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I've only experienced it from the GM side, but I agree. It's a lot of fun when you get it right.

Having a good pilot makes a huge difference, especially since the piloting checks determine the initiative. Being able to move after your opponent means you'll almost always be in a better position.

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Wouldn't be too bad if they ruled that PCs can purchase space suits designed to go on over armour. (Might get a bit silly with heavy armour, though.)

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I like the idea of the ship upgrading as they go. The only issue I can see with unlocking systems/upgrades automatically is that it removes choice from the players.

Perhaps whenever they get an upgrade unlocked the ship gives them a choice. Console lights up with three icons: a gun, a tool or a computer chip. They select one and get an appropriate upgrade. This could be explained as the ship being designed to train its crew, so they only get access to systems when they have demonstrated proficiency with the lesser versions.

If you don't care about it making sense in-game, then you can just get them to choose.

For weapons I'd either upgrade the actual weapon or unlock a new weapon mount they can then get a new weapon added to (which they can conveniently acquire by cashing in a favour, of course.)

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Password reset function is now live. Am actually able to log in for the first time.

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I think it's safe to say that regardless of whether it's considered "evil" or not, there are always people going to be people who eat animals, so there will always be an opportunity for PCs to transport them, even if it's for black markets/private buyers.

Even if you have a moral issue with that, there's always the option of transporting them for a zoo, or conversely, rescuing them from said zoo and returning them to their original habitat.

One thing I'd expect PCs to be needed to transport on a regular basis is information. Given that information transfer tends to be at normal drift travel speeds anyway, it'd be preferable to hand any remotely sensitive information to a courier. Obviously the precautions taken would vary depending on the nature of the information, but any party travelling from one station/planet to another would at least be carrying a small locked box containing a data crystal. Even if you're already carrying cargo, the local job board probably has a dozen requests for information to be transported to your destination.

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I think it's a big stretch to say that killing all animals would be evil. I think you could suggest that it might be socially unacceptable, but that's a far cry from evil.

Personally, I'd say that financial and logistical limitations, coupled with the fact that alternatives are easily available means that real meat would be a rare treat.

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For the others who can't log in:

Joe from Lone Wolf wrote:
It should be coming in the next update ::crosses fingers::

It should have been available from the beginning.

EDIT: That is referring to the password reset functionality, obviously.

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The majority of people on Absalom Station are probably not eating fresh-grown food anyway. Most of them would be eating Bachelor Chow or Soylent, or whatever generic foodstuffs exist.

Fresh food would be at a premium, since it either has to be imported, or takes up valuable space.

Meat would be transported to Absalom from elsewhere, probably already butchered and packaged, but what if some rich guy on the station is having a dinner party, and wants to serve freshly butchered meat?

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I don't think you are. You have to be able to draw a line from a corner of your enemy's square to a corner of your square. In your example, there's no way to draw a line from your enemy's square to your square that goes through the fog cloud square.

EDIT: Missed the bit about the border. I wouldn't allow the same level of concealment as if one of you were in/behind the fog cloud square, but it's conceivable that you might get *some* concealment.

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It wouldn't provide any AC bonus, but I'd imagine so.

If a player wanted to wear a second suit of armour for that reason, I'd just let them upgrade the environmental protections on the main armour for the same cost.

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Xuldarinar wrote:
An alcoholic human operative with a keen mind, a distrust of those with psychic abilities (especially this one agent who he keeps bumping into), a sense of humor, and a fondness for a waterfowl character in an old comedy series that some have been told is the Osirion god of frustration.

Don't forget his ex-girlfriend, who is now married to the CEO of a megacorp.

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quibblemuch wrote:
Maybe it's a Forbidden Zone precisely because someone... or something knows that's the best way to get people to come to your Zone...

It started out as a way to try and keep people away, but then they discovered that it just attracted more people. Then they discovered how much money they were making from people coming to investigate the Forbidden Zone, so they embraced it.

It became essentially a giant theme park, but on a multiplanetary scale.

