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Human (Tian-Min)


Rogue 1



About Nahal Sakashi

Nahal was born on the small town of Magosu, high up on mount Hurogawa in the far eastern kingdom of Tian Xia. Magosu is a small and reclusive town; the high altitude, difficulty of access, and self-sufficiency kept the town isolated. How Magosu came to existence in such unlikely situation is curious, and largely unexplained.

Nahal started her magical studies very young, like all Magosi. Unfortunately for her parents, she proved unsuitable for the scholarly path. As her magical studies were not showing progress, Nahal's parents, instructed by the town council, reluctantly enrolled Nahal in Magosu's fighting school. The fighting school goals were mostly academic, as the town itself was practically free of misconduct. However, Nahal enthusiastically learned she would eventually guard the town's surroundings when the right age came, then explore Hurogawa, and later even go out on errands on the continent.

Although some other Magosi failed to become magicians, like Nahal, it was rare for Magosi to be as expansive and curious. Against much protest from Nahal's parents, she was selected next up in a sequence of few Magosi sent out to investigate the western continent of Avistan. Nahal was instructed on the history and overall culture of Avistan. She was taught to learn their culture, behavior, history, and, if possible, secrets. When the time came, she and her knowledge would return to and grow Magosu.

On her 18th birthday, her sending ritual was celebrated. Council members and several powerful Magosi magi gathered to perform the ritual, and townsfolk gathered to offer their last farewell and friendly advice. When the time for the ritual came and silence ensued, Nahal asked:

How am I supposed to get back? Not that it bothered her, she just found it curious she did not even know where Magosu was.

We will bring you back.

And am I correct to guess you will take your sweet time? A little stingy when referring to the elderly, but it's not like they would have time to reproach her now.

We will be watching you and know when it is time.

Please watch closely when I am in need or pain. She said in a more respectful voice. Even though her heart asked for the unknown, part of hear still feared it.

The ritual was almost complete, and a large amount of energy gathered and bounced among the mages in deafening, thunderous sounds. As expectations built up, Nahal looked at her parents one last time. Suddenly all energy gathered in one mage. Farewell. He said, touched Nahal, and she was gone.

Campaign ties and motivation:
It has been two years since Nahal was teleported to Avistan. During this time, she has learned Varisian and gathered some understanding of Avistan's culture. Nahal worked some time assisting a smith in Magnimar, but quickly grew bored and decided to travel around. The opportunity came when the smith had a few weapons to deliver in Sandpoint; she took this last appointment and joined a small caravan to Sandpoint.

Appearance and behavior:
Nahal is a slim girl with pale skin, black eyes, and straight black hair cut around her neck. She measures 5' (152cm) and weights 106 pounds (48kg). Aside from her thin eyes, her most distinct feature is her grace. Nahal dresses to Avistan customs, and prefers black clothing when the situation does not call for anything different.

Nahal is generally outgoing and curious, as she tries to learn about Avistan's culture and its inhabitants' behavior. She tries to be witty, but understands her current limitations due to the cultural barrier. Nahal is specially interested in interactions that lead to her secondary goal of learning about Avistan's secrets.

I built Nahal as a rogue as I prefer sticking to CRB and APG; a Ninja would do just as well. I can post two or three times a day no problem, including weekends.

Nahal Sakashi
Female Human (Tian-Min) Rogue 1
Neutral Medium Humanoid (human), 5' 106lbs
Initiative +4
Senses Perception +4, Trapfinding +5
Languages Common, Minkaian, Tien, Varisian

AC 16, touch 14, flat-footed 12, check penalty -0 (+2 armor, +4 Dex)
HP 9 (1d8+1)
Fort +1, Ref +6, Will +1

Speed 30 ft.
Melee Shortsword +4 hit, 1d6 S dmg, 19/x2 crit
Melee Shortsword +2/+2 hits, 1d6 S dmg, 19/x2 crit
Melee Dagger +4 hit, 1d4 S/P dmg, 19/x2 crit
Melee Dagger +2/+2 hits, 1d4 S/P dmg, 19/x2 crit
Ranged Dagger +4 hit, 1d4 P dmg, 19/x2 crit, 10ft
Special Attacks Sneak Attack, +1 to hit on attacks of opportunity

Str 10 (33lbs), Dex 19, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 12
Base Atk +0; CMB +1; CMD 15
Feats Weapon Finesse, Two-Weapon Fighting
Traits Charming (+1 on bluff and diplomacy against sexually
attracted targets), Fencer (+1 to hit on attacks of opportunity), Bonus Rogue Talent 1/6

Acrobatics +8
Diplomacy +5 (+1 if Charming applies)
Disable device +8
Escape artist +8
Knowledge (local) +5
Perception +4
Profession (smith) +4
Sense motive +4
Sleight of Hand +8
Stealth +8

Equipped 30lbs (light load)
Explorer's Outfit 0gp 8lbs
Leather Armor (+2 AC, +6 maxdex, -0 penalty) 10gp 15lbs
2x Shortsword (Dmg 1d6+1 S, 19/x2) 20gp 4lbs
2x Dagger (1d4+3 P/S, 19/x2, 10ft) 12gp 2lbs
Belt pouch 1gp 1lb
..Chalk (10) kit kit
..Coins 42.98gp

Backpack 38lbs
Rogue's kit 50gp 37lbs
..4x Dagger 8gp 2lbs
..Flint & Steel
..Grappling hook
..Iron pot
..Mess kit
..Piton (10)
..Thieves’ tools
..Torch (10)
..Rations (Trail, 5 days)
..Rope (Hemp, 50ft)
..Whetstone 0.02gp 1lb