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Full Name

Miranda Andegar


Female half-elf "paladin" of Desna 1 | HP 13/18 | AC 17 | Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +5 | Focus points 0/1 | Perception +1 | Hero points: 2

About Miranda Andegar

Miranda, like many half-elves, were raised in a human household with human parents... her mother was human, and must have had some sort of dalliance with an elven man (Miranda never found out the story behind this), because Miranda's adoptive father, though a good man, always carried some resentment toward her. He treated her well overall, but were never close, and Miranda felt the pain of that for most of her young life.
Her mother, on the other hand, doted on Miranda and made sure that the girl had everything she might need. Knowing that Miranda would likely outlive her half-siblings, her mother made sure that Miranda had access to tutors, teachers, and gurus of any kind that she fancied. Eventually, a love of music and a blossoming appreciation for the goddess Desna spurred Miranda to travel to a small monastery dedicated to said goddess, and learn from the professional dancers and clerics there how to wield a weapon in the graceful martial art associated with her followers.
Miranda found that she had a knack for not just the dance and performance aspect of Desna's worship, but also felt the genuine call of the goddess. Desna granted her the ability to heal her allies and harm undead creatures, and enhanced her physical prowess. Now, Miranda is looking to help guide wary adventurers on their quests to right wrongs and free slaves throughout Golarion.

Miranda Andegar (PFS 44004-2001)
Traits CG Medium Human Elf Humanoid
Ancestry Human (half-elf)
Class Champion of Desna 1
Background Entertainer
Perception +3; low-light vision
Languages Common, Elven
Trained Skills Acrobatics +7, Deception +6, Diplomacy +6, Intimidation +6, Theater Lore +4, Performance +6, Religion +3
Untrained Skills Arcana +1, Athletics +1, Crafting +1, Medicine +0, Nature +0, Occultism +1, Society +1, Stealth +4, Survival +0, Thievery +4
AC 15; Fort +5; Ref +7; Will +5
HP 18
Liberating Step [Reaction]
Shield Block [Reaction]
Speed 25
Melee starknife +7 (agile, deadly d6, finesse), Damage 1d6+1 P or S
Ranged shortbow +7 (deadly d10), Damage 1d6+1 P; Ammo 20
Divine focus spells DC 16; FP 1; lay on hands, agile feet
Equipment starknife, shortbow + arrows (20), padded armor, wooden shield, wooden religious symbol of Desna, dagger, javelin (4), crowbar, grappling hook, adventurer's pack
Playtest Points Boon: Against All Odds The first time your dying value would cause you to die per adventure, your dying value doesn't increase. Limited Use [ ] : If you have no Hero Points and would die, you instead recover as though you had spent all your remaining Hero Points
Str 12, Dex 18[/b], Con 10, Int 12, Wis 10[/b], Cha 16
Ancestry Feats: Natural Ambition (Unimpeded Step)
Class Feat: Deity's Domain (Travel)
Skill Feats: Fascinating Performance
Bonus Feats: Shield Block
Class features: Champion's Code, Cause (Liberator), Deific Weapon (starknife), Champion's Reaction (Liberating Step)

Devotion spells:

Agile Feet Focus 1
Uncommon Cleric Transmutation
Source Core Rulebook pg. 389
Cast Single Action somatic
Duration until the end of the current turn
The blessings of your god make your feet faster and your movements more fluid. You gain a +5-foot status bonus to your Speed and ignore difficult terrain. As part of casting agile feet, you can Stride or Step; you can instead Burrow, Climb, Fly, or Swim if you have the appropriate Speed.

Lay on Hands Focus 1
Uncommon Champion Healing Necromancy Positive
Source Core Rulebook pg. 387
Cast Single Action somatic
Range touch; Targets 1 willing living creature or 1 undead creature
Your hands become infused with positive energy, healing a living creature or damaging an undead creature with a touch. If you use lay on hands on a willing living target, you restore 6 Hit Points; if the target is one of your allies, they also gain a +2 status bonus to AC for 1 round. Against an undead target, you deal 1d6 damage and it must attempt a basic Fortitude save; if it fails, it also takes a –2 status penalty to AC for 1 round.
Heightened (+1) The amount of healing increases by 6, and the damage to an undead target increases by 1d6.