The problem is, that between the Gap and everything else that's happened, nobody knows about the history of the place. The name stuck around, though. Any visitors are immediately chased away. The people living there don't know why it is forbidden, but they know they must uphold that name.

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RumpinRufus wrote:

I'm digging the cop idea because it makes for quick hooks, interchangeable PCs, and short missions.

Plus, I am already enjoying Lord Riffington's idea of having the backup arrive if things are threatening to go long - specifically, I'll have one super-smug a$$#*!& cop who is relentlessly condescending when he needs to get called in, to hopefully shame the players into moving quickly and hurrying the mission (and providing that timeless unifying factor of a big ol' jerk to hate.) Then the a$$#*!&'s partner will be the even higher-level "fixer" who is impressed with the PCs when they can finish the mission without having any help.

You have taken my idea and made it much better.

Obviously you know what he needs to be called (though you could deliberately obscure it. Depends on how obvious you're going to be about the Brooklyn 99 connection.)

Don't forget to include a Die Hard mission!

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Universe Sandbox might be what you're looking for. Among other things, you can create star systems.

I gave up on trying to recreate the Pact Worlds with it, but theoretically you could do that too.

It's pretty fun to play around with. You can change the stats of planets, you can see what our solar system would be like with a different star, etc.

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If everyone commits to getting straight into playing without chatting or screwing around, then you're already basically playing a longer session.

In theory you should be able to do it. You'll want to come up with a bunch of small encounters. Base the game on Absalom station and make them part of station security or something. The missions will be things like "break up a fight currently going on in the market" or "investigate a robbery." You want stuff that they can either spend the session investigating or get straight to the combat.

You won't want to make encounters too complicated, but the benefit of playing station security is that if the encounter is threatening to run over time, you can have reinforcements show up. Backup arrives, bad guys surrender.

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The slide stunt doesn't involve turning. The description actually states that the ship does not change its facing. If you look at the diagram, it shows that the ship stays facing the same direction, but moves sideways along one of paths to the side, either forward-port or forward-starboard.

Essentially it's a strafing move, but as you're (presumably) already moving forwards, you actually keep moving forwards as you move sideways. Each stunt appears to use the total piloting action for that turn, so I don't see how you could move port then starboard in a single turn.

From the diagrams and descriptions, I think it's clear that the only stunts that allow turning are Flip and Burn, Flyby, Evade and Turn in Place.

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I'd rule that a non-humanoid casting a "person" spell would be casting their own version of the spell, and would need to use the "monster" variant to affect humanoids. It just makes more sense to me that way.

That being said, for a player I'd be fine with them using it either way, as long as it was consistent.

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Metaphysician wrote:

Oh, sure, that's totally possible. It just is comparatively petty crime, that runs the risk of drawing greater heat than an equivalent theft. Any smart criminal is generally going to want to avoid risking the attention of Abadarian inquisitors just to scam someone out of a few thousand credits. There's probably a better way to do your heist.

( Which, of course, leaves all the *dumb* criminals who don't think this through. Which means if a smart criminal PC finds they actually *do* need to spoof the display on cred sticks, they have some leeway. There's enough stupid criminals doing stupid criminal tricks that the Church of Abadar doesn't even try and pursue all of them, just the ones that draw more attention. )

And the dumb criminals aren't going to go to the authorities about it, because, well, criminals.

I'd totally fail to discourage players from pulling this kind of stunt on a criminal group. When the group does find out...that's when the fun begins.

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That's pretty slick. Easily one of the better ones I've seen.

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Ravingdork wrote:
Really makes you wonder: do vogons have to chain people to the floor before reciting their poems?

Well, we only have one example of a recital of Vogon poetry, and the audience were strapped in to Poetry Appreciation Chairs. I think it's safe to say that nobody who had any choice in the matter would listen to Vogon poetry.

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Call me Moe, aargh! wrote:
Am I the only sentient has caught this idea:
  • How about a language for close up gesture-based language using hands similar to sign language and for long distances a less precise language like semaphore using flags or lights. undead mimes not allowed.

