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AC 16 (T 12, FF 14) (+2)| CMB +6, CMD 18 | Init +2 | Speed 30ft | F +4, R +4, W +3 | Perc +8, SM +2


HP 12/12


CG Human Conscript / Pathfinder Savant | Status: Ok


1,82 m.



About Makanaky

Intro, Defense & Offense:

Male Human (Mwangi) Gestalt 1 Conscript/Pathfinder Savant

CG Humanoid (Human)


Speed 30 ft
Initiative: +2

STR 20 (+5) 16 Base +2 Race +2 Enhancement
DEX 14 (+2)
CON 14 (+2)
INT 12 (+1)
WIS 14 (+2)
CHA 08 (-1)

AC 14(18) (10 Base +2 Armor +2 Dex +2 Shield)
Active Defense (AoO): gain +2 shield bonus for incoming attack
HP 12 10 +2 (Con)
Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +4
CMD 18

Spiked Shield: +7 1d6+5 P x2
+1 dmg vs Magical Beasts

Throwing Shield: +7 1d6+5 B x2 20ft or
Throwing Shield Barrage: +5/+5 1d6+5 B x2 20ft
Point Blank Shot: +1 to Hit +1 Dmg within 30ft
Startoss Style: +2 Damage
+1 dmg vs Magical Beasts

CMB: +6

Class & Race Features:

Class Skills: Choose 3 skills. They become Class skills. (Bluff, Sense Motive, Stealth)
Bonus Feats
Bonus Talents
Combat Training (Wisdom)
Martial Tradition: Shield Thrower

Area of Expertise (Cleric Spells)
Adept Activation May take 10 on UMD always except when activating blindly.
Bonus Feat

Favoured Class Bonus (Conscript): +1/6 of a Combat Talent.

+2 Str
Skilled: +1 Skill point per level.
Bonus Feat: Extra feat at 1st level.

Traits, Feats & Spheres:

Fate’s Favored (Faith)
Seasoned Hunter (Campaign) +1 Trait Bonus on Damage rolls vs Magical Beasts.
Gregaro Voth (Legacy) Volume 1 of the Pathfinder Chronicles chronicled Voth’s adventures in the Mwangi Expanse.
Perception is a Class Skill for you and you gain a +2 Legacy Bonus to that Skill.
Voth’s Wayfinder: Magenta Prism (Ioun Stone) +2 Any 1 ability score (can change that ability daily).

Weapon Focus: Shield
Startoss Style (Conscript Bonus)
Muscular Reflexes (Savant Bonus)
Extra Combat Talent (Human Bonus)

Equipment Sphere
-Shield Training (Martial Tradition)
-Throwing Mastery (Martial Tradition)
-Crushing Thrower (Martial Tradition)

Barrage Sphere (Martial Tradition)
-Mobile Focus (Conscript Bonus Talent)

Sniper Sphere (Conscript Combat Training)
-Deadly Shot

Shield Sphere
-Active Defense
-Bashing Shield


Armour Check Penalty: -1

Skill Points: 1x(4 +1 Int +1 Skilled) = 6
Acrobatics: 0 (0 Rank +2 DEX +0 Class -2 ACP)
Bluff: 3 (1 Rank -1 CHA +3 Class)
Climb: 3 (0 Rank +5 STR +0 Class -2 ACP)
Diplomacy: -1 (0 Rank -1 CHA +0 Class)
Disable Device: 0 (Untr) (0 Rank +2 DEX +0 Class -2 ACP)
Escape Artist: 0 (0 Rank +2 DEX +0 Class -2 ACP)
Fly: 0 (0 Rank +2 DEX +0 Class -2 ACP)
Heal: 2 (0 Rank +2 WIS +0 Class)
Intimidate: -1 (0 Rank -1 CHA +0 Class)
Kn Arcana: 1 (Untr) (0 Rank +1 INT +0 Class)
Kn Dungeoneering: 1 (Untr) (0 Rank +1 INT +0 Class)
Kn Local: 1 (Untr) (0 Rank +1 INT +0 Class)
Kn Nature: 5 (Untr) (0 Rank +1 INT +3 Class)
Kn Planes: 1 (Untr) (0 Rank +1 INT +0 Class)
Kn Religion: 1 (Untr) (0 Rank +1 INT +0 Class)
Perception: 8 (1 Rank +2 WIS +3 Class +2 Legacy)
Ride: 0 (0 Rank +2 DEX +0 Class -2 ACP)
Sense Motive: 2 (0 Rank +2 WIS +0 Class)
Spellcraft: 5 (Untr) (1 Rank +1 INT +3 Class)
Stealth: 4 (1 Rank +2 DEX +3 Class -2 ACP)
Survival: 6 (1 Rank +2 WIS +3 Class)
Swim: 7 (1 Rank +5 STR +3 Class -2 ACP)
Use Magic Device: -1 (Untr) (0 Rank -1 CHA +0 Class)

