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Full Name

Mallë-o i Otos Elen


Jininese Elf


Lvl 15




5' 9", Medium


Neutral Good



About Mallë-o i Otos Elen

With platinum hair streaked with earthy reds and spring greens she not so much walks the streets of Oppara as she glides. Her moss green eyes spy an unwelcome volunteer in a passing flower box and she all but completely silently floats over to evict it, tending the intended occupants by tucking them safely back into the soil. The slender elven outline of her green and mahogany travel outfit is broken midway by a silver belt adorned with 10 metal tassels. Her dark grey cloak -- which she uses to brush the dirt off of her hands -- is clad in mostly white feathers occasionally punctuated with those reflecting all the colors of the rainbow in solid hues. Over this, she bears two quivers, a composite longbow, a slender long sword, and a foreign glaive-type weapon.


Rumor abounds that Mallë-o i Otos Elen is a possibly haughty yet quiet stranger from Tian Xia, associating with the (minor) noble family Melima from over in Aroden's View. She is an aspiring dancer auditioning for the latest ballet -- "The Nuts Cracked Sweet".



Favored: Naginata
Ranged: Naginata, Masterwork Composite Long Bow
Other Katana, Wakizashi, Fighting Fans, Kusarigama