Percussive communication could work, too. Need to communicate information throughout the ship? Bang on something. Vibration travels, the crew feel the pattern and get the info. Probably only useful for simple things like "Battle stations!"

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TheGoofyGE3K wrote:
so if there's something truly massive in the drift, makes you wonder what went through the drift to put it there...

Or if there's something truly massive that is missing...

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Nomad Sage wrote:
Any update on this? I understand the beta should have been released to those who signed up. Any reviews or firsthand details?

I got the email, but have apparently forgotten what password I entered. Waiting for a response from support, since they currently have no password reset facility for HLO.

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I'm not generally a fan of Rise of the Runelords, but this sounds awesome.

I'm guessing that Xin-Shalast will end up being on a hidden/lost planet?

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Does the general public even know what effect travelling in the Drift has?


Why the technology

involves this side effect is unknown, though some conspiracy
theorists believe that the ever-increasing size of the Drift—and
the corresponding shrinking of the other planes of existence—is
part of an inscrutable power play by Triune itself.

That's the only indication that anyone might know what happens that I could find after a quick scan of the section on Drift travel. Even that suggests that it's merely a conspiracy theory.

Even if the text does imply that everyone knows how the Drift works, you can easily say that nobody does. I can't see why Triune would have told everyone how it works when it gave them the technology. It seems more logical to keep that information to itself.

A good character could hardly be blamed for using the Drift if they don't know. You could use that as a plot point, though. I'm sure that even if people don't know, there are rumours about things that have been seen/encountered in the Drift. That doesn't mean anyone knows how they got there, though.

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Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Berselius wrote:
We thought angels and devils should be represented, but we could only have one of each.

Cybernetically augmented Pit Fiends with rocket launchers for hands (an infinite explosive ammo generated from their own bodies)?

Genetically augmented extracted brains of devils capable of psychic magic and grafted to cybernetic spider legs with chain gun mounts?

:) ;) :D

This thread is DOOMed.


We're going to need the BFG, then.

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S. J. Digriz wrote:

Some things we haven't seen:

Time travel
FTL communication
An interstellar internet
Transporters, or mass transit teleportation devices (teleport booths)...

Interstellar communication is done via drift beacons, so two-way communication is impossible, but transmitting a message takes the same amount of time as travelling there.

So...FTL-ish? Still faster than sending the message in real space, but not fast enough for a conversation. More like sending a letter.

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The random dudes providing merchandise of dubious provenance could be charging more than 100%, especially if their merchandise is "guaranteed" untraceable.

The fact that pretty much anyone can craft their own gear might make that point redundant. But then again, maybe the UPBs have a unique identifier. Just depends on how you want to play it (and how the players act.)

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This came to me as I was driving home yesterday.

r.A.T.u - A band consisting of two Ysoki singers. They gained popularity on Akiton, then (mostly due to the novelty) they became quite famous across the Pact Worlds and toured for several years

Eventually it was discovered that they weren't actually Ysoki at all, but gnomes in elaborate Ysoki costumes. The group still has a small fanbase, but the two have split in pursuit of solo projects.

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If you're talking about literally strapping something to the drone, then you'd use the normal rules for bulk/encumbrance.

As far as giving the drone equipment to use, that's covered under mods. If you could just attach equipment to the drone for it to use, then why bother having mods for things like manipulator arms or weapon mounts?

You could probably attach a null-space chamber to it, but you'd have to activate it yourself if the drone didn't have a manipulator arm.

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From page 77 of the CRB:


Cargo Rack (Ex)

Your drone is outfitted with cargo space. The drone’s Strength
score counts as 4 higher for the purpose of how determining
much bulk it can carry, but all of this extra bulk must be stored
gear and cargo, not mounted weapons, armor mods, or the like.
This does not affect the drone’s actual Strength score in any
way, merely how much it can carry. Due to its size, a drone
might still be unable to carry awkward or unwieldy items.

I'd interpret this to mean that your drone can't really carry anything other than what is attached via a mod.

