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I just wanted to post this here for posterity and for others to use as inspiration when running the SCAP in Eberron. Use what you like and discard what you don't. Much of this was developed over the last year as I ran the SCAP for my group in My Eberron. My Eberron might be a little different from Your Eberron, but Eberron fans everywhere always seem to enjoy sharing their ideas and borrowing from each other. I've used a lot of ideas from Your Eberron in the crafting of this guide (many from the threads here at Paizo), including a little help from Keith Baker the man himself, so thank you all! Quotes are attributed below.

And for those who didn't read the title very carefully: HERE THAR BE SPOILERS! If you're playing in the SCAP for the first time and don't want to know what happens next, you should probably hold off on reading this thread until you are done. You've been warned twice now.

Most of these conversions assume you are using the hardcover SCAP, so if you are using the Dungeon magazines only, a few things might be unfamiliar as content was added to the hardcover. Important key elements which are converted are in bold

Adimarchus is an Overlord from the Age of Fiends. He ruled over Eberron with other fiendish Overlords during the Age of Demons. Unlike most Overlords, Adimarchus initially avoided being banished to Khyber. He fled to Shavarath where he came to rule a demonic horde and conquered a portion of the realm which came to be known as Occipitus. Like the rest of Shavarath, Occipitus has traded hands between devils, demons, and archons many times. The story behind Athux remains essentially the same, although Graz’zt, the imprisoned Overlord worshiped by the Enshrouded (Player’s Guide to Eberron 35) was forced to work through his agents in dreams and portents. In My Eberron, Adimarchus is a rakshasa rajah (see also Vhalantru below), but this is not necessary.

Skullrot is a prison in Khyber originally created for Adimarchus and his minions but never fully used due to Adimarchus’ escape. Graz’zt had always resented Adimarchus’ escape and worked through his agents for tens of thousands of years to force Adimarchus into the same fate as he.

Demodands are keepers of the prisons of Khyber. They are outsiders with the native subtype like the rakshasa, "children of Khyber herself. Legends say that the dragons were formed when drops of Siberys' blood struck Eberron (while the couatl formed from drops in midair, which is why they are outsiders and the dragons are mortal)... The demodands were formed from the blood of wounded Khyber, [giving] their liquid forms a crimson sheen."1 With the advent of the Age of Demons, the demodands were quick to ally themselves with the Overlords, becoming the wardens of fiendish prisons. They made an egregious tactical blunder during the Dragon-Fiend Wars which forced upon them a peculiar irony. Their entire race was pressed into becoming jailers for the masters they once served. Although allowed to come and go from Khyber, they know they must always return.

The Cagewrights are a Cult of the Dragon which seeks to bring Xoriat coterminous to Eberron. Dyr’ryd hopes that the influx of daelkyr and aberrations from Xoriat will force the denizens of the Material Plane to banish more creatures to Khyber, enhancing his status as a warden. Rather than sending fecund demodands to Eberron, he sought out thirteen pairs of dragonmarked individuals and manipulated them to interbreed, resulting in thirteen lines of unique aberrant dragonmarks. Individuals with these aberrant dragonmarks are known as the Shackleborn and their particular aberrant dragonmarks are known as the Xorian Sign (rather than the Carcerian Sign). The ritual of planar junction is designed to bring Xoriat coterminous to Eberron for the first time in thousands of years. (Luckily for most of Khorvaire, the dimensional seals created by the Gatekeepers prevent denizens of Xoriat from entering Eberron through the Shadow Marches.)

When the ritual of planar junction occurs in Foundation of Flame, aberrations from Xoriat of whatever variety you choose fall from the sky instead of demodands. If you want to take the easy route, you can more closely associate demodands with Xoriat in some way. Perhaps it is their original native plane, or perhaps the demodands pouring out of the gate to Xoriat were captured during the daelkyr invasion and brought back to Xoriat until the ritual released them. They would of course be completely mad from the experience.

The Ebon Triad is also known as The Three (Faiths of Eberron 28), a cult which believes Dol Arrah, Dol Dorn, and The Mockery are all a single aspect of the same war deity. Because Eberron allows worshipers and clerics to serve any deity regardless of alignment, no change is needed to the cultists in Flood Season aside from cosmetics. Substitute Erythnul for Dol Dorn, Hextor for Dol Arrah, and Vecna for The Mockery. I would not worry about changing Triel's and Tarkilar's domains. Your players likely won't notice unless you are converting the stat blocks to Pathfinder, and even then it shouldn't matter much.