Skill Points: 2
Appraise: 1 (0 Rank +1 INT +0 Class)
Craft: Woodcraft 5 (1 Rank +1 INT +3 Class)
Handle Animal: -1 (Untr) (0 Rank -1 CHA +0 Class)
Kn Engineering: 1 (Untr) (0 Rank +1 INT +0 Class)
Kn Geography: 1 (Untr) (0 Rank +1 INT +0 Class)
Kn History: 1 (Untr) (0 Rank +1 INT +0 Class)
Kn Nobility: 1 (Untr) (0 Rank +1 INT +0 Class)
Linguistics: 1 (Untr) (0 Rank +1 INT +0 Class)
Perform: -1 (0 Rank -1 CHA +0 Class)
Profession: Carpenter 6 (Untr) (1 Rank +2 WIS +3 Class)
Sleight of Hand: 0 (Untr) (0 Rank +2 DEX +0 Class -0 ACP)


Spiked Throwing Heavy Shield - gp (15 lb)
Leather Armor - gp (15 lb)
Knife 2 gp (1 lb)
Canteen 2 gp (1 lb)
Belt Pouch 1 gp (.5 lb)
Backpack 2 gp (2 lb) with
Bedroll .1 gp (5 lb)
Blanket .5 gp (3 lb)
Explorer's Outfit - gp (8 lb)
Soap 0 gp (.5 lb)
Flint and Steel 1 gp (0 lb)
Air Bladder .1 gp (.5 lb)
Acid Flaskx2 - gp (- lb)

Load: 51.5 lb (Light)

6 gp / 3 sp

The Legacy:

Vanji River, Mwangi Expanse, 4699

”This? This is a family treasure!”

Makanaky climbed up his father’s legs until he was safe on his lap, and kept pointing at the wooden box that was on top of one of the shelves. ”Show! Show! Maka see!”

N’kono laughed loudly, showing his teeth which contrasted with his dark skin. ”This is daddy’s treasure” he told his son, who was already pulling the hairs of his beard. ”It was from grandpa before, and from his father even before. And one day it will belong to you!”




Maka turned his head away from his chores and saw his father, carrying a wooden box that was vaguely familiar, waiting for him. ”Yes, father?”

”Come. Let’s go for a walk.”

The two took some time during the walk to talk. They talked about the birds, the river and the fish. They talked about life, and N’kono told his son how proud he was of him. And then he finally gave him the box. ”I haven’t been carrying all the way for nothing, right?” he chuckled. Maka was thrilled, and opened the box right in the spot to find a strange device.

”This, Maka, is the family treasure” explained N’kono. ”Long ago,” he started, ”there was a man from a faraway land who came here. His name was Gregaro. Even your grandpa’s father wasn’t even born when Gregaro was here.” Maka listened to the story, amazed. ”Gregaro was an explorer, and he wandered through the forest and lands of Mwangi. He was a good man, and made many friends here - though he made also some enemies. He was a close ally to the Boruwat, and married a Boruwat woman, Unundi - which happened to be an ancestor of ours.”

Maka was about to explode. He was the descendant of a great hero! His father went on, though.

[b]”But Gregaro was an explorer, and he heard the land’s call. He couldn’t be at one same place too much time, and he left to open up new paths and discover new places. Unundi understood that, and knew she couldn’t retain him.” N’kono’s voice was a bit sad while saying that, thinking about a probable near future where Makanaky would also leave. ”He always came home after his explorations, though, for he loved his Mwangi family, and he left this present here, this device.” He pointed at the item Maka was holding, and explained. ”This, if you discover how to use it, will help you wander around the land. It has been in the family for generations, and some of our ancestors have used it and some others have not. But, in the end, it has always been returned.” N’kono was serious, but drew a light smile in his face. ”It is yours… if you promise to return it home in the end.”

Makanaky didn’t hesitate, and laughed while he answered. ”Yes! Thank you, father!”


Descendant of Gregaro Voth, Maka is quite an adaptable guy. Tall and strong, he is also graceful and intelligent. He’s always liked wandering the land, exploring, and his father knew that when he revealed his family’s Legacy, but his most favored task is helping others. Having Gregaro’s wayfinder on his possession, he felt the urge to go away and put his skills to good use, and eventually he joined the Society. Of course, the old Azlanti homeland was something too amazing to be left aside.

Maka is a nice guy, though his lack of interest in following some established norms and his poor selection of words sometimes get him into trouble. Thankfully, he’s been lucky enough to evade danger for now.