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Full Name

Moxie Ottersqueak








Small- 3'2"



Special Abilities

As stated previously...Female!!




Shelyn-the eternal rose


Sandpoint and Hinterlands


Ancient Thasalonian, Gnome, sylvan, giant, elvish,...


Sneak about

Strength 10
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 12
Charisma 11

About Moxie

Moxie is a kind, quiet, coy young lady. She is cute, demure, and artistically playful. This combined with her style, and natural beauty has endeared her to the local community. She entertains occasionally with song, dance and an infrequent “magic trick.” Moxie has a gentle, tender heart which she wears on her sleeve, but is well versed with a blade or bow and will pounce from the deep shadows of an alley to shank-n-bank those who victimize the innocent. When Moxie is in full bloom, she is difficult to disregard. At 3’2”, 35lb. (53), Moxie is the vision a female gnome with a shapely fragile frame, olive complexion, big bright orange eyes and thick fine hair. Although her hair is muted in dreadlocks most of the time, she switches her look to pig tails or the wild look occasionally. Originally from Whistledown, Moxie was orphaned at a young age while her family travelled with a merchant caravan teamed up with a troupe of acrobats and troubadours that was set upon by bandits. Few escaped with their lives but the child Moxie hid successfully in a chest among the brightly colored costumes of the entertainers. Of the original troupe and caravan only an acrobat, a troubadour, and Moxie survived. Moxie was left with the Sandpoint locals, but made the acrobat and troubadour promise to return for her . She did not fare well with her foster family, and broke out on her own, living and working with the local artisans. Moxie cared for her aging acrobat and troubadour in their elder years after they retired from the road in Sandpoint. Moxie learned their skills, and since the last of them was laid to rest in the boneyard, she has lived life to the fullest, in her way. She has loose affiliations with the local wharf bruisers and pier dollies because of the time she spends near the ocean. She loves the animals in, and around town, caring for all the stray and sick she comes upon. Her favorite pass time is going to the river or beach to find the local raft of sea otters that she has come to know and love. They play and squeak for hours some days. She has learned many “tricks” from the otters as well. Her ultimate desire is to follow in her adopted parents, the acrobat and troubadours footsteps to see the beautiful things the world has to offer, and take a few of the prettiest for herself. She has finally accumulated enough to outfit herself for the road, and only awaits the proper group of adventurers to come along to earn their trust and respect.