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Full Name

Marroar Gellantara


Half Elf


Fighter 1/Mage 1/Thief 1



Strength 13
Dexterity 18
Constitution 13
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 9

About Marroar Gellantara

Height: 69 in || Weight: 129 lbs || Eyes: Grey || Hair: White || Age: 20

Marroar hails from a distant secluded village deep in a tundra forest. His village was not a very close community. No abode was less than half-a-days travel from each other. In truth each family was more or less on there own, but they stayed in touch just enough for marriages and the trading of goods. Life was harsh in this village which had no name, the inhabitants never saw a reason for one. The villagers, so secluded from others, adopted their own philosophy for viewing life. To them, and by extension Marroar, there is no need to add unnecessary attachment to things and actions. They do not look at the world as "good" and "evil" or "lawful" and "chaotic". They look at things by their function and understand that things die when they cease functioning. They do not take it personally when another's function runs counter to their own, but this does not make them forgiving or merciful.

Marroar has adopted this philosophy fully. That is why he felt no malice when he came back from a hunting trip to discover that his family had been slaughtered by wolves. Should he had decided to stay, he would have slain the wolves for they were a threat to him, but since the wolves also ravaged his families winter food supplies, he decided to move on. No nearby family had the extra resources to take him in, so Marroar was forced to travel south in search of better hunting grounds.

It was at this point that a great wanderlust overtook Marroar. He traveled far and wide getting by as a huntsmen. But this was not the only trade he part took it. Marroar has guarded caravans, apprenticed under mages, and even tried life as a thieving beggar. Marroar's perspective allows him to be very flexible, but also causes him not to focus on any particular skill set.

Marroar only seeks experience. He may not understand the fiery speeches of Heroes or the laughter of greedy men, but he thrills at seeing their ambitions fulfilled provided that he remains interested. Marroar is confused by overly "good" or "evil" actions and is likely lose interested in causes that revolve around these actions. Nor will Marroar remain interested in causes justified by following the law for the law's sake or pursuing freedom for freedom's sake. Marroar is a man of action, but his actions are insensitive. Being dispassionate himself, he is drawn to passionate people with goals and strong conventions.