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Full Name

Lorien Lightbringer



HP 11/1 Ini+2 Sp30" Ac 17 T12 FF15 F5 R2 W 5 Per+3


Cleric (Herald Caller) 1







Special Abilities

Channel positive energy 2d6 6/day DC 16


Neutral Good






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Strength 10
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 16
Charisma 16

About Lorien Lightbringer


Name: Lorien Lightbringer
Race: Aasimar (Scion of Humanity)
Job: Herald Caller (Cleric) 1
Age: 24
Alignment: NG
Favorite foods:
Physical Description:
Deity: Desna
Languages: Common


Hit Points: 11 / 11 1d8+2+1
Init: +2

Melee: 0 = 0(base) + 0(STR);
Range: 2 = 0(base) + 2(DEX);
CMB: 0 = 0(base) + 0(STR);
CMD: 12 = 10 + 0(base) + 0(STR) + 2(DEX);

AC: 16 = 10+ 4(Armour) +2(Dex);
Touch: 12 = 10 + 2(Dex);
Flat: 14 = 10 + 4(Armour)
Fort: 5 = 2(base) + 2(CON) +1 trait
Ref: 2 = 0(base) + 2(DEX)
Will: 5 = 2(base) + 3(WIS)
CI Scimitar +6 1d6+3 18-20/x2
AL SI Battle A +6 1d6+2

Class Features, Racial Traits:

Class Features:
Weapon and Armor Proficiency
Clerics are proficient with all simple weapons, light armor. Clerics are also proficient with the favored weapon of their deities.

Aura (Ex)
A cleric of a chaotic, evil, good, or lawful deity has a particularly powerful aura corresponding to the deity’s alignment (see detect evil for details).

A cleric casts divine spells which are drawn from the cleric spell list. Her alignment, however, may restrict her from casting certain spells opposed to her moral or ethical beliefs; see Chaotic, Evil, Good, and Lawful Spells. A cleric must choose and prepare her spells in advance.

To prepare or cast a spell, a cleric must have a Wisdom score equal to at least 10 + the spell level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a cleric’s spell is 10 + the spell level + the cleric’s Wisdom modifier.

Like other spellcasters, a cleric can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. Her base daily spell allotment is given on Table: Cleric. In addition, she receives bonus spells per day if she has a high Wisdom score (see Table: Ability Modifiers and Bonus Spells).

Clerics meditate or pray for their spells. Each cleric must choose a time at which she must spend 1 hour each day in quiet contemplation or supplication to regain her daily allotment of spells. Time spent resting has no effect on whether a cleric can prepare spells. A cleric may prepare and cast any spell on the cleric spell list, provided that she can cast spells of that level, but she must choose which spells to prepare during her daily meditation.

Chaotic, Evil, Good, and Lawful Spells A cleric can’t cast spells of an alignment opposed to her own or her deity’s (if she has one). Spells associated with particular alignments are indicated by the chaotic, evil, good, and lawful descriptors in their spell descriptions.

Clerics can prepare a number of orisons, or 0-level spells, each day, as noted on Table: Cleric under “Spells per day.” These spells are treated like any other spell, but they are not expended when cast and may be used again.

Channel Energy 1d6 / 8 x day/ DC 14
Regardless of alignment, any cleric can release a wave of energy by channeling the power of her faith through her holy (or unholy) symbol. This energy can be used to cause or heal damage, depending on the type of energy channeled and the creatures targeted.

A good cleric (or a neutral cleric who worships a good deity) channels positive energy and can choose to deal damage to undead creatures or to heal living creatures. An evil cleric (or a neutral cleric who worships an evil deity) channels negative energy and can choose to deal damage to living creatures or to heal undead creatures. A neutral cleric of a neutral deity (or one who is not devoted to a particular deity) must choose whether she channels positive or negative energy. Once this choice is made, it cannot be reversed. This decision also determines whether the cleric can cast spontaneous cure or inflict spells (see spontaneous casting).