As for augmentations, some of what's available is already covered by the drone mods. Most of the rest would not be applicable to a drone (Respiration Compounder, for example.)

Any limbs a drone has are already prosthetic. If you're wanting something like a hideaway limb, I'd say that's covered by the Smuggler's Compartment mod.

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I don't see a problem with the grenade prices. I definitely wouldn't give players 10 level 1 grenades for 35 credits, though. That's 3.5 credits per grenade.

But hey, go with whatever makes sense to you. If it turns out to cause a problem, you can say that the vendor had an introductory special.

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1. The minimum STR for heavy weapons is 12, so I assume the drone would be able to use it, but would take a -2 penalty. I don't see anything in the drone section to indicate that it wouldn't. Bear in mind that it would also need the heavy weapons proficiency, so in total including the extra weapon mount, you'd need to use 4 of your mods to do it. Assuming you forsake any other mods, you'll be able to get full use out of it by level 8. You could easily upgrade the weapon as you get the proficiency mod for it, though.

2. There's no reason I can see why it can't, if that's what you want it to do. The hover drone automatically comes with the ability to fly all day every day, but you can have it land whenever you want. I'd rule that having a drone with a heavy weapon on your shoulder is going to affect you just as much as carrying the weapon yourself. If the drone automatically takes off in combat it won't affect you there, but might if you need to use athletics out of combat.

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This thread is making me picture the Drow like the Centauri from Babylon 5. Hair and everything. I may have to make this happen in my game.

I'll have them saying things like, "In the old days of the Drow Empire..." and getting confused when anyone questions them on it. (It happened during the Gap, but did it really happen, or did someone just make it up?)

John Lynch 106 wrote:
* D.R.I.D.E.R's acronym only works when written in the elven tongue.

They used elf tongues to write? Savage!

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Torbyne wrote:
Its just not included in the write up as cyberware isnt lootable. :P

Not with that attitude...

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Right, because kids are never in war zones.

I get your point, but I'm not sure it's a great example. Plus I'm pretty sure the original comment was a joke.

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The problem with pawns (for me at least) is that I could print those myself. Sure, they're probably nicer than the ones I'd do, but not so much nicer as to make it worth the extra expense, in my opinion.

Plus, I prefer actual minis. I'd rather use a mini that's not quite right than a pawn.

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Definitely true, but given that the only real options at the moment are pay a lot of money and get a few high quality minis or pay relatively very little and get as many as you want, it's not too bad.

Seriously though, why the hell aren't there more small spaceship toys out there?

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There are definitely a bunch of ships on Thingiverse. Most are from Star Wars or other movies/shows.
I've been playing with them for a little while now, cutting bits off this ship and sticking them on that ship, trying to make them a little bit less obvious.

I'm happy to share links to the ones I have "created" but it'll have to wait until I can do it at home, so I can find and share the links to the originals as well.

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Link to a discussion about Pathfinder Society ranks

I'd assume that the Starfinder Society would be the same. Anyone under Venture-captain would be a Field Agent or perhaps a trainee.

I wouldn't apply a military rank structure, because I don't see it as a military organisation. They're primarily explorers and historians, not a military.

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A Starfinder Academy is likely to be more university than military training. There would probably be some combat training, but at most it would be on an equal footing with things like piloting, sciences, survival, etc.

I'd imagine there would be a base set of courses one would need to take, then a bunch of optional ones. Here's a few ideas:

Basic Courses: Survival, Chemistry, Physics, First Contact Training, Starship Operations*, Combat Training, First Aid, Biology (basic biology of sentient species in the Pact Worlds), Pact Worlds History

* Starship Operations is a basic course on how starships work. Students would be expected to continue on with at least one specialisation, as listed in optional courses.

