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Full Name

Greg Monk


stomach of a halfling, attitude of a dwarf, but otherwise human (adopted; no clue on ancestry)


clearly, I have no class.


M (except on certain Saturday nights, but we don't talk about that much...)


Help me, Jenny Craig! You're my only hope!



Special Abilities

Humor Reduction 5/sarcasm


left justified, usually.


Discordia - Lady of Perpetual Whining


Lehigh Acres, FL


English, a smattering of German


only a few minor countries, really...

Strength 10
Dexterity 17
Constitution 12
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 3
Charisma 14

About Monkster

I've been a fantasy gamer since... well, since before I knew there was a different definition of "fantasy". I remember this odd little collection of booklets from some company called Tactical Studies Rules, from Lake Geneva, hitting the local bookstores in Minneapolis... the phrase, "Keep on the Borderlands" still gives me that warm feeling of crunchy adventuring goodness.

I've been known to, on occasion, do some freelance writing (even had a few things published, though I've yet to break into the world of fantasy RPG writing), and would love to be a writer full-time someday. I also have an over-fondness for maps. Lots and lots of maps... hmmmm. Probably why I got my degree in Graphic Design in the 1st place - more fun mapmaking toys to play with.

I also greatly enjoy theatre, music, art, dance, and in general any outlet of creativity the human mind can conceive of. I've even been known to try my hand at some of those, though I doubt Picasso, Vivaldi, or Hemmingway aficionados need to be overly concerned about any competition from me.

(Just 'cause I'm a little lazy, and didn't want to type this twice, if you're actually interested in more about me, click here.)

Did I mention I love maps...?