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Full Name

Lukas Halvson




Oracle/1 | HP: 9/9 | AC: 15/11/14 | CMB/D: +2/13 | F/R/W: 1/1/2 | Init: +1 | Perc: +6












Common, Elven, Skald

About Lukas Halvson


Lukas Halvson is a lean, tall youth with white-blonde hair and a dusky complexion. He often is seen sporting a half-healed cut or burn somewhere or another from his days at a forge, but despite Savah’s concerns (well hidden beneath her remarks that he simply fears losing his ‘pretty boy looks’), he leaves his hair long and braided, claiming that he can’t let his Ma have all the fun with his face. He's currently hoping enough of his father came through for a beard; there's little sign, but hope springs internal! After a few years in Sandpoint, Lukas got a tattoo of a linnorm twined in a circle on his left shoulder; he hasn't decided what to get for his other half yet.

Lukas is overall a cheerful person and rarely seen without a smile, a surprise to some who know of how he came to be in Sandpoint. He tends to brush off such concerns with a smile and wave, saying, “It’s all good now, so no need to be all weepy now, eh?” Lukas is slow to anger and swift to please, and rare to turn aside a request unless it conflicts with a previous pledge of assistance, something he can be overtly apologetic for at times. However, it’s rare that the arrival of Shalelu in Sandpoint or a sudden work order from Savah won’t cause him to drop everything and dash off, begging forgiveness and leaving promises to make it up. Most of the rest of Sandpoint simply smiles and waves him off at this point; he’s a good boy, and they know where his loyalty lies.

In another life, Lukas may have been one of the most famed steel-smiths of Northern Avistan. Born of the son of a fairly renowned smith, Harald Tongson, and Miriel Cuyarin, the daughter of an elven merchant, Lukas was apprenticed to the Tongson Smithy before he could walk. Thankfully, the boy took an interest in metal-work early on in life, and as quickly as he soaked in the lessons his father could teach him of the forge, it seemed inevitable that he would surpass his father’s talents. Then came that fateful night, when a remorseful Miriel informed Harald that the family had an emergency of sorts in the lowlands, and would be leaving in short order. She had great hopes of returning, however, and after much convincing; Harald gave a tearful blessing for her departure. It was only the morning after upon awakening that he learned Miriel had included Lukas in her travels.

Lukas knew nothing of this, only that ‘they were going away for a while’ and that he would see his father again ‘soon enough’. The small town they eventually settled in, Crying Leaf, seemed nice enough, if a little warmer than he liked, and the smithies were not nearly as welcoming as the ones back home. But it was only for a short time, his mother told him, and then they’d all be home again. For a while, Lukas could believe it. Then the Dark Ones came, and with swords and fire left Lukas bleeding in the ruins of the small house his family had claimed, their bodies strewn about him. The noise of the slaughter attracted a nearby scout to investigate, only to find the raiding group being fended off by an ethereal Ulfen warrior. With the dark ones distracted, the scout was easily able to pick off the intruders, and with a ghostly escort, make it safely back to friendly lines. Though her appearances were few and far between in the days of the fighting to come, Lukas’ few solid memories of that time all held the sight of the tall blonde elf, be it bringing him something to eat, bringing him along on short patrols, or simply sitting alongside him in comforting silence when the nights grew long and shadows dark with horrors. When the dark times faded, and the elf who’d served as his quiet guardian offered to take him with her, Lukas followed without a thought.

The following years, thankfully, were much kinder to the growing half-elf. Settling down in Sandpoint, he was able to find a role in the community as an apprentice, and shortly thereafter an assistant to Savah Bevaniky at her armory. Between his working there and the precious few times the smithy Das Korvut will put up with him, he’d quickly returned to his prior form at the forge, and if between hammer blows he sometimes caught himself singing a half-forgotten verse in Skald, or chatting to someone unseen over his shoulder, well, most excuse it as an expected oddly for a boy with his sort of unpleasantness in his past. But there is certainly good in these times as well, not the least of when Shalelu’s meandering travels take her through Sandpoint once again, and him out into the wilds of Sandpoint’s Hinterlands in her footsteps. While it’s rarely more than a week before he returns to the day to day of smith working back in Sandpoint, he can’t help but wonder what lies beyond the patrols paths he travels with his mentor. He thinks of the tales the smithies told back in Ivarstead, how one could walk the whole of Golarion and never find better steel among men. He imagines taking that step beyond the Hinterlands, to prove those boasts true. Who knows, maybe someday…


