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SP 81/81 HP 69/69 | RP 10/10 | EAC 25; KAC 28 | Fort +7; Ref +6; Will +6 | Init: +3 | Perc: +0, SM: +0


Speed 25 ft., Jump Jets | Active conditions: none


Male CN half orc icon soldier 9

About Madcutta

SFS # 11169-702
Experience 24
Wealth 34,084
Reputation Fame 42
Male half orc soldier 9
Chaotic Neutral medium humanoid (orc, human)
Home Planet Apostae; Deity Groteus
Init +3; Perception +0; dark vision 60 ft.
HP 69; SP 81; RP 10
KAC 28; EAC 25; CMD 36 [Lashunta Ringwear III (Glamer Projector, Jump Jets)]
Fort +7; Ref +6; Will +6
Defensive Abilities orc ferocity; DR 9/-, armored advantage (+1 KAC), armor training
Speed 25 ft., Jump Jets
Base Attack +9; CMB +15
Diplomacy, Ember Flame Doshko +14 (2d8+22 F/crit. wound DC 16; ammo/usage 120/1) Holy weapon fusion mk 2
Ghost Smasha, Tactical Swoop Hammer +14 (1d10+22 B/unwieldy; 10 ft. reach) Ghostkiller weapon fusion mk 5
Friendship, Adamantine Tactical Doshko +14 (1d12+22 P/unwieldy)
● Grenade, Flash MK II +16 (blind 1d4 rds, explode 10 ft./50 ft.; Ref 16)
Snowday, Iceberg Ice Launcher +11 (2d8+19 C/crit. knockdown, unwieldy; 60 ft., ammo 120/3)
Pinkie Pie, Psychic Wave Cannon II +11 (1d12+19/crit. demoralize; 40 ft. cone, ammo 120/4)
SA debilitating attack (Fort 20), grenade expert, heavy fire, melee striker (+3 dmg), weapon specialization (+9/+4)
Offensive Augmentations red dragon wyrmling gland (Ref 15, 3d6 F, 15 ft. cone) [Throat]
Tactics Always using Deadly Aim (-2 attack +4 damage).
Str 23 (+6); Dex 16 (+3); Con 12 (+1), Int 10, Wis 10; Cha 13 (+1)
Feats Weapon Focus (heavy weapons), (bonus combat feat) Versatile Focus, Quick Draw, (bonus combat feat) Deadly Aim, Enhanced Resistance (kinetic), (bonus combat feat) Step Up, Toughness, (bonus combat feat) Step Up and Strike, Close Combat
Skills (36 ranks) acrobatics +14 (8 rnk -1 ACP), athletics +14 (5 rnk -1 ACP), culture +5 (2 rnk), engineering +12 (9 rnk), intimidation +15 (9 rnk +2 racial), profession (gladiator) +5 (1 rnk + 1 theme), survival +7 (2 rnk +2 racial)
Languages Common, Orc, Drow, Jinsul
Other Abilities intimidating (+2 intimidate), self sufficient (+2 survival), primary fighting style (bombard), secondary fighting style (guard)
Augmentations MK 2 Synaptic Accelerators upgrade (+4 Str) [Personal], Society Subdermal Graft [Hand]

Lashunta Ringwear III, Jump Jets, Glamer Projector, Tactical Swoop Hammer, Ghost Killer Weapon Fusion MK 5, Tactical Doshko, Adamantine Alloy, Emberflame Doshko, Zeizerer Munitions Ultra Capacity Battery, Holy Weapon Fusion MK 2, Psychic Wave Cannon II, Zeizerer Munitions Ultra Capacity Battery, Ice Launcher, Iceberg, Zeizerer Munitions Ultra Capacity Battery, Spell Thrower Weapon Fusion MK 4, Spell Gem (supercharge) (x2), Efficient Bandolier (hybrid), Gear Clamps (x2), Titanium Line (100 ft.), Detonator, Personal Comm, Everyday Clothes, Industrial Backpack



A towering brick house of throbbing muscle enhanced by chemical supplements, the half orc athlete scowls at his opponents with a sneering tusked promise of violence. His skin is a dark olive green, visible with scars that he proudly displays from his adventures with the Society and in the sports field. The sides of his head is shaven plainly and on the same level while his upper vibrant purple hair is shaved and molded into a mohawk. He sports little clothes, wearing fur lined calf length boots, Flash Gordon silver underpants, and a brown fur cloak skinned from an uplifted bear opponent that he personally cut down. The few clothes and lack of armor is misleading. Beneath this glamer is a suit of ringwear heavy armor, equipped with technological armor augmentations.

Armed with an assortment of weapons, he is often found carrying a flaming doshko that glows with heaven’s light. Many are confused when the weapon seems to sing celestial hymns as he brings it crashing down upon their heads.

He enjoys nothing better than mindless violence, intoxication, and eating red meat, and killing is an end in itself. He is arrogant and self-centered, focusing almost solely on his own pleasures, although he proudly lives up to the letter of his promises – but always no more or no less than what he promised. He is surprisingly afraid of skittermanders, curses, and ghosts. He doesn't like scary movies.


Madcutta is from the drow world of Apostae, a famed athlete in their murder ball games and a member of the Knights of Golarion. When not maiming and killing his opponents in the game field, the half orc can be found working with the Starfinder Society, bringing his appetite for destruction to the Society's opponents.

Scenarios Completed (in order):

1-7 The Solar Sortie
Quest: Into the Unknown
1-1 Commencement
1-9 Live Exploration Extreme
1-10 Half Alive Streets
1-12 Ashes of Discovery
1-11 In Pursuit of the Scoured Past
1-14 Star Sugar Heartlove
1-13 On the Trail of History
1-16 Dreaming of the Future
1-20 Duskmire Accord 9
1-18 Blackmoon Survey
1-19 To Conquer the Dragon
1-21 Yesteryear Sorrow
1-23 Return to Sender
1-25 Beacon Code Dliemma
1-26 Truth of the Seeker
1-27 King Xeros of Star Azlant
1-29 Honorbound Emissaries
1-35 Rasheen Riches
1-37 Siege of Civility
Into the Perlexity, the Second Trial
1.38 The Many Minds of Historia
1.39 The Herald's War

Slotted Boons:

[Faction] Exoguard Champion
[Personal] Stain of Perplexity
[Ally] Duskmire Allegiance: Sparklemane, the unicorn of the Duskmire, has shown some interest in your ongoing well-being.
[Starship] Ghost Ship - Ferryman's Oar
[Social] Knight of Golarion Affiliation: The Knights of Golarion have noticed your actions and offered you their support. You hold the unofficial title of "knight errant" and are expected to act with honor while performing your Starfinder Society duties.
[Slotless] Ghibran Linguist: So long as you have this boon, all your Starfinder Society characters have access to Ghibran language and can select it anytime they would learn a new language.
[Slotless] Explorer's Perseverance: By discovering Jelev Rasheen's beacon, you've uncovered the first step taken in this legendary explorer's final voyage.
[Slotless] Jinsul Linguist: So long as you have this boon, all your Starfinder Society characters have access to Jinsul language and can select it anytime they would learn a new language.
[Slotless] Private Vault: The staff of the Common Vaults provide you with a reasonable space of your own within the Communion Vaults.
[Slotless] Starfinder Insignia: Venture-Captain Arvin presented you with a commemorative insignia in gratitude for your services to the Starfinder Society.
[Slotless] Triunite Techotheurgy: You have performed a service for the church of Triune, and the faithful are willing to return the favor at a future date.