Channeling energy causes a burst that affects all creatures of one type (either undead or living) in a 30-foot radius centered on the cleric. The amount of damage dealt or healed is equal to 1d6 points of damage plus 1d6 points of damage for every two cleric levels beyond 1st (2d6 at 3rd, 3d6 at 5th, and so on). Creatures that take damage from channeled energy receive a Will save to halve the damage. The DC of this save is equal to 10 + 1/2 the cleric’s level + the cleric’s Charisma modifier. Creatures healed by channel energy cannot exceed their maximum hit point total—all excess healing is lost. A cleric may channel energy a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier. This is a standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. A cleric can choose whether or not to include herself in this effect.
A cleric must be able to present her holy symbol to use this ability.

Domain: TRAVEL
Granted Powers:
You are an explorer and find enlightenment in the simple joy of travel, be it by foot or conveyance or magic. Increase your base speed by 10 feet.

Agile Feet (Su):
As a free action, you can gain increased mobility for 1 round. For the next round, you ignore all difficult terrain and do not take any penalties for moving through it. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Dimensional Hop (Sp):
At 8th level, you can teleport up to 10 feet per cleric level per day as a move action. This teleportation must be used in 5-foot increments and such movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. You must have line of sight to your destination to use this ability. You can bring other willing creatures with you, but you must expend an equal amount of distance for each creature brought.

Domain Spells:
1st—longstrider, 2nd—locate object, 3rd—fly, 4th—dimension door, 5th—teleport, 6th—find the path, 7th—greater teleport, 8th—phase door, 9th—astral projection.

Spontaneous Casting
A good cleric (or a neutral cleric of a good deity) can channel stored spell energy into healing spells that she did not prepare ahead of time. The cleric can “lose” any prepared spell that is not an orison or domain spell in order to cast any cure spell of the same spell level or lower (a cure spell is any spell with “cure” in its name).

Skill Ranks per Level:
4 + Int modifier. This alters the cleric’s class skills.

Dedicated Summoner
A herald caller depends on summoned allies to overcome her foes, which affords her little experience with the martial pursuits typical of other clerics and a narrower spiritual focus. A herald caller can choose only one domain from her deity’s list of domains, rather than the normal two domains, and she doesn’t gain proficiency with medium armor or shields.

Call Heralds (Su)
A herald caller can channel stored spell energy into summoning spells that she hasn’t prepared ahead of time. She can lose a prepared spell in order to cast any summon monster spell of the same level or lower. She gains a +1 bonus on concentration checks to cast a summon monster spell defensively. This bonus increases to +2 at 5th level, and increases by 1 every 5 cleric levels thereafter.

Divine Heralds (Su)
A herald caller can use summon monster spells only to summon creatures particularly appropriate to her deity. This includes all creatures listed as summon monster options for priests of her deity (see Expanded Summoning for Clerics), creatures whose alignment matches at least one aspect of her deity’s alignment, and creatures of an elemental subtype that matches a domain granted by the deity (if any). When summoning a creature that is normally summoned with the celestial or fiendish template, a herald caller of a chaotic deity can instead summon it with the entropic template, and a herald caller of a lawful deity can instead summon it with the resolute template.
Because of these summoned monsters’ strong ties to the herald caller’s deity, the herald caller also gains specific benefits with creatures she summons with summon monster spells gained from her cleric spell list. The herald caller and her summoned monsters can understand each other’s spoken words as if they shared a common language (though this doesn’t give summoned monsters the ability to speak if they normally lack it). Whenever the herald caller uses channel energy to heal, she can include all of her summoned monsters, even if they are out of her normal channel energy radius or of a creature type that would not normally be affected. If she channels energy to deal damage, she can exclude any of her summoned monsters that would normally be affected.

