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Full Name

Rattigan "Mad Snack" Sunborn




Soldier 2







Special Abilities









Common, Vesk, Ysoki



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Character Sheet

Strength 18
Dexterity 12
Constitution 10
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 11
Charisma 10

About Mad Snack

As a young child, Rattigan was rescued from a warehouse fire by a good Samaritan. Sadly, Rattigan’s family, who had been homeless and squatting in the warehouse at the time, perished in the catastrophic blaze. Taken in by his savior, Rattigan became something of a household pet to his new vesk masters. He was cleaned up, fed, and cared for, but his new family invested little more love and emotion to the strange and furry creature than a man might for his dog. Young Rattigan didn’t see it that way, however. Despite being nicknamed “snack” he was proud to be part of such a strong, noble family that—insofar as he could tell—truly cared for him. Rattigan grew to love his masters as true family, much like he loved his ysoki parents, brothers, and sisters.

As with many vesk households, martial training was an everyday part of life. Much to his adoptive family’s amusement, Rattigan attempted to emulate them in their daily exercises, their lifestyle, and their martial methods. Despite nearly losing their pet several times, Rattigan’s masters were impressed by the small creature’s tenacity, and so they let him continue his training, even encouraging him whenever he appeared to be on the verge of failure (all the while placing bets on whether he would persevere).

It wasn’t until one of Rattigan’s “big brothers” went too far in taunting the young ysoki’s recent failures, that his family began to take him seriously. By the time, the remaining three brothers could pull Rattigan off their eldest sibling, the brute had already been choked out. Rattigan was henceforth dubbed “Mad Snack.” His brothers gave him his very own doshko, and began to train with him in earnest.

The five brothers would go on to be mercenaries, each earning reputations as deadly warriors, reaping much honor in their family’s name. Every bit as strong and ferocious as his larger siblings, Rattigan nevertheless remained relatively unknown, constantly overshadowed by his brother’s exploits and acclaim—even as he helped them to meet their success. His brothers were often reckless though, and one by one they fell. Rattigan lost each of his vesk brothers to violence and death. When the last died, the rest of Rattigan’s adopted family forgot about him, affectively abandoning him in their grief. Some even blamed him.

Rattigan set out in self-imposed exile, seeking out a way to heal his broken family. Eager to honor the memory of his big brothers, he continued to seek out and obtain ever greater honors in the name of his vesk family. In this, he hoped not only to honor the memory of those lost, but also that his parents would take notice of his exploits, and once again remember their fifth son, finally seeing him as one of their own.