Optional courses: Xenobiology (more advanced biology, including species outside the PW), Hand-to-hand Combat, Ranged Weapons Training, Extreme Temperature Survival, Culture (language and culture for a specific species or world), Starship Operations (Piloting), Starship Operations (Science), Starship Operations (Gunnery), Starship Operations (Engineering), Starship Operations (Combat Tactics)

Advanced certification: Medicine - This course is roughly equivalent to a medical degree in the real world, taking approximately the same amount of time. (While technology is more advanced, there are more species to learn about.) Rules about what qualifies a person to call themselves a doctor vary significantly between different places, but most will accept a Starfinder-certified doctor as such.

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I know this answer won't work for everyone, but I think it boils down to a question of which is cooler; a skeleton who was crushed to death, or a skeleton who is floating randomly in space, waiting for a ship/asteroid/random piece of debris to get close enough to grab on to.

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I don't see a kit making sense in terms of ship combat. You're already using the ship's controls/computers for that.

By RAW there only appear to be those two engineering tool kits, though I'd add things like electronics and mechanical as well.

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It's also worth noting that if you have two weapon mount mods, you can mount a longarm or heavy weapon. You'll probably need to spend one or more mods on the requisite proficiencies if you go that way.

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Markus64 wrote:
I would put it as if in a large city there are different districts so cops in each district would be a little different also you have some sectors that have corporate security rather then cops. Those lower fringe areas might not have as many cops would use a diverse group of characters for the cops/security. Use your imagination it is a large area would say cops might be more reactive then active. In better sectors of the station less tolerance for crime. Lower section people getting ejected out into space might happen more often. Make it so that if they do get questioned for a fight they get their weapons confiscated while the investigation is underway. If they get into confrontations a lot have them banned from certain sectors. Cops cannot be everywhere at once also so sometimes they might have to run after a short battle and not be able to get anything. Make repercussions for their actions.

Yep. Areas with rich people will probably have higher security, and you're likely to get stopped by security for simply looking like you don't belong there. Areas like Downlow would have little to no security presence, but the local gangs would perform a similar function.

I'd assume that their actions in public areas are always recorded, so while security might not show up if they cause trouble or get into a fight, it's likely they'd review footage of the incident and decide whether to pursue the matter. If the video clearly shows the PCs being accosted by armed goons and defending themselves, they'd probably just let it go, with a "friendly" warning.

Of course, maybe the footage doesn't show that. If the PCs were at fault, then they might need to get access to that footage and erase/alter it. Or maybe someone else already did that and now it shows the actually innocent PCs starting the altercation.

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Kittyburger wrote:
Were Beast (a side-scrolling, lycanthropy-themed beat-em-up with good graphics but questionable sound set on ancient Golarion) and Stargrind Radio (a colorful, graffiti-based hoverskating/parkour game with a story surrounding a plot to use the Starstone to summon demons from rock music).

Altered Beast?

(I think the other one is kind of obvious)

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I think the biggest problem is that there's no ship in between fighter and shuttle. You can either have a fighter with a maximum of two people no expansion bays, or a shuttle with a crew of 4 and 3 expansion bays.

The Firefly shuttles would basically be a cross between a fighter and a shuttle, with 2 crew and one expansion bay. For those shuttles I'd stick to no weapon mounts or drift engines, but I'd probably allow a single weapon mount for other shuttles that size. Definitely wouldn't have drift engines installed as standard, but if a fighter can have a drift engine, there's no reason a shuttle couldn't.

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A drone with two weapons can have one melee, one ranged. That could be very useful.

Okay, that's using the "Melee weapon arm" rather than the "Weapon mount," but on a certain level, they're the same thing.

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166. Your cyber eyes are different colours.

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Yakman wrote:

162. Your universal translator has malfunctioned. You can now no longer understand anything other than your native tongue. In addition, you must respond to anyone asking you questions in a non-native language or making requests in increasingly louder and more aggressive tones in your native language.

Additionally, since the universal translator was intended to be truly universal, it also links with your musculature so that you could communicate non-verbally as well. Non-native voices cause you to react with increasing distress as the universal translator malfunctions, causing you to lash out physically at those speaking in other languages.

163. The universal translator works perfectly, but frames things in the most insulting way possible.

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