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About Mamoniel

Male Fallen Angel Tristalt Level 13
Fortune Blessed Soundstriker Juggler Bard 12 - Dual Discipline Psychokientic/Shaper Psion 13 - Pistolero Gunslinger 13
Lawful Evil Medium Outsider (Fallen, Evil)
Initiative; +13 Perception +25

AC 33, touch 24, flat-footed 16
hp 182
Fort +20, Ref +23, Will +17
DR 5/Silver

Speed 30 ft.
Ranged The Auditors
Single Shot - +27 to hit, 1d8+15 damage, 19-20x4 Crit
Full Attack - +25/+25/+20/+20/+15/+15
Melee +13 Pistol Whip, 1d6+1

Psion Powers Known - 193 Power Points per day.
Level 1 Powers - DC18
- Entangling Ectoplasm - Point Cost 1 - Hit an opponent with a ranged touch attack. If it hits they are entagled. DC 18 to break free.
Special: For every additional two points is spent the DC and size it can entangle are increased by 1.
- Crystal Shard - Point Cost 1 - Ranged touch attack that deals 1d6 piercing damage.
Special: For every additional point spent It deals an additional 1d6 damage.
- Force Screen - Point Cost 1 - Add a +4 Shield Bonus to AC.
Special: Can be used with no points cost,but only creates 2AC. For every 4 additional points spent it adds 1 to AC.
- Energy Ray - Point Cost 1 - Deals 1d6 Energy Damage. Different types have extra effects.
Special: Can be used with no points cost, but only does half damage. For every 1 additional points spent it adds 1d6 to damage..
- Astral Construct - Point Cost 1 - Creates an Astral Construct to serve..
Special: For every 2 additional points spent a higher level construct can be built.
- Inertial Armour - Point Cost 1 - Add a +4 Armour Bonus to AC.
Special: For every 2 additional points spent it adds 1 to AC.
- Ectolasmic Sheen - Point Cost 1 - Creates a difficult to move on patch of slime. If they fail the save they cannot, and if they fail by 5 or more they fall.
Special: For every additional 2 points spent the DC increases by 1. If 6 points are spent any fall victims must make a strength check equal to the DC to rise again.

Level 2 Powers - DC 19
- Cleanse Body - Point Cost 3 - Restores 1d4 Ability score damage and removes fatigue.
- Energy Missiles - Point Cost 3 - Fire off up to five energy missiles, dealing 3d6 damage, with a fortitude or reflex save to half. Only one target per missile.
Special: Every additional point increases damage by 1d6. Every 2 increase the DC by 1.
- Lesser Metamorphosis - Point Cost 3 - Add a special ability.
Special: For every additional 2 points spent the DC increases by 1. If 6 points are spent any fall victims must make a strength check equal to the DC to rise again.
- Ectolasmic Sheen - Point Cost 1 - Creates a difficult to move on patch of slime. If they fail the save they cannot, and if they fail by 5 or more they fall.
Special: For every additional 2 points spent the DC increases by 1. If 6 points are spent any fall victims must make a strength check equal to the DC to rise again.

Level 3 Powers - DC20
- Metamorphosis - Point Cost 5 - Use improved version of Lesser Metamorphosis.
Special: Spend 2 points to gain two powers from Lesser Metamorphosis. Spend 4 to gain two from Metamorphosis.
- Touchsight - Point Cost 5 - See everything, regardless of Invisibility and other effects, within 60ft.
Special: For every 2 points the range increases by 10ft.
- Ectoplasmic Cacoon - Point Cost 5 - Trap a creature. Reflex negates.
Special: For every 2 points target one size category larger and the DC increases by 1.
- Energy Bolt - Point Cost 5 - Do 5d6 energy damage in a staight line, with additional effects by type.
Special: For every point you spend add 1d6 damage and and for every 2 the DC increases by 1.