Cauldron is a city in Xen’drik located in the center of the Skyfall Peninsula, about 70 miles south of Stormreach (which replaces Sasserine). This places it close to the unelaborated Throne Gate Ruins (Secrets of Xen’drik 24), which could become the Keep of the Jarl Khurok if you desire. Alternatively, the city could be placed deep inside Xen’drik if you want to isolate Cauldron more or have some fun with the Traveler’s Curse (Secrets of Xen’drik 25); this could require some adjustments to the story behind Flood Season and Sarcem’s journey, or perhaps it could simply explain why he has been gone so long. Another excellent choice is to place Cauldron somewhere within Q’Barra, such as the Endworld Mountains. The environment would be more temperate than the jungle climate described in the SCAP, and it could be a bit more difficult to explain the presence of nearby sites like the Demonskar and Shatterhorn, but traveling to these locations could be turned into long-term journeys to the Demon Wastes and Xen'drik respectively to more easily fit Eberron canon. Keith Baker actually suggested placing Cauldron in the Demon Wastes, which would fit the Demonskar storyline well enough but might make other things a bit more difficult. I prefer Xen’drik because large parts were intentionally left as a blank canvas for DMs to do with as they like.

Cauldron exists within a manifest zone to Xoriat, unknown to most people. In this case the primary side effect is a larger proportion of madness within the population.

The Cauldron Timeline requires no changes to the dates themselves, simply the modification of a few details.
• The spellweavers emerged from Khyber 3,000 years ago, placing it about a thousand years after the Age of Monsters.
• The portal opened accidentally by the spellweavers 1,820 years ago leads to an area of Shavarath which has been mostly ruled by demons. An alternative explanation is that the Demonskar is located somewhere in the Demon Wastes, although this disrupts much of the history regarding Surabar Spellmason’s settlers.
• After passing through the recently founded pirate city of Stormreach 710 years ago, Surabar Spellmason and his plucky followers focused their efforts on the Demonskar, explaining why the settlement of Cauldron has gone mostly unnoticed by historians in Khorvaire if you go the isolated route.
• The prospectors and adventurers attracted to the region 680 years ago are mostly former pirates and Stormreachers. They keep the discoveries relatively secret if you go the isolated route; most of the goods exported from Stormreach are assumed to be pirated or recovered from ruins by adventurers anyway.

The Church of St. Cuthbert is instead devoted to the Silver Flame. All unnamed clerics should be converted to adepts or experts.

Maavu’s Imports could be associated with the Transportation Guild of House Orien, running trade caravans between Cauldron and Stormreach. Maavu might be an Orien heir.

Garthûn’s Imports could be associated with the Windwrights Guild of House Lyrandar and have access to an airship for carrying cargo between Cauldron and Stormreach. This is a good explanation for the competitive relationship between Maavu and Garthûn. Garthûn might be a Lyrandar heir and pilot the airship himself; make sure to change him to a half-elf in this case.

The Drunken Morkoth Inn is a prime location for a House Ghallanda enclave.

Skie’s Treasury notes several other adventuring companies, one of which is The Singers of Ehlonna. Convert them to The Singers of Arawai if you use that detail. Also, if you want to keep Skie closer to the right side of the law, instead of being associated with the Last Laugh, Skie could have an arrangement with the Warding Guild of House Kundarak or the Warning Guild of House Medani. The sigil of either guild would be a clear message to Eberron PCs against robbing her. Skie herself might be a Sivis heir or have a relative who Sivis heir who runs a Sivis message station.

The Coy Nixie or Cusp of Sunrise is an ideal location for a House Phiarlan enclave and Cauldron’s home for the Entertainers and Artisans Guild. Be sure to include some elves on staff. Lady Ophelia ir'Knowlern might be a Phiarlan heir.

Nobility should have the prefix ir’ attached to their names, as in ir’Vanderboren, ir'Taskerhill, or ir'Rhiavadi. The Lathenmires are not officially nobility so you don't need to add the prefix to their names.

The Last Laugh is part of the Shadow Network of House Thuranni. This does not necessitate changing any of the stats of the characters, but perhaps Jil or Velior could become Thuranni heirs (make sure to make them elves in that event). Alternately, Jil would make a fine changeling.

The Sure Foot Livery is a good location for a House Vadalis enclave and/or location of a local chapter of the Handlers Guild, as well as a place to purchase magebred animals.

Gurnezarn’s Smithy could include magewright apprentices. Gurnezarn himself ought to at least be a magewright or even an artificer instead of an expert and might even have the Mark of Making. You could even make Gurnezarn and the Lathenmires both associated with House Cannith and the Fabricators Guild, but owing allegiance to a different patriarch.

Temple of Lordly Might is devoted to the Sovereign Host and Asfelkir is a disciple of Dol Dorn. The unnamed clerics should be converted to adepts or experts. Another option is to transform this into a House Jorasco enclave, i.e. a place the PCs can go to purchase healing, since that is not something churches generally sell in Eberron. It also fits with the story of Embril having a large number of good priests assassinated and leaving few behind to thwart her; she wouldn't feel as threatened by House Jorasco.

Weer’s Elixirs could be run by an artificer instead of a wizard.

