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Full Name

Mykel Therinor




swashbuckler(rondelero)8/brawler 1, HP 93/93, F +8(+1 vs poison/disease), R +16, W +8, AC 28, T 20, FF 23 Init +7(+9), Per +14 Panache 6/6











Strength 10
Dexterity 20
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 13
Charisma 16

About Mykel Therinor

Mykel Therinor
XP 27
Male human swashbuckler(rondelero) 9/brawler 1
CG medium humanoid(human)
Init +7(+9 w/panache); Senses normal; Perception +13, Panache 6/6


AC 28; Touch 20; Flat-Footed 23; (armor +6, Dex +5, shield +4, dodge +2, +1 deflection)
HP 102(10d10 +20 Con +9 FCB +10 toughness)
Fort +8(+1 vs poison/disease); Ref +16; Will +8
Defensive Abilities na; DR na; Immune na; Resist na; SR na


Speed 30 ft/30 ft armored
Space 5ft; Reach 5ft

Melee+1 falcata +21 1-8+10/19-20 x3
w/ precise strike +9 dmg
dagger +16/19-20 x2
buckler +16 1-4+5/x2

mwk long bow +17 1-6/x3
10 cold iron, 5 prong, 20 regular, 20 blunt
dagger +16 1-4/19-20 x2


Str 10, Dex 20, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 16
Base Atk +10, CMB +10; CMD +24 ( vs. trip)

weapon finesse*, weapon focus(falcata), slashing grace,
extra panache, Taldan Duelist, toughness, improved critical*
iron will, improved unarmed strike$, combat reflexes,
weapon specialization, greater weapon focus

*-swashbuckler class feat
$-brawler class feat

Class abilities
deeds, panache, swashbuckler's finesse, falcata emphasis,
nimble +2, buckler catch, buckler bash

reactionary, indomitable will

acrobatics +20
perception +14
intimidate +16
know. local +5
escape artist +11
sense motive +13
diplomacy +13
survival +5


Combat Gear
mithral shirt +2
buckler +2
adamantine falcata +1, answering, ghost touch
mwk silver falcata
dagger(in boot)
cold iron dagger(in wrist sheath)
silver dagger(belt sheath)
mwk long bow, 20 arrows, 20 blunt arrows
10 cold iron, 5 prong arrows
wand cure light wounds(46)
potion cure light wounds
oil of magic weapon
mwk cold iron falcata
oil align weapon
oil bless weapon
potion of fly

Other Gear
belt of dexterity +2
headband of charisma +2
aegis of recovery
scroll of life's breath
swashbuckler's kit
vial alchemist fire(2)
vial holy water(2)
vial acid(2)
spring loaded wrist sheath x2
cloak of resistance +2
ring of protection +1
mwk backpack
2x scroll of lesser restoration
scroll or resist energy
plume of panache/with 10 gp hat
cold weather clothing
skeleton key
air bladder
cracked mulberry pentacle ioun stone
6 days rations 2 water skins
minor bag of holding
daredevil boots
2 scrolls of Tongues
potion of fly
traveller's anytool
2x scroll of death ward

gp 11665+5449
sp 4
cp 6
PFS Info

The Confirmation#5-08-1 XP, 2 PP, 430 gp, Wayfinder gained
Crypt of the Everflame-3xp, 4PP, 1398 gp gained
Feast of Ravenmoor-3xp, 4PP, 3711 gp gained
Before the Dawn Pt. 1-1xp, 2PP, 1262 gp gained
Before the dawn Pt. 2-1xp, 2pp, 1282 gp gained
Midnight Mauler-1xp, 2pp, 1278 gp gained
Tome of Righteous repose-2265 gp, 1xp, 2 pp gained
Perils of Piate's pact-1271 gp, 1 xp, 2 pp gained
Golemworks incident-2528 gp, 1xp, 2pp gained
From Under Ice-1886 gp, 1 xp, 2 pp gained
What the helms hide-2000gp, 1xp, 2PP gained
Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts-3240 gp, 1xp, 2 PP gained
The Blakros Matrimony-3180 gp, 1xp, 2 PP gained
The Hellknight's Feast-2558 gp, 1 xp, 2 PP gained
The Immortal Conundrum-1xp 2 PP, 3990 gp gained
Captives of Toil-1 xp, 2 PP, 4096 gp gained
Where Mammoths Dare Not Tread-1 xp, 2 PP. 6045 gp gained
Tapestry's Toil-1 xp, 2 pp, 5411 gp gained
Hrethnar's throne-1 xp, 2 pp, 5383 gp gained
Slaver's end-1 xp, 2 PP, 3936 gp gained
Ghennet Manor gauntlet=1xp, 2 PP 5503 gp gained
On Sevenfinger's Sails.1 xp, 2 pp, 6268 gp gained
Jarlsblood Witch Saga-1xp, 2 PP, 5449 gp gained


PP spent-
2-wand of clw
2-2 scrolls of Tongues
4-bought The Voracious, as per Sevenfingers' Sails chronicle, discounted