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Is there such a thing as a Starfinder Academy where selected recruits receive training in the ways of the Starfinder Society in the official setting? I haven't been able to find a reference to something like that in the published material to date.

If there isn't, what are the Society's methods for finding and recruiting the new members it sorely needs after the scoured stars incident? If I were to homebrew an academy in my campaign what suggestions do you have for such an academy?

Scarab Sages

SFS scenario 1-01 the commencement has the players graduating from SOMETHING. But dead suns has the players become starfinders after doing a mission (likely considered a field commission).

My personal belief is that there is an academy, but it has been truncated or bypassed in a desperate attempt to put butts in seats.

Liberty's Edge

A Starfinder Academy is likely to be more university than military training. There would probably be some combat training, but at most it would be on an equal footing with things like piloting, sciences, survival, etc.

I'd imagine there would be a base set of courses one would need to take, then a bunch of optional ones. Here's a few ideas:

Basic Courses: Survival, Chemistry, Physics, First Contact Training, Starship Operations*, Combat Training, First Aid, Biology (basic biology of sentient species in the Pact Worlds), Pact Worlds History

* Starship Operations is a basic course on how starships work. Students would be expected to continue on with at least one specialisation, as listed in optional courses.

Optional courses: Xenobiology (more advanced biology, including species outside the PW), Hand-to-hand Combat, Ranged Weapons Training, Extreme Temperature Survival, Culture (language and culture for a specific species or world), Starship Operations (Piloting), Starship Operations (Science), Starship Operations (Gunnery), Starship Operations (Engineering), Starship Operations (Combat Tactics)

Advanced certification: Medicine - This course is roughly equivalent to a medical degree in the real world, taking approximately the same amount of time. (While technology is more advanced, there are more species to learn about.) Rules about what qualifies a person to call themselves a doctor vary significantly between different places, but most will accept a Starfinder-certified doctor as such.

I think you have perhaps confused a military academy with basic military training.

A military academy (West Point, Annapolis, etc) is exactly like what you describe. I think the Starfinder academy would, indeed, be a military academy.

For Starfinder Academy, I would also expect a Religion Department since Golarion had a much more diverse and robust pantheon. In the US, with its overwhelming montheistic Christian culture, we tend to ignore the study of other religions. Much harder to do in Golarian and post-Golarian settlements.

Academic Majors at the United States Military Academy (West Point)

Cadets choose their major in the fall term of their sophomore year. Until the end of their sophomore year, all cadets are taking the same basic core classes. These 31 courses give a balanced education in arts, sciences and the humanities.
Majors in the Social Sciences Department
Comparative Politics Major Program
Economics Major Program: Can also pursue a major with honors.
International Relations Programs: Can also pursue a major with honors.

English and Philosophy Department
Art, Philosophy and Literature Major: The ideal is from Achilles, "To be a speaker of words and a doer of deeds."

Majors in the Department of Chemistry and Life Science
Chemical Engineering Major Program
Chemistry: This major offers an American Chemical Society Certified Degree Program in addition to the baseline major.
Life Science Major Program

Majors in the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering Major
Mechanical Engineering Major

Majors in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Computer Science Major Program
Electrical Engineering Major Program
Information Technology Major Program: an additional degree is offered for Bachelor of Science in Electronic and Information Technology Systems.

Majors in the Department of Foreign Languages

Majors in the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Geography
Environmental Science
Geospatial Information Science Major
Human Geography

Major in the Department of History

Major in the Department of Law
Law and Legal Studies

Majors in the Department of Mathematical Sciences
Mathematical Science
Operations Research
Minors in Applied Statistics and Network Science

Majors in the Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering
Advanced Physics
Nuclear Engineering
Interdisciplinary Science

Majors in the Department of Systems Engineering
Engineering Management
Systems Engineering
Operations Research Studies Major

Majors in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership
Applied General Psychology
Organizational Psychology and Leadership
Engineering Psychology
Leader Development Science

Department of Physical Education

Department of Military Instruction
Defense and Strategic Studies

The Society is at the very least a semi paramilitary group.

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