The Cathedral of Wee Jas is instead devoted to the Blood of Vol. The unnamed clerics should be converted to adepts or experts. Embril could secretly be a cleric of the Keeper or the Cult of the Dragon Below, but she could just as easily be one of the evil members of Vol's church.

Bluecrater Academy could be an establishment run by The Twelve, housing lesser enclaves for those houses that do not have their own.

The Church of Pelor can be dedicated to The Path of Light or The Undying Court if you wish for kalashtar or elves to have a greater presence in the city. Otherwise it is simply another church devoted to the Sovereign Host. If you convert the Temple of Lordly Might to a House Jorasco enclave then this could simply be the only church to the Sovereign Host left in town.

Taskerhill Manor could be associated with the Fabricators Guild through the family workshops. The contact Ankhin ir’Taskerhill made in Stormreach to kill Cauldron's Lord Mayor prior to the beginning of the campaign might be associated with the Order of the Emerald Claw, which operates quite openly there. This might explain how the Cagewrights silenced his contact so easily given their connection to the Blood of Vol.

The Half-Orc Mercenary Camp ir'Vhalantru sets up is a perfect place to become a camp for House Tharashk mercenaries when it appears. Since those with the Mark of Finding can also be human, and House Tharashk has mercenaries of all races, it does not have to be all half-orcs. It could simply be the House Tharashk mercenary camp. Most of them should be warriors, however, not fighters.

The Striders of Fharlanghn can be handled in a variety of ways. The simplest and most aligned with Eberron canon is to convert them to Gatekeepers. Meerthan could be a druid instead of a wizard, but not all Gatekeepers are druids so this is not necessary. Another option is to make the Striders followers of The Traveler. Although The Traveler is in some ways similar to Fharlanghn, being the patron of travelers, this presents an interesting conundrum, since The Traveler embraces change, which is certainly going to happen if the Cagewrights get their way. On the other hand, The Traveler is a god of evolution and creation, and the Striders might be trying to nudge evolution in a particular direction rather than striving to “preserve the balance of power.” This option at least offers some interesting possibilities, such as making Meerthan a changeling (removing the need for a hat of disguise), or converting Fario and Fellian to shifters. For a truly interesting twist, Meerthan or one of the other Striders could be The Traveler himself! However, if you really want to keep the nature of the Striders in line with their original purpose and do not feel like making them Gatekeepers or followers of the Traveler is appropriate, there are many other possibilities, such as making them agents of the Chamber who have noticed the appearance of the Xorian Signs as a harbinger of danger (Meerthan could be a dragon in alternate form). There are quite a few directions you could go with this. Plenty of organizations in Eberron would have a vested interest in keeping the Cagewrights from bringing Xoriat coterminous to Eberron.

The nearby Demonskar is a manifest zone to Shavarath; side effects are as described in Demonskar Legacy.

Orbius ir'Vhalantru requires no conversion aside from the name change. As a beholder with gauth minions, you should consider making him a minion of Belashyrra, Daelkyr Lord of Eyes. His first name makes his true identity a dead giveaway in my humble opinion, but this actually fits better within Eberron due to the inscrutable nature of aberrations and their thought patterns. It might not actually seem so obvious to Vhalantru with his alien mind.

In My Eberron, I decided to make Vhalantru an ak'chazar rakshasa (MM3) with the Cloak of Khyber spell (City of Stormreach 59), which I found to be a much more compelling, Eberron-fitting villain and far less silly than a beholder in a simulacrum suit. However, I turned "the beholder" into a sort of alter-ego. I kept the encounters with the beholder virtually the same. The chief difference was that the beholder was simply a powerful illusion the entire time, designed to throw the PCs off Vhalantru's actual intent and identity; I even threw in a few references to Belashyrra as a red herring to make the PCs think perhaps the Lord of Eyes was the mastermind behind Cauldron's woes. In Life's Bazaar for example, Vhalantru himself teleported down to the Malachite Hold rather than Thifirane, crafting a powerful illusion of a beholder to "rescue" Terrem while remaining invisible himself. In Lords of Oblivion, I replaced the gauths with zakya rakshasas disguised to look like Vhalantru's House Tharashk cronies. Rather than being an unwitting tool of Adimarchus' mad dreams, he is a willing and able Lord of Dust who desired to release his master Adimarchus from Skullrot and manipulated the Cagewrights to achieve his ends, a plot hundreds of years in the making. This is a twist from the default SCAP story, in which the Cagewrights help elevate Vhalantru to power, believing him a pliable individual.

Those are the primary conversions. Throughout the AP there are isolated cases in which you will need to make a few other changes based on religion and Eberron flavor. The Wee Jas followers in Test of the Smoking Eye could become agents of the Emerald Claw, and the eladrin and angels should be converted to archons. Aberrations like the grell in Life's Bazaar should always be portrayed as having alien and inscrutable minds. Aside from things like this, you should have everything else you need.

Hope you enjoy running the SCAP in Eberron! I sure did.

1 Keith Baker