Level 4 Powers - DC21
- Modify Matter - Point Cost 7 - Transform material into a finished item.
- Energy Ball - Point Cost 7 - Inflict 7d6 points of damage in a 20ft radius. Different elements have different effects.
.Special: Every additional point increases damage by 1d6. Every 2 increase the DC by 1.
- Control Body - Point Cost 7 - Controls someone’s limbs. Can be forced to fight but they’re staggered.
.Special: Spend 2 points to increase the size of the target. Every 4 to remove the staggered.
- Pschokinetic Charge - Point Cost 7 - Launch an ally at a foe. If they are within striking range they may make a melee attack as an immediate action.

Level 5 powers - DC21
- Energy Current - Point Cost 9 - Inflict 9d6 points of damage into one main target and one secondary target. Different elements have different effects. Continues as long as concentration is maintained.
.Special: Every additional point increases damage by 1d6. Every 2 increase the DC by 1. For every 4 add a secondary target.
- Fiery Discoportion - Point Cost 9 - As an Immediate Action flee into a fire within 30ft when hit points reach zero. A DC5 + damage dealt will save must be made.
.Special: For every 3 additional points spent increase the will save needed.
- Planar Travel - Point Cost 9 - Up to 8 creatures can travel to another plane, although they land within 5d100 miles
.Special: For every 2 points spent remove 1d100 from the roll.
- Adapt Body - Point Cost 9 - Adapt so the harshest envioment is safe.

Level 6 Powers - DC22
- Genesis - Point Cost 11 - Creates a small 3x10 by level demiplane.
.Special: For every 4 points spent add an affect as though from Greater Demiplane. For every 2 points add 10x10 rooms, or for 4 add 20x20. For 2 + 20,000 gp of materials make it permanent.
- Null Psionic Field - Point Cost 11 - Negates all psionic and magic within a 10ft radius, lasting 13 minutes.
- Disintergration - Point Cost 11 - Deals 22d6 of damage with a failed fortiude save. SR applies..
.Special: For every point of damage add 2d6 to failed save. For every 2 points increase the DC by 1.
- Trigger Power - Point Cost 11 - A second power triggers under set conditions.
.Special: For every 4 points spent add an affect as though from Greater Demiplane. For every 2 points add 10x10 rooms, or for 4 add 20x20. For 2 + 20,000 gp of materials make it permanent.
- Greater Metamorphosis - Cost 11 - Allows one of several abilities to be chosen.
Special: Spend 6 points to choose two more choices from Menu C. Spend 4 to get them from Menu B. Spend 2 to get them from Menus A.

Level 7 Powers - DC23
- Bend Reality - Point Cost 13 - Alter reality so a specific spell or ability happens, or an unusual event.
- Mass Ectoplasmic Cocoon - Cost 11 - All creatures caught in 1 20ft area must make a reflex save or be rendered helpless.
Special: For every 2 points spent increase the range by 5ft.

Bard Spells Known
Level 0 - At Will - DC 15
- Detect Magic - Detect magical auras within an area, gaining more knowledge the longer concentration is held.
- Mending - Repair non-magical objects.
- Read Magic - Understand magical scripts.
- Spark - Set fire to an unattended object.
- Prestidigitation - Performs several minor magical tricks.
- Ghost Sound - Create an audio, non-verbal illusion.

Level 1 - 7 per day - DC 16
- Cure Light Wounds - Heals 1d8+5 points of damage.
- Enhance Water - Transform a non-magical liquid into a middling alcohol.
- Detect Charm - Detects charm, compulsion and possession auras.
- Expeditious Retreat - Gain 30ft bonus movement.
- Unseen Servant - Creates an invisible servitor with basic skills..
- Vanish - Short term Invisibility.

Level 2 - 6 per day - DC 17
- Cure Moderate Wounds - Cure 2d8+10 damage.
- Create Treasure Map - Create a treasure map from a dead person revealing any treasure they knew of.
- Blood Biography - Find out more about a target from its blood.
- Minor Image - Create an illusion with some non-verbal audio.
- Pilfering Hand - Grab an item with telekinetic force.

