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Full Name

Makoa, the Butcher of Boars




Barbarian 1; HP 16/16; AC 17/13/14 F+5/R+3/W+3; Init +3; Per +7







Special Abilities

Darkvision (60'); Intimidating; Orc Ferocity


Chaotic Neutral




Falcon's Hollow


Common, Orc, Giant



Strength 18
Dexterity 16
Constitution 17
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 16
Charisma 15

About Makoa, the Butcher of Boars

Character Sheet:

Male Half-Orc Barbarian 1
CN Medium Humanoid (Half-Orc)
Init +3; Senses Darkvision 60 ft; Perception +7

AC 17, Touch 13, Flat-footed 14 (+4 armor, +3 Dex)
AC 15, Touch 11, Flat-footed 12 (+4 armor, +3 Dex, -2 Raging)
HP 16 (12 class) + 3 Con +1 Fav Class
Saves: Fortitude +5; Reflex: +3; Will: +3
Speed: 30 ft (30 ft Half-Orc - 10 ft medium armor) + 10 Barbarian Fast Movement
Melee: Axe, orc double +3/+3 (1d8+4/1d8+2)
Melee: Axe, orc double +5/+5 (1d8+6/1d8+3) (Raging)
Ranged: Sling +3 (1d4+2) (1d4+3 Raging)
Space 5 ft; Reach 5 ft

Two Weapon Fighting

Skills: [x] = x skill ranks; C = class skill
NOTE: (Armor Check Penalty applied to appropriate skills)
Acrobatics C[1] +4,
Appraise +1,
Bluff +2,
Climb C[1] +5,
Craft C +1,
Diplomacy +2,
Disguise +2,
Escape Artist +0,
Fly +0,
Heal +3,
Intimidate C[1] +8,
Perception C[1] +7,
Perform +2,
Ride C +0,
Sense Motive +3,
Stealth +0,
Survival C[1] +7,
Swim C +1

(Skills that cannot be used untrained are not shown)
Axe To Grind (Ultimate Campaign): You gain a +1 trait bonus on damage against foes who are threatened by only you.
Lasting Ferociousness (Agents of Evil): Increase the number of rounds you can act as disabled from your orc ferocity racial trait to 2 rounds.
Axe, orc double 60gp (15 lbs)
Hide Armor 15gp (25 lbs)
Backpack 2gp (2 lbs)
Bedroll 1sp (5 lbs)
Crowbar 2gp (5 lbs)
Flint and steel 1gp
Grappling hook 1gp (4 lbs)
Oil (1 pint flask) x 2 2sp (2 lbs)
Pouch, belt 1gp (0.5 lbs)
Rations, trail (3 days) 15sp (3 lbs)
Rope, hemp (50 ft) 1gp (10 lbs)
Sack 1sp (0.5 lbs)
Sling free
Sling Bullets (10) 1sp (5 lbs)
Waterskin 1gp (4 lbs)

Totals: 86gp (81 lbs)
Remaining from avg starting (105 gp): 19 gp

Carrying Capacity:
Light Load: 100 lbs or less
Medium Load: 101-200 lbs
Heavy Load: 201-300 lbs

Character Background:

Makoa was born in a small village just south of Tamrivena. He was abandoned at an early age, his mother unable to live with the ridicule and abuse she received. Struggling to find food and shelter, Makoa learned early in life that he could not trust anyone.

He wandered through forest, plains and mountains always being shunned by elves, dwarves and humans alike. He was accepted by a small group of ogres in the Tusk mountains where he learned to hunt and fight.

He was a quick student and soon became the best hunter in the tribe, tracking and killing all sorts of animals with boars being his most prolific haul.

When he became an adult, his tribe was hunted by a group of giants. With most of his tribe killed in the attack, Makoa fled to the safety of the forest. There he lived a solitary existence wandering through village and town hoping to find someone who could help break the lonely cycle of his nomadic life.

He came upon an old butcher who needed help in his shop and found the demand for boar meat to be rising as the village grew. Makoa and the butcher ran a successful business, so successful that it attracted the attention of the local Baron. He offered to buy the shop for a very low price which was quickly rejected. Offended by the refusal, the Baron imprisoned the butcher and Makoa once again fled.

While out hunting, he came upon a caravan being attacked by a group of bandits. The bandits were overwhelming the few caravan guards until Makoa stepped in to swing things to the caravan's favor. The owner was so impressed and grateful he gave Makoa a job right away.

After several months of successful battles, the caravan got a reputation for being the safest place to travel or ship goods. Makoa 's renown grew and he joined a mercenary group with the promise of treasure and notoriety.

Character Description:

Standing 6ft 8in tall and weighing over 300 lbs Makoa is a formidable sight. A mostly bald head is topped with a jet black braid extending down his back to just above the waist.

His hands are dirty, callused and untrimmed. His face and chest have large, ugly scars. His breath reeks of rotten vegetables and his teeth are crooked or missing.