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Full Name

Martin Warren


Tough Hero 1/Egoist 1




English [U.S.]

About Martin Warren

Initiative +2
Hp 25 (1d10+1d8+5)
Defense 15, Touch 14, FF 13,
Fort +6, Ref +2, Will +4
Damage Reduction 2/-, Fire Resistance 3
Massive Damage Treshhold 16
Base Attack Bonus/Grapple +1/+4
...Glock 17 +4 (2d6, 30ft)
...Combat Martial Arts +4 (1d4+3)
...Lead Pipe, Club +4 (1d6+3)
...Brawl/Brass Knuckles +5 (1d6+4)
Speed 30ft
Action Points 7
Feats H - Tough Plus(Fire Resistance, DR II), O - Brawl, 1 - Heroic Surge, P - Wild Talent(Mind Thrust), P - Personal Firearms Proficiency, P - Simple Weapons Proficiency, P - Combat Martial Arts, P - Light Armor Proficiency
Talents Fire Resistance, Damage Reduction I & II

Skills Concentration +8(5 ranks), Intimidate +6(5 ranks)
Reputation +0
Occupation Military (Hide, Move Silently)

Manifester Level 1, 3pp
First Level 1
...Mind Thrust(ML 2)
...Offensive Prescience

Leather Jacket
Lead Pipe/Club
Brass Knuckles
Glock 17(17/17)
Box Magazine for Glock 17 (17/17)
Motor Cycle
Wealth Bonus +10

Martin was born and raised in New York. He figures he was a good kid, went to high-school and stuff. He did the wage-slave thing for a few years at a pizza joint, wanted to travel, but couldn't afford it, so he joined the army, and spent five years on and off over-seas.

He found it hard to reintegrate in society after that. He'd get drunk, get in fights, nothing serious, but eventually he fell in with a gang led by a guy called Ronnie. He ended up grabbing some money that didn't belong to him, and took off out east, spending a year in a cabin in the rockies. There, he trained his mind, investigating a psionic ability he thought he'd had for a while. Eventually, he became able to kill goats simply by disrputing their brain patterns.

When he came back to civilization, PSID picked him up because of his psionics.

Internally, he's more or less loyal to the PSID, but not because he believes in democracy, legitimate authority, or even feel any particular duty to his fellow man. PSID offers access to interesting people, and knowledge of psionics that he wouldn't know where to find elsewhere, so he sticks with them. At the same time, he figures they're probably going to win in the long run, so getting on their bad side would be stupid.

And what's the point of being able to kill people with your mind if you don't get to? He's gotten hooked on danger, and while sure, he could free-lance, he figures it'd only be a matter of time before he ended up offing the wrong person at the wrong time, and a PSID team shows up to ruin his day.

He looks more or less like this, except he usually wears a shirt, and he's bald instead of the blue mohawk. The clothes and non-facial tattoos are otherwise pretty spot on.