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Plague in the streets! Urban mayhem! Yum!!! (Or perhaps Ecch!!! depending on your tastes in such matters.)

Gather your necromancers; it looks like there will be plenty of raw material to work with in this upcoming book.

Grunt! Me WANT! AIEE! Get nasty spike pole away! NOOOOooooooo!!!


(Sorry, I had to shackle and toss my pet goblin back into "The Pit" just now. They're amusing, but actually quite dangerous.) any event, I hereby formally express vast sympathy for all the poor editors, proofreaders, and other insufficiently-compensated souls who must suffer to meet the deadlines imposed by corporate agendas and the mindless greed of hordes of insatiable gamers.

May your supply of pain killer medications be sufficient to the task. Just remember, you may NOT die until every last bit of the Pathfinder series meets our greedy, steaming little beady eyes...have I made my Sin absolutely clear? ;-D

Excellent product! It looks like the magic system is going to be lots of fun, not to mention having the power to enrage fundamentalists. A bit of condemnation should provide lots of free advertising, just like the good old days...