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Hi there,

The spell "Pouncing fury" does different things depending on the source (Blood of the Beasts versus Ultimate Wilderness). What is going on, and which spell is the "accepted" version?

Thanks in advance

As an example, here is a post in my PbP (playing Hell's Rebels)


"I can have a look and see what they are" I say about the potions, clearly distracted, while I give the tengus a hard look. The Harrow cards they are playing are clearly form my family's shop, but how did they get them? I still think there is something amiss in this situation.

I fidget aound the room, trying to recall if I know the name Nu mentioned. When I see the bag on the floor, I point towards it and ask "And this? Whose is it and what is it doing here?

(I had to translate it, as I play in Spanish, but I hope it showcases our narrative style.)

Joana wrote:

To me, PbP is like writing a story cooperatively. Unlike an in-person game, you're leaving a written record that reads like a story, so it makes sense to use third-person since there are usually four to six main characters performing actions and saying things. Most books written in first-person have a single narrator so there's very little confusion about who "I" is.

I guess that makes sense. We have pictures of our characters next to every post we make, so seeing who "I is" has never been an issue.

It's interesting to hear from your perspective/experience.

In our case we have the discussion of our stuff (non-roleplay) through Telegram (messaging app) so in that case, I always talk about my character in the third person. So then I would indeed say something like "Serena is taking this spell for her new level"

The actual PbP though is kept exclusively in the first person (even when making notes to the GM normally).

Hi there,

I am a player of a PbP campaign (although not hosted on this website). After a while, it felt weird to me saying stuff like "Serena (my character) does this or that". So I informed the GM and the other two players that I wanted to experiment writing in the first person. They all loved it and that's what we (except the GM) have been doing for months.

Aside from this one PbP campaign, I mostly roleplay in person, which is why I think it felt odd to talk about my character in the third person. I "am" the character, and role-play as the character. Writing in the third person was "blocking" me from effectively feeling like I was in character.

Has anyone else ever had this issue/feeling?

How do you prefer to post: in the third or first person? (or something else)

For anyone with the same question, I have now found this specific rule, it's on page 8 (and not on the Bestiary section like I was looking for).

VoodistMonk wrote:

They are exactly what they were before. That same book explains that there is no simple template for creating First World monsters, you simply add arms or wings or 10-20HD, and call it good.

A troll is still a troll, a dinosaur is still a dinosaur, etc.

I created "drelves", a half-elf half-drow. I did this because in my homebrewed world elves and drow are not antagonistic towards each other, and I figured eventually a mixed race would happen.

Hi there,

I have a question I have not managed to find in the books. The First World has prototype versions of the plants and animals of the Material Plane. Are they also considered plants and animals? Are they magical plants (?) and magical beasts?. Are they fey/something else?

What creature type/subtype should I consider creatures I create in the First World?

Excerpt from page 66 of Sound of a Thousand Screams:
"Nearly every creature that has ever existed on the Material Plane still has a prototype within the First World, many with strange traits that never made it into the final design. In the First World, wolves might have tentacles, birds reptilian tails, or badgers giraffe-like necks to steal honey from the hives of intelligent bees."

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for all of the insight folks!

Dragon78 wrote:

Milani human? you mean a human who worships Milani?

Yeah, sorry, my bad.

Playing Pathfinder 1E in two groups, and we have no plans to ever switch to 2E honestly.

In one campaign we are playing Kingmaker and I play a half-orc druid. In the other campaign (this one a play by post), we are playing Hells Rebels, and I am playing a Milani human inquisitor, with a bit of harrowing on the side...

Aside from that, I'm working on a homebrew campaign using Pathfinder 1E rules & content :D

Dragon78 wrote:

Okay, I remember them now. So many good ideas that just get ignored, forgotten, or just plain retconned.

Indeed, it's such a pity. I guess that's where a lot of third party content comes in handy, but it's not quite the same.

I don't have the answer to the question, I actually have exactly the same questions as Tattoogeek, so bumping this thread (and the other one mentioned) up and hoping for an answer :)

I don't have the answer to the question, I actually have exactly the same questions as Tattoogeek, so bumping this thread up and hoping for an answer :)

I'd love to see what people have done in terms of conjuration (healing) & shadow conjuration.

Time elementals sound cool!

Kind of disappointed that there are things left forgotten. It could be a great thing for Pazio to have a table of features that were never developed: a writer is stuck/lacks inspiration -> hey, have a look at these features that we never fully built.

Root leshys are mentioned on page 86 of Blood for Blood (Kingmaker 4).

"Among the best known are superstitious gourd leshys, clever root leshys, and wary leaf leshys, though others are rumored to exist."

However, to my knowledge, this is the only mention of root leshys, despite them being one of the "best known" types of leshys. Have their stats been released somewhere?

Thanks in advance!

Oh, of course, I forgot about it, thanks Jeff!


I am a tad confused about badger attacks.

The confusion comes from the badger (bestiary 2). The badger has 0 BAB, yet both of the badger's natural attacks have a +1 to hit:
Melee bite +1 (1d3), 2 claws +1 (1d2)

Are these attacks assuming the badger has already entered into a blood rage, thus gaining a +2 strength, which would add a +1 to their attacks? If not, is this an errata?

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for your responses Omelas & PCScipio.

I wrote a new thread a day and a half ago in the Recruitment forum, but for some reason, it has not been "accepted/published". My post count in my profile shows 3 messages, meaning it has been "received" so maybe looking for a game that way is not allowed after all.

I had a look at your game Omelas, and I think I'll submit one of the characters I've had in mind for your game. Thank you very much for bringing your game into attention (and for making a space for PbB newbies).

In regards to PFS, I'm not quite into the idea, but I may do it if I don't manage to get in any other group. Thanks for the suggestion though.

That's awesome, thanks for your reply. I am glad to know I wouldn't be breaking any rules :D

I did have a look at the "open applications" thread, but I have several ideas for characters, which may fit different campaigns better or worse, so, for the time being, I think I prefer to advertise "myself" rather than a specific character.

I'm off to posting about myself, the characters I like to play, and the stuff I would love to be part of.

Thanks again!

Hello everyone,

I've been playing Pathfinder (and D&D) for a few years, but I've never done PbP. I prefer Pathfinder over D&D, but unfortunately, I only know one Pathfinder GM, and our game is scheduled once every four months on average... So I have decided to take this matter into my own hands and seek a PbP game.

I have been looking for suitable games, but the one I was keen to join doesn't seem to be recruiting anymore (in the last post the GM said the decision was being made). I thought about making a "player seeking Pathfinder 1E adventure". However, in this thread someone mentioned that it may not be the place to do it, so I figured I would ask :)

So: can I make a "looking for game" post if there's nothing available?