Level 3 - 5 per day - DC 18
- Cure Serious Wounds - Healds 3d8+13 damage.
- Remove Curse - Remove the curse from a person or allow a cursed item to be removed.
- Major Image - Creates an illusion with audio, smell and heat based emanations.
- Tongues, Communal - Allows a group of creatures to understand a language.

Level 4 - 4 per day - DC 19
- Cure Critical Wounds - Heals 4d8+12 damage.
- Dimensional Door - Teleport a short distance.
- Greater Invisibility - Become invisible and still attack, cast spells, etc.
- Speak With Plants - Communicate with plants and plant-based creatures.

Spell Like Abilities
- Disguise Self 9 times per day. Look different, within certain limits.
- Masterwork Transformation 8 times per day. Change a normal item into a masterwork one.
- Nondetection 7 times per day. Make it more difficult for Divination effects to see the caster.
- Confusion 6 times per day. Make it more difficult for someone to act rationally.
- False Vision 5 times per day. Fool divination effects with an illusion.
- Guards and Wards 4 times per day. Create a magical spell to guard an area.
- Screen 3 times per day. A powerful illusion that covers a large area.


Str 12 Dex 24, Con 18, Int 24, Wis 13, Cha 20
Base Atk +13; CMB +14; CMD 32
Bonus Feats
Gunslinger - Gunsmithing - Allows the crafting of both guns and ammunition.
4th Level Gunslinger Feat - Two-Weapon Fighting - Allows the use of a second weapon to make one additional attack.
5th Level Psion Feat - Swift Shapeshifter - Use Matamorphasis Powers as a Move Action.
Racial Bonus Feat - Overchannel - Increase Manifester Level, but take damage doing it.
8th Level Gunslinger Feat - Improved Two-Weapon Fighting - Adds another attack at a -5 penalty.
12th Level Gunslinger Feat -
Expanded Psionic Knowledge - Add the Greater Metamorphosis power to those known.
Signature Deed - Reduce the cost of the Two Shot Knockdown deed to 0.
1st - Armour of the Pit - Adds a +2 to Natural Armour.
2nd - Point Blank Shot - Add a +1 Bonus to Hit and Damage with ranged attacks within 30ft.
3rd - Craft Wondrous Item - Allows the construction of wondrous items.
4th - Precise Shot - Shoot into melee without penalty.
5th - Craft Magic Arms and Armour - Create Magic Weapons and Armour.
6th - Rapid Reload - Reload a weapon faster.
7th - Power Penetration
8th - Dodge - Add a +1 Dodge Bonus to AC
9th - Psionic Dodge - Must be Psionically Focused to use this. Add a +1 Dodge bonus to AC. Expand the Focus to add +4 AC against one attack.
10th - Expanded Knowledge - Add Metamorposis to powers known..
11th - Craft Staff - Create a Magic Staff.
12th - Greater Two-Weapon Fighting - Adds another attack for the off hand at -10.
13th - Master of All Shapes - Use Metamorphis as a Swift action..
Traits Fate’s Favored - Increases a luck bonus by +1.
Extremely Fashionable - Adds a +1 to Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate.
Skills Spellcraft +31, Perception +25, Diplomacy +30, Bluff +30, Sleight of Hand +31, Linguistics +23, Craft (Weapons) +23, Craft (Armour) +23, Craft (Jewelry) +23, Survival +17, Stealth +23, Use Magic Device +21, Appraise +23, Knowledge (Planes) +23, Knowledge (Religion) +23, Knowledge (Engineering) +23.
Languages Common, Ignan, Infernal, Daemonic, Abyssal, Celestial, Draconic, Aklo, Necril, Sylvan, Orc, Acquan, Ignan, Auran, Terran Aboleth, Cyclops, Dark Folk, Undercommon, , Dwarven, Giant, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Protean, Tengu, Treant, Sphinx, Boggard, Vegepygmy, D’ziriak
Weapons The Auditors - Five Legendary Pistols with the Upgradable (Can be Improved via ritual) and Unyielding (doubles hardness and hit points, cannot be sundered by Non-Mythic Foes) abilities. They count as +1 Collision Planar Pistols.
Equipment Slots
Head - +4 Headband of Vast Intelligence (Ride, Knowledge (Dungeoneering))
Shoulders - +3 Cloak Of Resistance
Belt - +4 Belt of Incredible Dexterity
Other Gear Handy Haversack, Fire Opal Jewelry worth 500g
Money - 26,000

