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Melody Flaxseed




Cleric of Shelyn 6 | HP 39/39 | AC 18 T 13 FF 16 | CMD 14 | F+7 R+5 W+8 (+2 fear) | Init +2 | Perc +4 | channel 3d6 (DC 16): 5/8 | luck: 3/5 | arc: 4/5





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Common, Halfling

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1 charge wand of comprehend languages

Melody Flaxseed
Female halfling cleric of Shelyn 6
CG Small humanoid (halfling)
Init +2; Senses Perception +4
AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 16 (+5 armor, +2 Dex, +1 size)
hp 39 (6d8+6)
Fort +7, Ref +5, Will +8; +2 vs. fear
Resist electricity 10
Speed 20 ft. (15 ft. in armor)
Melee dagger +4 (1d3-1/19-20) or
. . dagger +4 (1d3-1/19-20) or
. . glaive +4 (1d8-1/×3)
Ranged sling +7 (1d3-1)
Special Attacks channel positive energy 8/day (DC 17, 3d6)
Domain Spell-Like Abilities (CL 6th; concentration +8)
. . 5/day—bit of luck, lightning arc (1d6+3 electricity)
Cleric Spells Prepared (CL 6th; concentration +8)
. . 3rd—communal align weapon[ACG], invisibility purge, protection from energy
. . 2nd—aid, burst of radiance (DC 14), communal protection from evil, resist energy, sound burst (DC 14)
. . 1st—burning disarm (DC 13), obscuring mist, protection from evil, shield of faith, sun metal (DC 13)
. . 0 (at will)—create water, detect magic, read magic, stabilize
. . D Domain spell; Domains Air, Luck
Str 8, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 18
Base Atk +4; CMB +2; CMD 14
Feats Alignment Channel, Quick Channel[UM], Selective Channeling
Traits exalted of the society, proper training
Skills Acrobatics +4 (-4 to jump), Climb +1, Diplomacy +11, Heal +6, Knowledge (history) +8, Knowledge (religion) +10, Linguistics +5, Perception +4, Perform (sing) +10, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +6, Survival +2 (+4 to avoid becoming lost); Racial Modifiers +2 Acrobatics, +2 Climb, +2 Perception
Languages Celestial, Common, Gnome, Halfling
SQ good fortune (1/day)
Combat Gear oil of daylight (2), potion of fly (2), scroll of air bubble (x4), scroll of align weapon (x2), scroll of ant haul (x3), scroll of bless (x3), scroll of comprehend languages (x4), scroll of cure light wounds (x4), scroll of detect demon, detect the faithful, detect undead, scroll of endure elements (x8), scroll of gentle repose, scroll of ghostbane dirge (x2), scroll of hide from undead (x4), scroll of lesser (x5) restoration, scroll of magic weapon (x4), scroll of protection from evil (x6), scroll of read weather (x2), scroll of reinforce armaments, scroll of remove blindness/deafness (x2), remove curse (x2), remove disease (x2), symbol of healing (x2), scroll of remove curse, scroll of remove fear (x3), remove sickness (x3), scroll of remove paralysis (x2), scroll of shatter (x2), wand of bless (46 charges), wand of comprehend languages (50 charges), wand of cure light wounds (45 charges), wand of endure elements (50 charges), wand of protection from evil (5 charges), alchemist's fire, holy water; Other Gear +1 darkleaf cloth hide armor, dagger, dagger, glaive, sling, sling bullets (10), handy haversack, wayfinder[ISWG], backpack, bedroll, chalk, cold weather outfit, hemp rope (50 ft.), inkpen, scroll case, signal whistle, spell component pouch, sunrod (2), twine (50')[APG], waterproof bag[UE], waterskin, wooden holy symbol of Shelyn, 3,806 gp, 8 sp, 8 cp
Special Abilities
Alignment Channel (Evil) Channel Energy heals or harms outsiders of the chosen alignment.
Bit of Luck (5/day) (Sp) Target takes the higher of 2d20 for a d20 roll.
Cleric Channel Positive Energy 3d6 (8/day, DC 17) (Su) Positive energy heals the living and harms the undead; negative has the reverse effect.
Cleric Domain (Air) Granted Powers: You can manipulate lightning, mist, and wind, traffic with air creatures, and are resistant to electricity damage.
Cleric Domain (Luck) Granted Powers: You are infused with luck, and your mere presence can spread good fortune.
Energy Resistance, Electricity (10) You have the specified Energy Resistance against Electricity attacks.
Fearless +2 racial bonus on all saving throws against fear. This bonus stacks with the bonus granted by halfling luck.
Good Fortune (1/day) (Ex) As an immediate action, reroll a die before result is known. Must take 2nd roll.
Lightning Arc 1d6+3 electricity (5/day) (Sp) As a standard action, ranged touch attack deals electricity dam to foe in 30 ft.
Quick Channel Channel energy faster by expending more uses
Selective Channeling Exclude targets from the area of your Channel Energy.