birth mother had just enough maternal instinct to leave her on her father's doorstep instead of eating her.

Finding her was somewhat embarrassing for her recently married father, a scion of house Medvyed. Once the dust settled from the marital fight that ensued it was decided that Naiara's presence was far to embarrassing for the family, and with some guidance from the local priest of Erastil, Naiara was given to a servant family that had been trying unsuccessfully to conceive a child for several years.

This arrangement worked relatively well for about a decade, despite the semi-forced seclusion of the girl from other children lest they spread stories about her heterochromatic eyes. Trouble began when a fox inexplicably crawled out of the fireplace and began determinedly following Naiara wherever she went. Naiara soon discovered other strange things too; like how she could snap her fingers and people would fall unconscious. Quite useful for getting out of chores and sneaking off!

Soon Naiara was so wildly out of control that her foster parents were forced to turn to her father in desperation. Lord Medvyed had no great affection for Naiara, but her issues were a serious problem for the family if they wanted to continue to avoid embarrassment. The best option seemed to be to send Naiara away. FAR away, preferably to somewhere she could learn to control her powers. Thus it was that Naiara found herself shipped off to Absalom and enrolled in the Arcanamirium.

3 years later, Naiara has learned some restraint with her powers after getting annihilated a few times in formal duels by superior magicians. She's also become increasingly curious about her heritage: How does a coven work? Whatever happened to her green hag birth mother? What about her night hag mother? Do Venbrilyx's inter dimensional powers have something to do with her patron's similar abilities? Or perhaps her patron is of a completely different persuasion, like the fey that abound in the stolen lands. In any case, exploring the area seems like a great idea to Naiara. Who knows! Maybe she'll even learn some magic strong enough to let her beat those pesky Evokers.