Special Abilities:
Special Abilities

Augmented Criticals - Critical range doubles, similar to the effect of Improved Critical.
AC Bonus - Adds in a +2 Luck bonus to AC.
Lucky Strike - Once per minute, as a swift action, you can activate True Strike for a single attack.
Skills - Add a +2 bonus to all skill checks.
Favoured - Add a +2 luck bonus to saves and a +1 to hit.

Greed Domain
Copycast - 10 times per day, use a version of Mirror Image limited to one copy.
More for Me - 10 times per day, when a caster within 30 ft attempts to cast a beneficial spell, success of a spellcaster check with a DC equal to15+ the spells level allows the user to steal the benefit from one person of their choice.

Fiendish Power
Dark Shard of Heaven (2FP) - When he was cast from heaven Mamoniel’s personal workshop was cast out with him. He now maintains this as a small personal domain. He can open a portal with one minute’s time to open it.
Betrayal of Riches (6FP - DC23) - As a standard action Mamoniel can turn jewellry against it’s owner. They suffer 3d6 damage, and an additional effect depending on item location.
Covetous Aura (4FP) - Extends 65ft from Mamoniel. Whenever a Harmless spell or supernatural ability is used Mamoniel can choose to have it affect him too.
Luxurious Glide (2FP) - Mamoniel can slide through luxury and treasures, including vault walls.
Touch of Gold (6FP - DC23) - As part of a full attack, as a touch attack, Mamoniel can convert an enemy to gold once a day. This functions like Flesh to Stone. Mamoniel can communicate with these statues for 1 hour per day.
Vulnerable to Charity (-2FP) - If Mamoniel gives without any expectation of payment he looses all Fiendish powers and become Sickened for 24 hours.
Bonus Feat (4FP) - Gain a bonus feat.

Bard Abilities
Bardic Performance - Use a special ability as part of a performance. Currently has 29 rounds.
- Wordstrike - Deals 1d4 + 13 in damage. Half to non-objects.
- Inspire Courage - Adds a +3 Charm bonus against fear and charm effects, and +3 competence bonus to weapon damage and to hit.
- Countersong - Allows a Bard to counteract magical effects, replacing the usual save with a performance check.
- Fascinate - Fascinate up to five creatures within sight
- Fast Reactions - Grants the Deflect Arrows and Snatch Arrow feats, plus the ability to use them one additional time per round.
- Weird Words - Send ten ranged touch attacks, each dealing 1d8+Charisma in damage, choosing which type.
- Dirge of Doom - Cause enemies to be Shaken.
- Inspire Greatness - Grants 2HD’s worth of temporary hitpoints, a +1 to Fortitude and a +2 to hit.
Combat Juggling - Juggle up to five one handed items and still count as having a free hand. If anything occurs that would cause a concentration check, an equally difficult Sleight of Hand check must be made or all but one are dropped.
Evasion - Attacks that can be halfed with a Reflex save instead deal no damage.
Improved Evasion - Even on a failed saved, reflex-based attacks deal only half damage.
Well Versed - Adds a +4 bonus against other Bardic Effects.
Jack of All Trades - Use any skill, even those that can’t be used Untrained.

Psion Abilities

Telekinetic Hurl - Hurl objects up to 5lbs, dealing 3d4 damage.
Kinetic Aura - Adds a +2 deflection bonus to AC
Summoner’s Call - Created constructs exist for 3 additional rounds, and astral constructs gain additional options.


