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Full Name

Luc-ie the pup monkey


AC 15, touch 14, flat-footed 13 (+2 Dex, +1 natural, +2 size) hp 19/19, F+1, R+3, W +3

Strength 7
Dexterity 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14
Charisma 10

About Luc-ie

Ninefingers the Monkey Puppet
LN (see below) Tiny construct
Init +6; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +5


AC 15, touch 14, flat-footed 13 (+2 Dex, +1 natural, +2 size)
hp 19 (3d10+3)
Fort +1, Ref +3, Will +3
DR 2/magic; Immune construct traits
Weaknesses susceptible to mind-affecting effects


Speed 20 ft.
Melee dagger +3 (1d2–2/19–20)
Space 1 ft.; Reach 1 ft.

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 3rd, concentration +2)
Special Attacks battle rage (6/day), hatred, sun's blessing
Spell-Like Abilities Battle Rage (6/day)

Cleric Spells Prepared (CL 2):
Once per day: Suggestion Or find a level 3 spell that suits you better.
1 (3/day) Divine Favor, Bless, Protection from Evil, Magic Weapon
0 (at will) Read Magic, Create Water, Detect Magic, Vigor


Str 7, Dex 14, Con --, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 10
Base Atk +3; CMB +3; CMD 11
Feats: Improved Initiative, Toughness Selective Channeling
Traits: Courageous,
Skills Perception +3, Stealth +13
Heal: 7, (1R,3CS, 3Ab, 0 M)
Know- Planes: 4 (1R, 3CS, 0 Ab, 0 M)
Know - Relgion: 4 (1R, 3CS, 0 Ab, 0 M)
Spellcraft: 4 (1R, 3CS, 0 Ab, 0 M))
Languages Common, Dwarven
SQ alignment variation, soul focus cleric channel positive energy 1d6 (5/day) (dc 13), domains (sun, war), greed, Selective Channeling, spontaneous casting, stonecunning +2


Alignment Variation (Ex) <<<Don and Dimitrio won't get this, but all casters should look at level 3 spells. If your alignment is listed, you can use the spell here if you like, or look for one of similar power that you think better expresses who your character is. Artegal might manifest the ability to cast Archon's Aura, for example.

Soulbound dolls are at least partially neutral in alignment, although they can also be chaotic, evil, good, or lawful. They have an alignment-dependent spell-like ability usable once per day as listed below.

Chaotic Neutral: rage
Lawful Neutral: suggestion (DC 12)
Neutral: deep slumber (DC 12)
Neutral Evil: inflict serious wounds (DC 12)
Neutral Good: heroism
Susceptible to Mind-Affecting Effects (Ex)

The weakened conviction of a soulbound doll’s soul makes it susceptible to mind-affecting effects, despite the fact that it is a construct.

Soul Focus (Su)

The soul bound to the doll lives within a focus integrated into the doll or its apparel, typically one of the doll’s eyes or a gem embedded into its neck or chest. As long as this soul focus remains intact, it can be used to animate another doll, using the same cost as creating a new construct. Once bound into the soul focus, the soul continues to learn, and so if later it is put into a new doll body, the soul retains its personality and memories from its previous body or bodies. A soul focus has hardness 8, 12 hit points, and a break DC of 20

Special Abilities:
Aura: (Ex) The Cleric has an aura corresponding to his deity's alignment.
Battle Rage: (6/day) (Sp) Grant +1 to a melee damage rolls.
Cleric Channel Positive Energy 1d6 (5/day) (DC 13) (Su) Positive energy heals the living and harms the undead; negative has the reverse effect.
Cleric Domain (Sun) Granted Powers: You see truth in the pure and burning light of the sun, and can call upon its blessing or wrath to work great deeds.
Cleric Domain (War) Granted Powers: You are a crusader for your god, always ready and willing to fight to defend your faith.
Courageous: +2 save vs. fear.
Darkvision (60 feet): You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Defensive Training +4: Gain a dodge bonus to AC vs monsters of the Giant subtype.
Greed +2: to Appraise checks to determine the price of nonmagical goods that contain precious metals or gemstones.
Hatred +1: Gain a racial bonus to attacks vs Goblinoids/Orcs.
Selective Channeling: When you channel energy, you can choose a number of targets in the area up to your Charisma modifier. These targets are not affected by your channeled energy.
Spontaneous Casting: The Cleric can convert stored spells into Cure or Inflict spells.
Stonecunning +2: +2 bonus to Perception vs unusual stonework. Free check within 10 feet.
Sun's Blessing (Su): +2 to channel damage vs. undead and they don't get channel resistance.

Gear from shop
1 bag of marbles
1 bag of jacks and rubber ball
8 oil pots, tar rags
flint and steel
toy sword thrown to Donovan
Twine and chisel for grappling hook
2 or 3 silver needles