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Rekstahl Davila


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About Murder Monk

Incarcerated: As one can only imagine, the criminal known as Murder Monk earned this name for crimes heinous and despicable. He is believed to be one Rekstahl Davila, born on the desert moon of Xailehc, famed for the numerous cults of forbidden gods that are frequently and inexplicably found and purged from its surface by the Intergalactic Council of Planets. If this assumption is correct, Rekstahl was born as the result of carnal rites performed and best left undescribed. Purportedly "saved" as a small child during one of the many raids on whatever cult was being exterminated at the time, Rekstahl was introduced to civilization and soon had a legacy all his own.

Strange deaths and mutilations seemed to always happen to people in the areas around where Rekstahl lived and worked as a charity relief agent. Frequently under suspicion, Rekstahl always managed to elude indictment as no tangible proof ever surfaced. Eventually, an ICP Agent named Jiminy uncovered a plan to unearth a relic buried below the city where Rekstahl lived which would summon some obscene and horrible dead god in bloody sacrifice. As Jiminy and his fellow Agents burst into the Miskatonic Charities office, Rekstahl knowing himself to be discovered initiated a device of some kind.

An unspeakable terror was unleashed and much of the city was devastated by a tenticular horror, the lives of hundreds of innocents fed to its insatiable appetite. Through the acts of many brave Agents and other citizens, the beast was destroyed or at least banished. Jiminy survived and managed to capture a creature which appeared to be wearing the garments of Rekstahl Davila, but was mutated and no longer clearly identifiable as the villain. His identity now in question, the creature was nicknamed Murder Monk by sensationalist media, and he was transferred to Tartarus a ultra-security prison built within the bowels of a dead planet long devoid of atmosphere from some catastrophe in the past.

When the call for "volunteers" for the new DeathMatch show was first announced, Murder Monk's name was mentioned quickly and often. It is suspected that even if Murder Monk wins freedom, a Killer Robot won't be far behind...

Personality: Demented, cold, and utterly calculating, Murder Monk has a sinister sneer and a penetrating gaze which intimidates many. Many suspect his dead god is pleased with his disciple and protects him. Many around the cultist suffer terrible nightmares of formless monsters who consume their souls in slow agonizing bites. He seems to revel in this inner pain and turmoil almost as if he can sense it. He knows that the game is most likely one grand double cross, but he very much plays to win none the less.

Appearance: Murder Monk wears bulky robes to hide his humped back and three vestigial mini-tentacles growing on side of his torso. He doesn't have conscious control of them as they seem to move based on nervous impulse. Fortunately they are short, and the bulky robe usually hides them well. His face has been distorted away from human, but with all the races in the galaxy, he doesn't yet look unusual enough to be distinctive. At least not his face.