Grit - Several Gunslinger abilities run on Grit. Mamoniel’s pool starts at 3 points. Confirming a critical hit or killing a foe of at least half the level of Mamoniel adds more Grit.
Deeds - Special abilities that can be performed, usually by using Grit.
- Up Close and Deadly - By spending 1 Grit 3d6 precision damage can be added to pistol hits.
- Gunslinger’s Dodge - Spend 1 Grit to move 5ft, adding +2AC, or drop prone for +4AC against ranged attacks.
- Quickclear - Remove a misfire inflicted Broken condition on a firearm as a Standard Action, or spend 1 Grit to do it as a Move Action
- Gunslinger Initiative - As long as one point of Grit remains, add +2 to Initiative. With the Quick Draw feat a single Gun can be drawn as part of Initiative.
- Pistol Whip - Using 1 Grit you can Inflict 1d6 bludgeoning damage. If successful it knocks the target prone.
- Utility Shot - Spend 1 Grit to perform one of several useful tricks.
- Expert Loading - Spend 1 Grit to negate a firearm exploading.
- Lightning Reload - Reload one barrel of each gun as a free action, and reloading does not provoke.
Pistol Training - Adds Dexterity to damage and adds +2 to damage. Never misfiles with a pistol.
Nimble - Grants a +3 dodge bonus to AC while in light or no armour,

The Fallen of Greed:

Outsider - As an outsider, Mamoniel follows certain rules.
- Darkvision (60ft) - Can see in total darkness up to 60ft away
- Combined body and soul - An outsider cannot be resurrected with the usual spells, requiring much more powerful means to return.
- Does not need to Eat or Sleep.
Immunity - Fire.
Flight - As a Fallen Mamoniel can fly twice his base speed, with good maneuverability.
Linguist (1RP) - Starts with their base tongue (Infernal) and one other.
Gift of Tongues (2RP) - +1 to Bluff and Diplomacy, add two languages for each point of Linguistics.
Greed (1RP) - +2 to Appraise when valuing non-magical goods containing precious metals or stones.
Silver Tongued (2RP) - +2 to Bluff and Diplomacy, and improves a creatures attitude by three instead of two steps.
Sociable (1RP) - If a Diplomacy roll is failed by five or more, a second check can be made within 24 hours.
Quick Reactions (2RP) - Add Improved Initiative as a bonus feat.
Scent (4RP) - Gain the Scent special ability.
Bonus Feat (2RP) - Gain the Overchannel Feat.
Craftsman (1RP) - Gain a +2 on all Craft or Profession checks using stone or metal.
Lucky, Greater (4RP) - +2 bonus to all saves
Natural Armour (2RP) - +1 bonus to Natural Armour.
Improved Natural Armour (1RP) - +1 bonus to Natural Armour
Defensive Training, Greater (4RP) - +2 Dodge Bonus to AC.
Moon Touched Damage Resitance (3RP) - Gain DR5/Silver.

Bipedal - Mamoniel still walks on two feet and has two hands. Sometimes he even uses them.
Immunity (6 Evolution Points) - Complete immunity to Cold, Sonic and Acid damage.
Skill Focus (4 Evolution Points) - Add +8 to Spellcraft. Diplomacy, Sleight of Hand and Perception checks.

Although smaller than many of his kind, Mamoniel is still a good seven feet tall, but lithe and sparsely built for someone who spends so much time working with metal. Only after watching him work, crafting an item with the power of his psionic might, do most people begin to understand exactly why he’s so thin - he doesn’t need to be stronger.

Unlike many of the Fallen, Mamoniel retains most of his original form. He is still bald, and his eyes gleam like molten bronze. His skin, however, has changed - now it looks like tarnished silver covered in veins of gold. Equally, his wings are gone, with only the stubs where they sprouted from his shoulders still present.

Mamoniel dresses elegantly, with style and grace befitting his station and skills. Rich, heavy clothing in fine silks with threads of gold and silver. Fire opals, his personal favorite gemstone, appears often in the clothing and jewelry he chooses to wear.

