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Human Ranger 1 (Shield & Sword) Infiltrator

Stats and Skills before trait mods:
Speed 20ft, Init +3, AC: 20, F-Footed: 17, Touch: 13, Fort: 3, Ref: 5, Will: 2, Intimidate: 5, Perception: 6, Sense Motive: 3, Survival: 7


-[HP: 12/12]-

About Lord Charles Iridian Bloodgrave

Lord Charles Iridian Bloodgrave the 1st
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Ustalavian
Languages: Ustalavian, Common
Class: Ranger 1
Favoured Class: Ranger
Deity: Pharasma and Iomedae
Alignment: NG
Pet/Animal companion/Messenger Bird: Midnight Blue Raven
Level: 1

Appearance: Lord Bloodgrave wears custom jet black Armour. His Shield is engraved with the symbol of Pharasma, and his Breastplate fashions an engraving of Iomedae's symbol. The only coloured item of clothing he wears with this, is a long, tattered, crimson red cape that nearly hangs to the floor.

Those who have spoken to him say he always wears a patch over his left eye. Others who have seen him fearlessly march into battle, have said he fights with Sword and Shield, although, he carries a far greater sword in size, on his back, but nobody has ever seen him use it.


Although his personality is darker than most of those around him, Charles has good manners, is well spoken and respects those around him. At least, those that live.

Charles lives in his families Ustalavian Castle that was passed down to him through inheritance, as it was to all those before him, through previous generations stretching back further than the books and journals scattered around the Castle, have documented.

Somewhere down the line however, whether through foul play, a family members amorous infatuation or brief partnership, Charles' Noble heritage had been tainted by Vampirism.

With shadowy black hair, slightly unnaturally pointed canines, and an eye as black as night, the vampirism within his bloodline has been heavily diluted, with the only physical debilitation seemingly being an ever so slight aversion to bright light.

Regardless, as unique and different as his family history makes him, Lord Bloodgrave has developed an undying hatred for everything Evil and Undead, hunting them down, seeking them out and studying them as a life occupation.

He follows Pharasma's ideals, seeing the Undead as monstrous mistakes that don't belong in this world, but believes in the honour, Justice and valor of Iomedae, eradicating evil and the Undead threats that walk the world, in an attempt to protect the living, safeguarding them from the certain death that awaits them.

I G N O R E A S N O T C A R R I O N C R O W N - Notable Event regarding Professor Lorrimor:

On a lead spanning nearly 3 months, Charles had been preparing himself mentally and physically for a raid on a local nest of Vampires that he had discovered.

When the moment came, following the 3 months of research he had put into this task, Lord Charles made his way through Ravengro and entered the old, dank and chilling burrow that the Vampires called "home".

It wasn't before long however, that Charles realised the inhabitants of this place were aware of his presence, turning the tables so that the hunter had now become the hunted.

Ever aware and ready for these kinds of situations, Charles was no rookie and had prepared for the worst possible outcomes by reading books and gathering intel from the locals who all claimed to have some kind of strange or weird encounter with something unknown at one point in their life or another.

So, instead of panicking, Charles delved deeper into the caverns with the intention of taking out the lead Vampire. It wasn't until he arrived at the heart of the nest however that he discovered the existence of one at the time, unknown Scholar.

This man was Professor Lorrimor, who had mistakenly entered the lair as he believed he could personally ask its inhabitants of their intentions and desires, to further add to his research.

Being Vampires however, they agreed to help him, but it wasn't long before he had already fallen to their charm and was a willing host to co-operate with their sexual antics and feeding frenzy.

The Professor doesn't remember much, but what he does know is that a dark haired man in Jet Black armour walked past him with a red crimson flowing cape, as things turned to black before he lost consciousness.

When the Professor came to, he had found himself in a large, gothic castle, spread across a couch in front of a hot fireplace with a grand picture of a man hanging above it.

Confused, he looked around only to find Charles back in his Noble clothes, cleaning the blood from his hands and face.

Moments passed before the Noble realised that the man he had saved was awake. Walking over to the Professor, Charles explained the situation in full, stating that while conscious Lorrimor would be more trouble to him than not, especially under the effects of a head Vampire's Charm spell.

Naturally the Professor was surprised he was able to survive the encounter, but when a man on a mission is set on destroying something through passion fueled hatred, there's little Vampires can do when their nest is set ablaze.