Lukas Halvson
Half-Elf Oracle 1
CG Medium Humanoid (elf, human)
Init +1; Senses low-light vision; Perception +6
AC 15, touch 11, flat-footed 14 (+3 armor, +1 shield, +1 Dex)
hp 9 (1d8+1)
Fort +1, Ref +1, Will +2; +2 vs. enchantments
Immune magic sleep; Resist elven immunities
Weakness oracle's curses (haunted)
Speed 20 ft.
Melee Light Shield Bash -2 (1d3+2/x2) and
. . Shortspear +2 (1d6+2/x2)
Ranged Light crossbow +1 (1d8/19-20/x2)
Oracle Spells Known (CL 1):
1 (4/day) Protection from Evil, Bless, Cure Light Wounds
0 (at will) Stabilize, Mending, Mage Hand, Ghost Sound (DC 13), Detect Magic, Guidance
Str 15, Dex 12, Con 13, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 16
Base Atk +0; CMB +2; CMD 13
Feats Prodigy (Craft [armor], Craft [weapons]), Skill Focus (Perception)
Traits Hero Worship (Shalelu) (Ex), Mentored (Craft [armor])
Skills Acrobatics -2 (-6 jump), Climb -1, Craft (armor) +8, Craft (weapons) +7, Escape Artist -2, Fly -2, Knowledge (local) +5, Knowledge (nature) +5, Perception +6, Perform (sing) +4, Ride -2, Stealth -2, Swim -1; Racial Modifiers +2 Perception
Languages Common, Elven, Skald
SQ elf blood, mysteries (ancestor), revelations (sacred council [3/day])
Other Gear Studded Leather Armor, Light steel shield, Light crossbow, Shortspear, Artisan's tools (Craft [armor]), Artisan's tools (Craft [weapons]), Backpack (13 @ 39 lbs), Bedroll, Belt pouch (2 @ 1 lbs), Candle (10), Flint and steel, Pot, Rope, Trail rations (7), Waterskin (2), Whetstone, 34 GP, 8 SP
Special Abilities
Elf Blood You are counted as both elven and human for any effect relating to race.
Elven Immunities +2 save bonus vs Enchantments.
Elven Immunities - Sleep You are immune to magic sleep effects.
Haunted Retrieving stored gear is a Standard action or worse, dropped items land 10' away.
Hero Worship (Shalelu) (Ex) +1 to AC vs attacks of opportunity. +1 vs foes threatening hero.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Mentored (Craft [armor]) +1 to skill checks when making an aid another roll.
Prodigy (Craft [armor], Craft [weapons]) Gain a +2 bonus on two Craft, Perform, or Profession skills.
Sacred Council (3/day) (Su) As a move action, you can call upon your ancestors to provide council. This advice grants you a +2 bonus on any one d20 roll. This effect lasts for 1 round. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Charisma bonus.

'A Brief Consultation':

Lukas sighed at with a disbelieving smile, waved a hand over the tattered hide in front of him. “And just what, do you suppose, am I supposed to make of that?”

Ostog shook his head. “Mayhaps a cleaning rag? May well be of more use to the lass than what she’s asking.” Lukas raised an eyebrow at the hulking figure behind him, only to get an unapologetic shrug in return. “Don’t know what else to tell you, lad. I’m fair certain the leavings of wolves would give you more to work with than this.” He fired an unimpressed look back towards the front of the shop, where the subject of his grating was examining a finely crafted set of throwing daggers. “Most you might be able to make from this mess is a mistake.”

Lukas chuckled, tracing a line along the more tattered edges. “Maybe Larz has some scraps I can borrow to help fill this out…”

“Or you could just get a decent piece of leatherwork from him and fix it in the pricing son, like Savah told you? Why are you trying so hard to use this waste?” Ostag interjected loudly. Lukas hazarded a glance over his shoulder, but Savah and her customer hadn’t flinched. He reached out for his knife and tapped against wood. Turning, he saw said knife to see it a good foot away from where he’d set in, under Ostag’s thumb. Lukas began to step forward only to have Ostag raise a hand. “Answer the question, lad.”

Lukas smiled lightly. “That's Tanjah, you know, old man Viskalai’s daughter? This was from her first hunting trip, she got a fire-pelt, and she wants something for her pa out of it. I told her I’d make it something special, you know?”

Ostag shook his head again, more warmly this time. “You keep your oaths true enough, lad. Just wish you’d sometimes bite off a bit less, you understand?” Tossing the blade back, the larger man walked forward and began gesturing to the hide himself. “Now look, you can’t expect to be making a full set of bracers out of this, it’s too torn up. Whoever skinned this should be taken to task for the waste. But there’s good fur here, and here. Now, you could fix up a good trim from that, you’ll just need some more hide to work it onto. Get it from Larz, and we’ll work out the rest, aye lad?”

Lukas eyes lit up. “Of course, why didn’t I think of that? Then we can…”

“All good in here, Lukas?”

The half-elf jerked around to see Savah leaning against the doorway, looking about to see that yes, it was just him back here. Her eyes softened a bit, before repeating, “Need a hand with anything?”

Lukas grinned sheepishly, running a hand across the back of his head. “Well, actually, I could use about six square of deer hide from Larz, if we could get that today. Any chance you can send a runner?”

Savah nodded and eased her shoulder from the entry, glancing about once more before heading back out. “No problem, Luke. Just yell if anything else comes up.”

Lukas leaned back against the work bench and chuckled lightly, before turning around and beginning to mark out his first cuts on the hide. He reached again for his knife, glad to feel this time it was where he’d left it, and as his traced along the first planned cut, muttered to the empty room, “I’d of figured that out before much longer, you know. But thanks.”