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About Mosley Oakland

Character Portrait.

'Derplehound! Sit! Stay! Retract eyestalks!'

Believe it or not, Mosley Oakland was once a wealthy clothing merchant in Taldor. A summoner in name only, he was a merchant foremost and his Eidolon, the Derplehound, was simply a curious pet. He had a beautiful Mwangi wife from a highly regarded noble house, a sizable estate and Tian silks that no other importer could access. Word was that all his far more courageous adventuring friends from the summoning school he attended sourced these textile fineries for his business. And they did well. For five years his business prospered, until the Qadiran conflict closed his trade routes and his profit margins. In just two years his business closed its doors and the Oakland name was riddled with debt. Faced with crippling interest payments, and an even more expensive wife to support, Mosley Oakland disappeared from his home and was never seen again.

TRAITS: Fashionable (Diplomacy), Armour Expert.
1. Resilient Eidolon, Combat Casting.
3. Extra Evolution.
5. Defending Eidolon.
7. Extra Evolution II.
9. Weapon Focus: Longspear.
11. Improved Share Spells.

Derplehound Build:
1. Weapon Focus: Claws, Improved Damage: Claws, Pounce, Claws
2. Improved Natural Armour
3. Toughness, Trip +EVO
4. Improved Strength
6. Iron Will, Rend
7. +EVO
9. Rending Fury, B: Multi-attack,Large, Mount
10. Claws II
11. Power Attack Improved Natural Armour II
12. Scent