Mighty Heralds:
At 4th level, a herald caller receives Augment Summoning as a bonus feat, and is considered to have Spell Focus (conjuration) for the purposes of prerequisites for feats that have Augment Summoning as a prerequisite (such as Evolved Summoned Monster on page 146 of the Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide). At 8th level, she gains Superior Summoning (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Magic 157) as a bonus feat.
Racial Traits:
+2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma: Aasimars are insightful, confident, and personable.
Scion of Humanity
Some aasimars’ heavenly ancestry is extremely distant. An aasimar with this racial trait counts as an outsider (native) and a humanoid (human) for any effect related to race, including feat prerequisites and spells that affect humanoids. She can pass for human without using the Disguise skill. This racial trait replaces the Celestial language and alters the native subtype..
Normal Speed: Aasimars have a base speed of 30 feet.
Darkvision: Aasimars can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Skilled: Aasimars have a +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy and Perception checks. Aasimars of specific bloodlines (see below) gain a +2 bonus on different skill checks as indicated.
Spell-Like Ability: Aasimars can use daylight once per day as a spell-like ability (with a caster level equal to the aasimar’s character level). Aasimars of specific bloodlines (see below) gain other spell-like abilities in place of daylight.
Celestial Resistance: Aasimars have acid resistance 5, cold resistance 5, and electricity resistance 5.
Languages: Aasimars begin play speaking Common. Aasimars with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following languages: Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Halfling, and Sylvan.

Feats, Traits,Skills:

Selective Channeling
When you channel energy, you can choose a number of targets in the area up to your Charisma modifier. These targets are not affected by your channeled energy.
Celestial Contact (Aasimar)
Witnessing a celestial intervention by your ancestor or a similar being inspired you with the power of good. Treat your caster level as 1 higher when you cast spells with the good descriptor.
HC 4 +INT = 4 * (4) = 4 + 2 BGS
ACP = 0 //Armour Check Penalty
Acrobatics: 0 = 0 + DEX Mod + 0 - ACP;
*Appraise: 0 = 0 + INT Mod + 0;
*Bluff: 3 = 0 + CHA Mod + 0;
Climb: -1 = 0 + STR Mod + 0 -ACP;
*Diplomacy: 7 = 1 + CHA Mod + 3
Disable Device: NA = NA + DEX Mod + 0 -ACP;
Disguise: 3 = 0 + CHA Mod + 0;
Escape Artist: 0 = 0 + DEX Mod + 0 - ACP;
Handle Animal: 3 = 0 + CHA Mod + 0;
Heal: 7 = 1 + WIS Mod + 3;
Intimidate: 3 = 0 + CHA Mod + 0;
Know(Arcane): 0 = 0 + INT Mod + 0;
Know(Dung): 0 = 0 + INT Mod + 0;
Know(Engin): 0 = 0 + INT Mod + 0;
Know(Geo): 0 = 0 + INT Mod + 0;
Know(Hist): 0 = 0 + INT Mod + 0;
Know(Local): 0 = 0 + INT Mod + 0;
Know(Nature): 0 = 0 + INT Mod + 0;
Know(Noble): 0 = 0 + INT Mod + 0;
Know(Planes): 0 = 0 + INT Mod + 0;
*Know(Religion): 5 = 1 + INT Mod + 3;
Linguistics: 4 = 1 + INT Mod + 3;
Perception: 3= 0 + WIS Mod + 0;
Profession Priest 7 = 1 + WIS Mod + 3
Ride: 0 = 0 + DEX Mod + 0 - ACP;
Sense Motive: 7 = 1 + WIS Mod + 3
Sleight of Hand: 0 = 0 + DEX Mod + 0 - ACP;
Spell Craft: 0 = 0 + INT Mod + 0;
Stealth: 0 = 0+ DEX Mod + 0 - ACP;
Survival: 3 = 0 + WIS Mod + 0;
Swim: -2 = 0 + STR Mod + 0 -ACP;
Use Magical Device: 3 = 0 + CHA Mod + 0;


Orisons: (4)
Detect Magic, Enhanced Diplomacy, Guidance, Read Magic
Level 1: (3+1+1)
longstrider (D), bless, Liberating Command


Starting capital 140gp
Weapons: (26,1gp)
Battle aspergillum (Alchsilver) 26 gp (Backpack)
Sling & 10 Sling Stones 0,1gp
Dagger 2gp
--Weight: 6
Armour: (6gp)
Leather lamellar armor 60gp
--Weight: 0
Adventure Gear:
Explorer´s Outfit (free)
Kit Cleric 16gp
This includes a backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, candles (10), a cheap holy text, a flint and steel, an iron pot, a mess kit, rope, soap, a spell component pouch, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), a waterskin, and a wooden holy symbol.
Whetstone 2cp
A finely wrought copper comb 5 sp
A mule 8gp
a packsaddle 5gp
a tent (Small) 10gp
Honey Jar 1gp
Extra Set of Explorer´s Outfit. 10gp
Clerical Vestments gp
Alchemical Reagents:
Spirit of wine x20 (10gp)
Quicksilver x3 (3gp)mind-affecting descriptor +1 caster level for the purpose of duration (Bless)
calling and summoning subschools +1 caster level for the purpose of duration (Summon Monster)
Light: 30, Med: 60, Heavy: 90
0 Platinum


