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Since hearing about Starfinder, my hunger for sci-fi grew. After rewatching AvP, Prometheus, Terminator, and Doctor Who again and rereading the Fire and Stone storyline of Predator/Alien/Prometheus, I've noticed that not many sci-fi monsters were created.

I've seen excellently done Xenomorphs and Predators that were made for 3.5 and Pathfinder (with my own custom tweaks). But I've never seen the Terminator, or the Dalek, a black goo infected (Prometheus), and The Engineer, (I think)

I want to use these famous sci-fi monsters before Starfinder comes out and I'm sure many of us do to. So. Who wants to give it a go?

What kind of currency would Starfinder have? I can't imagine good old fashioned gold would be used in a space station like Absalom Station but I can imagine it being used in primitive societies on other planets.

Will there be Credsticks like in Shadowrun or will there be regular dollar bills like our modern times? Or both?