With a professional attitude and polite mannerisms, Lord Bloodgrave kept the Professor in his home until he believed he was healthy enough to leave, and then sent the man on his way.

Thankful of the situation, Lorrimor believed the two would meet again and was very appreciative of Charles' efforts. Grateful of the mans appreciation, Charles shook his hand, not thinking much on Lorrimor's promises of fame or riches, and immediately went back to his study room to carry out his next investigation.

Lord Charles Iridian Bloodgrave the 1st
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Ustalavian
Class: Ranger 1 (Infiltrator)
Favoured Class: Ranger
Deity: Pharasma and Iomedae
Alignment: NG
Pet/Animal companion/Messenger Bird: Midnight Blue Raven
Level: 1
Favoured Enemy: Undead

HP: 12 (Favoured Class: Ranger, +1 Con)
AC: 20, Touch: 13, Flat-footed: 17
Speed: 20ft
Initiative: 5

Str: 16 (+2 race)
Dex: 16
Con: 12 (-13 to die)
Int: 10
Wis: 14
Cha: 13

BAB: 1
CMB: 4
CMD: 17

Fort: 3 (+5 to stabilise)
Ref: 5
Will: 2 (+2 vs charm and compulsion)


Birthmark: +2 on saves vs Charm and Compulsion.
Thrall Spotter: +5 to determine whether a creature is under the effects of a charm or compulsion.
Undead Slayer: +1 trait damage on rolls vs Undead.
Rule Aspirant: +2 to Sense Motive, +2 to Knowledge Religion and Class Skill.

Ignore as not for Carrion Crown - Chance Saviour (Campaign) - Fate smiled on you and Professor Lorrimor one day in the not so distant past. Through a matter of pure chance, you were in a position to save the late scholar’s life and did so. His gratitude was effusive, and he promised that he would never forget you. You are unsure of the nature of the summons in his will, but believe he may have listed you as a possible heir in thanks for saving him from an untimely demise. Your ability to think quickly on your feet has stayed with you, and you quite often feel that you’re in the right place at the right time. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Initiative checks.

Alternate Racial – Heart of the Wilderness.


+1 damage to all rolls below vs Undead.
+2 attack and damage vs Undead

Bastard Sword: +4, 1d10+3, 19-20x2, s
Shield: +4, 1d4+3, x2, b
Large Bastard Sword: +2, 2d8+4, 19-20x2, s


1a. Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword
b. Additional Traits


Climb*: -3 (3 str, -6 acp)
Handle Animal*: 5 (1 rank, 1 cha, 3 class)
Intimidate*: 5 (1 rank, 1 cha, 3 class)
Knowledge (Local): 1 (1 rank)
Knowledge (Religion): 6 (1 rank, 2 trait, 3 class)
Perception*: 6 (1 rank, 2 wis, 3 class, +2 vs Undead)
Sense Motive: 3/5/8 (1 cha, 2 trait, +2 vs Undead, +5 to determine if a creature is under a charm or compulsion)
Survival*: 7/9/9/11 (1 rank, 3 class, 2 wis, 1 trait, +2 to track, +2 vs Undead)
Swim*: -3 (3 str, -6 acp)

Ranks: 6

Class Abilities: Wild Empathy, Favoured Enemy: Undead

Gear: Heavy Steel Shield (+2AC, -2ACP, 20gp, 15lb’s), Bastard Sword (35gp, 6lb’s), Large Bastard Sword (35gp, 12lb’s), Black Scale Mail (+5 AC, +3 Dex, -4 ACP, 50gp, 30lb’s), waterskin (1gp, 4lb's), rations x3 (1gp, 5sp, 3lb's).

Current Wealth: 32gp, 5sp

Wealth and Carrying Capacity:

Wealth: ???

Light Load:
Medium Load:
Heavy Load:

Lift Overhead:
Lift Off Ground:

Currently Carrying: ???



Alternate Racial Trait (Heart of the Wilderness) - Humans raised in the wild learn the hard way that only the strong survive. They gain a racial bonus equal to half their character level on Survival checks. They also gain a +5 racial bonus on Constitution checks to stabilize when dying and add half their character level to their Constitution score when determining the negative hit point total necessary to kill them. This racial trait replaces skilled.

Class Abilities:

Ranger (Sword and Shield):

Favoured Enemy: Undead
Wild Empathy
Track: A ranger adds half his level (minimum 1) to Survival skill checks made to follow or identify tracks.

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