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I will update him tonight thank you for all your help!

Because I have a template I can crank them out in about 2-5 min I'm going to post images of the character cards in said thread sans the character photos unless the original character creator sends one that is cleared to use. If this violates paizo rules engagement let me know.

Thanks again!

Well the challenge with the blessing is shorting the phrasing.
Also is there a single thread that was made with all tested home brew characters? Like as a reference instead of being siloed out.

Also with the binder idea I like that too. I spent the better portion of a night setting my PhotoShop up so I can quickly generate cards for extra characters.

So I love that idea. It gives it a better flavor for sure. So what do you think is better? The blessing or the bury a card balance wise?

Sorry I don't know the correct terminology. I want it to trigger when you play the card to use the blessing. Thus you can't just discard it due to something like hand size limit.
Ultimately I want the barbarian to have to activate it so if a penalty causes him to discard or too much hand he suffers the penalty.

Updated with all powers

Here is the template i am working on now. I know i need 2 more + [] boxes. I don't plan on allowing heavy armor. Take a look.

I was thinking this:

Regenerative Vigor: Banish a card (perhaps just a blessing) recharge 1d4 (maybe 1d4-1) from the discard pile. (So you loose a card and only have a chance to have a gain cards.

Regenerative Vigor: When you activate Blessing of Gorum or Blessing of Gorum is the active blessing, you may recharge 1d4 cards from your discard pile.

Ok thanks for the feedback all! All and all we love it.

Also i like how all the core classes got 4 extra classes. I would like 4 options for all of the expansion characters.

Yeah she is ok. I would like to see Frenzied Berserker as a prestige class. I would like to see no armor use at all and maybe something like regenerative vigor giving them fast healing for the trade of of not using armor. I do like the movement portion for fast movement

Ultimately I am looking for more of the half-orc/conan or what I refer to as the iconic barbarian.

I am looking for a home brew barbarian to run in our RotRL game. Does anyone have one made?


So when we played our first game we all had a good time but I have a question about the fighter.

It seems like they are very very unlikely to take any/much damage.

For example we flip a big scary DC 15 Hill giant. Fighter throws down a longsword or 1d10+3 + 1d8 + 1d6(discard changed to recharge) and the ranger throws him a 1d4 ... BAM Hill giant down awesome job!!

Now he throws down blessing of the gods and explores again! Black Fang DC 20 oh no!! Lets pitch a short sword at it. 1d10+3 + 1d6 + 1d6 (recharge again) Oh crap he rolled all 1s! Thats 6 vs 20 yikes... well use the shield to reduce it by 2 and take 12. Now here is the deal with no hand size = no damage.

Was this by design? Are we playing wrong? I only ask because every time the fighter rarely missed a combat DC he never had a hand because of all the weapon and armor recharges per class abilities.


Is their more than one barbarian? I found extra downloads or the fighter cleric etc but none of the new classes like monk barbarian or pally.