Noticeably Mamoniel’s five guns - the Auditors - float around his head in a mockery of a halo unless he choose to start fighting. The Fallen has a deep voice, surprisingly so for his thin-ish build, and his teeth are white and unchipped.

As with many of the Fallen, Mamoniel has one overriding trait - he’s greedy. He wants power, riches and servants. Well aware that he is a low being in the infernal ranks, he’s more than willing to work with others for a common goal. That doesn’t stop him longing for whatever is theirs, but for now, he will be satisfied with keeping what is his. For now.

Damned with the loss of his finest works, Mamoniel now craves to replace them. He is especially adamant to retrieve his remaining works from the hands of heaven’s forces, his normally cautious approach to his existence being overcome by his desire to take back what is his by right of creation. Taking one of his possessions is a good way to invoke his wrath, although it is often with a slow, cold vengeance that Mamoniel strikes.

Mamoniel, however, does have a form of loyalty. He views his companions and compatriots as his, and not something to be discarded. At least, not easily. He is also a creature of rules and law, as breaking the rules and taking shortcuts sees a great work ruined by haste. That doesn’t mean that laws cannot be, on occasion, bent and reshaped to a new, better purpose - if that purpose is Mamoniels, of course.

Once, Mamoniel was Mamoniel Nas Exnihilo, an unusual Planetar Angel charged with the creation of heavenly weaponry and divine armours in the eternal wars waged against evil. Mamoniel was exceptional enough at this task that a small but dedicated sanctuary was set aside for his use. There he crafted not just weapons for the use of the angelic hosts and chosen mortals, but works of fine art and intense beauty.

Mamoniel was known for, once in a while, setting aside his works and journeying to other planes, looking into newer, better crafting methods and rewarding those who helped him with weapons from his own forges, crafted with their teachings. Sometimes he even aided adventuring parties, aiding them in journeying to strange and ancient places for the knowledge of crafting within them.

All of his works, Mamoniel gave freely to those who needed them most, even his knowledge to those of his brethren who could master it. No leader in battle, he instead made sure the hosts of heaven wanted for nothing.

But when things went wrong, those favours were not returned. During a Daemonic incursion, with the forces of heaven straining against their dark influence, the Sanctuary where Mamoniel laboured and toiled was targeted by one such party. Eager to seize and despoil the archived works and weapons they slipped the warlines and assaulted the Sanctuary. Mamoniel called for help, realizing that he and the few who aided him would never hold...but none came.

Equipped with the finest weapons of his armoury, Mamoniel and his servants turned back the Daemons. Once, twice, three times they assaulted, and each time left the defenders weaker. Mamoniel called, in each reprieve, for help, casting his mental voice far and wide in the hope that someone, anyone would come to his aid.

Finally, someone heard, and someone came...an Olethrodaemon and it’s warband. Knowing he could never stand against the mammoth engine of destruction, Mamoniel did the unthinkable - he raised the forge to the ground, obliterating a thousand generations of work in one, soul rending moment before fleeing with the handful of servants left to him.

Although he survived, Mamoniel was left bitter by the experience. He had given freely to those who needed it, but none had answered when he had needed it. It took him time to return to his work. Discarding the weapons that had failed him, he crafted for himself new weapons - guns - and foudn them to his liking. Slowly, he started once more to rebuild what had been lost, but felt everything he crafted was a shadow, a pale imitation of the things that had been taken from them. Still, he gave sparingly, slowly, begrudgingly. They were his things, the things he crafted. They alone would not fail him.

Finally, the others had enough. When Mamoniel refused to grant aid to any or all for one year and one day, he was called before his divine patron. Mamoniel refused, insisting on guarding what treasures he had managed to create in his new, hidden workshop. But it is impossible for an Angel to hide from a God, and Mamoniel was dragged from his workshop raving and screaming.

When his fellows looked on his soul, the realized that bitterness and greed has turned it dark, like tarnished mental. Mamoniel has Fallen. They destroyed the weapons he had forged, incase the taint of his Fall was within them, and stripped the Planetar of his rank and powers before casting him from there presence - forever.

Or so they hope...