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I'll update the maps as soon as I can, and will get it published. I'll post an update on this thread when done. Thanks all for getting this to my attention.

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Lilith wrote:
Well this looks like fun. :D

Elementary my dear Lilith... :)

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After a sudden and unexpected stop due to various reasons, The Sinking Campaign Serial has restarted! Tim Hitchock is working hard with us to get the campaign finished.

With the Skullfire Inquisition (now out! The Sinking Season II - The Skullfire Inquisition ) all pieces seeded in the previous season begin to assemble.

Below is the Season outline *****WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD*****

The Skullfire Inquisition
Author Michael O'Day
At the instigations of the Trypus Academy, the Lazarites initiate a brutal inquisition of various churches in their search for mysterious items secreted away by an aged priest of the god of mysteries. In order to aid their newest ally, Blood Senator Vulgrax, the PCs must infiltrate the inquisition, find the priest, retrieve his mysteries, and if possible save the man's life.

Widows Walk
Author: David Schwartz
After long several years of disappearance at sea, Captain Hasserbruk has returned home. Yet, the captain's formerly widowed wife fears something about her beloved husband is not quite right. Fearing an imposter, the PCs are called in to investigate the truth.

The Freedom Gambit
Author: Thurston Hillman
After interpreting some of the Information gathered from Skullfire Inquisition, Blood Senator Vulgrax prematurely makes several harsh public accusations against the Lazarites. This earns him the wrath of the Trypus, and he is sentenced to hang. To save his life, the PCs need to smuggle him out of the city.

Seeking Dawn
Author: Stefan Happ
Heading high into the mountains, the PCs work to help Vulgrax and his allies create a new settlement. When Erasmus sends Red Mist assassins to hunt them down, the PCs must brace for the long haul, and prepare themselves for the inevitable conflict with its new totalitarian rulers.

Beneath the Shadowheart
Author: Tom Ganz
Unable to gather information concerning the Trypus Academy's growing influence in the Great City, the PCs plot to return my baking a run through the Dungeon Under the Mountain. They seek to establish an underground safe-route to help others escape from the inquisitions, as well as gather intelligence against their nemesis, the Trypus Academy.

Locks of the Panopticon
Author: John Ling
The PCs learn that the Trypus unearthed secrets from within the Sink that have allowed them to build a colossal-sized, monstrous construct death-machine. To counter them, the PCs must find and open a series of mysterious locks that allow them to access the fabled Panopticon.

Doom Golem Rising
10th-11th level
Author: Tim Hitchcock
The PCs delve back into the Dungeon of the Mountain into the fabled Panopticon. There they uncover one of the Malchort's most deadly secrets, a colossal biomechanical death-machine in the shape of a great prehistoric beast known as a Doom Golem. The PCs must figure out how to reactivate the machine and return to the surface through the Sink. Emerging in the center of the Great City, they face off against the Trypus Academy's own mecha-kaiju death-machine in an epic battle that threatens to smash the city to rubble.

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Basic Paths adventures

Enjoy :)

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The most critically acclaimed campaign now completely converted to Pathfinder. This huge, 320 pages, book contains six adventures forming a complete campaign.

Already own the 3.5 version of these adventures? Fear not! All the Pathfinder conversions are now available for FREE download.

Get into the Path to Revolution.

The Road to Revolution: The Campaign.

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It shall be a very busy year...

Discover what's new for 0one Games in 2012

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A FREE preview from the upcoming Great City Player's Guide is available for download now! It contains a fully playable new base class: The Cultkiller. Get it now HERE Great City Player's Guide: The Cultkiller

The Great City Player's Guide will be available next week, it contains new races, residences in the Great City, Taxation, Crime and Punishment, Religion, Azindralean Tongs, Organization, new core classes, new prestige classes, adventuring careers, feats, spells, Great City specific equipment, Gaslight technology, weather and climate, calendar and days of the week, constellations and Auspicious signs and more.

The Great City Player's Guide is written by a team of talented authors led by Tim Hitchcock and including Rone Barton, Liz Courts, Adam Daigle, Tom Ganz, John Ling, Rob Manning, David Schwartz and Willie Walsh.

The Great City Player's Guide is graced by the drawings of Eric Lofgren (cover) and Hugh Vogt (interiors)