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I found some encouraging aspects to the article, but it is still not going far enough for my tastes. I'd like to see magic item creation (except, perhaps, for potions and scrolls) taken out of the core books. Sitting around a town for months while the wizard or cleric enchants just doesn't seem to have the right flavor. Nor does paying a local wizard to enchant an object. I would like to see a sharper turn toward magic items being significantly less common. I like the idea that has come up, and I have used as a house rule, of scaling magic items. A ring of protection is a ring of protection, period. If your character level is 1-5, it gives you a +1 bonus, if it is 6-10, +2, etc. That way when an elven prince rewards the party with magic protection rings at 7th level, the characters want to keep it for the rest of their career and not feel obligated to upgrade it or replace it at higher levels.

I was encouraged by the greater differentiation between a lightning sword and a fire sword. I have always thought it was kind of bland that items of that ilk only did a little extra damage. I want to see special effects like a lightning sword hit requiring a successful save (DC wielder's character level, give or take) or be dazed.

Just my $.02.

CastleMike wrote:
mark_of_bane wrote:

I would appreciate feedback...

Misleading Cloak

On command, this unremarkable appearing cloak simultaneously teleports the wearer a short distance, turns him invisible and leaves behind an illusory double. When activated, the wearer selects a destination within 50 feet and transports to the exact spot desired. If the destination is not available for him to occupy or is out of range, none of the cloak’s effects activate and a use is considered expended. The wearer can bring along objects as long as their weight doesn’t exceed his maximum load. At the same instant that the wearer transports, he becomes invisible as if a greater invisibility spell had been placed on him. In addition, an illusory double appears in the space he is departing, perfectly superimposed over his body. The double behaves and is controlled as though the wearer had cast a mislead spell. The illusion and the invisibility last for 11 rounds. The cloak can be used three times per day.

Moderate conjuration and illusion; CL 11th; Craft Wondrous Item, mislead, dimension door; Price 80,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.

I like it except for the cost and utility at 80,000 GP. I'd limit the usage to once a day which would drop it down to 27,000 GP or so and if you dropped it down to just 1/week about 4,000 GP (Which is probably munchkinny but how often would you normally really need to use the cloak each day or week compared to some of the other magic items you could pick up).

Thank you for the feedback, CastleMike. I was trying to keep the price higher since it was parallel to Mislead, which is a pretty high level spell. Perhaps if it were less powerful, like based on regular invisibility and mirror image instead, though I couldn't image that in 200 words or less. :)

Gbonehead, I honestly never considered that the name would be, well, misleading. But now that you say that, it makes perfect sense. One of the big rules or writing is deliver what you promise the reader, and I guess my description didn't deliver on what the title promised.
GrinningBuddha Thanks! I assumed my item coming across as vanilla and lacking pop was the primary reason for rejection (until I saw gbonehead's feedback). And yeah, it is a spell in a box, but I was hoping the small jump added would give it a little twist.
Patrick Walsh I appreciate the input. I don't mean to be dense, but what do you mean by "twinkish"? The original intent of the item was to allow a rogue to flank someone by himself, though clearly there are a lot of other applications. I intentionally kept the cost high to keep it out of the hands of players at lower levels. I didn't think the combined effect of a short jump and a mislead spell would be overkill, but I haven't playtested the item either. I didn't think the combined effects would be too much since a wizard could do the same thing with a contingency spell, which would set off a mislead when a dimension door was cast.

Clark, Anything you want to add would be so very much appreciated! Or did these gentlemen pretty much nail it?

Thank you everyone! What an amazing learning experience this has been!

GrinningBuddha wrote:
Just as a side note, I hope I don't come across as bashing the items posted; I am hoping that the comments I provide will help the designers, not discourage them! I haven't seen any real stinkers here yet!

I don't think anyone is taking it as bashing. Everyone, especially you and Lilith, are providing very insightful feedback in a professional manner.

I think it is pretty safe to say that the first person to ask the judges what the definition of "is" is will be disqualified.... ;)

I'm sorry, but I just couldn't resist.

de Vianti wrote:
I'm having an operation tomorrow, under general anaesthetic, which ought to keep me out of action until the big reveal. Bit of an extreme way of killing time, I know, but we're eight hours ahead here in Blighty.

Best wishes for a complete and quick recovery. And good luck for tomorrow's announcement....

Timault Azal-Darkwarren wrote:
Hope I'm not overstepping my bounds here... but are auto-rejection notices going out?

The Paizo staff has indicated that there will be no rejection notices. November 28th at noon PST the 32 finalists will be announced, and if you are not on that list, that is your notice of rejection.

Erik Mona wrote:

I agree with Clark. I wouldn't worry if you're within about 215 or so.

You be shocked by how many submissions we've received that had 400, 500, or even 700 words.


Yes, absolutely shocked! And slightly ashamed that I'm hoping it improves my odds....