Height: 5'1"
Weight: 95 lbs
Hair: Honey coloured
Eyes: Emerald Green
Skin: white
Lorien is a stunningly beautiful woman of 49 solstices (24 years) with long honey-golden hair, sensual lips and emerald gren eyes. She is slender of frame with small breasts and moves with a simple, natural grace. Her fingers are long and slim and her nails well tended.
A small scar is on the back of her left hand, and she always gains some freckles in the summer.
She prefers simple white dresses with blue embroidery and simple, but practical shoes, even in winter. She does not wear any jewelery apart from a simple necklace with the butterfly of Desna.
Her voice is a clear sopran, and she speaks with the rolling "R" of the Rostlanders.


Many people just see a young beautiful blond woman with soft skin when they meet Lorien for the first time.
When they talk to her, she does use simple words and her sheltered upbringing does show as she speaks in the precise words of a nun.
Most people see that a sign for a simple mind, especially if she is seen walking just in a simple robe in the middle of winter.
But while she never fought a battle with steel and magic, the hardship of the world is no stranger for her.
Lorien is very insightful and can easely see in the hearts of people. She is also highly emphatic and her graces and good character makes it hard for others to be mad at her for a long time.
And woe to those that undererstimate her adamant will.
It is true that Lorien is enthralled by songs and stories of romance and adventure, particularly those depicting handsome princes, honorable knights, chivalry, and love. Initially those song and stories were Lorien's vision of the world beyond her monastery, a world she desperately wishes to experience.


Lorien is an orphan with no father and many mothers and sisters. She only knows that her mother gave her away shortly after her birth, leaving her in a wicker basket infront of the sacred heart monastery. The sisters of the covent accepted the baby girl and raised her in Desna´s name and raised her as a devot follower of the tender of dreams, strong in conviction and with great powers for such a young woman.
The monestary has been a sheltered haven for Lorien, but that doesn´t mean she has never learned about the dark sides of live. During the weeks of strife, when the rostlands were toiling under the red cough, she did spent hours upon hours in the monastery ward, cooling those with fever, offering solace for those in despair and praying for those without hope in their last hours, staying with them till their last breath.
Lorien´s mother was Constance of House Lebeda, the niece of the matriarch. After Constance had an unsanctioned affair with another nobleman with even more undesired results she was sent to the monastery to give birth to the bastard.
As soon as she had regained her health Constance was spirited way to Pitax to marry another nobleman, to strengthen the family tiers for house Lebeda, thinking that her daughter did not survive the childbirth.
The only people who know the truth are the mother superior Forentien and the old Sister Malenon, the mistress of the keys.
What only Sister Malenon remembers is, that Lorien really die during childbirth. But when she brought the little toddler away, with tears in her eyes for the dead girl a platinum dove appeared and gave the little toddler a kiss on her brow.
A white ankh formed on her forehead and the girl started to breath and scream for three heartbeats.
The dove spoke in the voice of the legion and gave the girl her name Lorien. Sister Malenon never told anyone, as she was not exactly sober that night to help her forget about the sins of her the past.

Lorien today:

Lorien has been wandering through Brevoy for the last 2 years, working in New Stetven as a priestess for a few months, visited the Mendev barony, praying to the loggers and rugged people there, but has also stayed quite some time at the shores of the Lake of Mists working as a matchmaker for a season. Lastely she has been in Restov, working with the mayor as a councillor and advisor. She has made quite a few connections to the local swordlords, as she was able to negoate a very succesful pact between the lords and the guilds as an impartial negotiator. Especially Lagartha Aldori has found a liking to her and sees her as a kindred spirit.