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Thank you for the funeral eulogy.

There is obviously still great interest(and some money)in the
Greyhawk setting. Buy it Paizo, you're worthy!

WotC should reconsider it's "No-Greyhawk-Policy".

Thank You James,

6 x 32! Wow. Return of the X-Men.

Considering that I will give my 4 veteran Munchkins
a hard time with a 30 point buy...


Any ideas?

Mr. Jacobs?

The Dungeon Crew?

I'm asking this because I want to make as few changes as possible during the STAP. My AoW group was overpowered with
32 point buy and this time I want the AP to be more challenging. But STAP is not AoW, that's why I would like
to hear something "official" concerning the point buy
for an average group.

Best regards


What is the "officially" recommended point buy for a group of
4 moderate players playing a good mixture of PHB1 characters
starting at 1st lvl. in STAP?

With this figure at hand, any DM could vaguely calculate the best point buy for his group...

Sorry if this is already pointed out somewhere else and thank
You for Your input.


Parcel arrived today. Late.

Best regards


Thank You Hagen!

I just tried my own Dragon CD Archive, using "Krenzer" and
"Riftcrag", no results.

Perhaps anyone knows how to get the RPGA Living Greyhawk
BK stuff concerning Riftcrag. The lucky RPGA Players from Texas got the Bandit-Kingdoms as their home territory and playground.

All RPGA DM's from Texas: Please help us with the details.

Thank You in advance.


Dear fellow-dm's!

My Aow Adventure path is coming to an end. My Players
want to liberate the bandit kingoms from iuz' forces once
and for all. Iuz's technically capital in the BK's is Riftcrag
at the center of the northern edge of the rift canyon. The
bone-mage "Cranzer" is in charge there. It is a 2-walled heavy
fortified city doing ogre-supported silver-mining in the canyon. It's population is 5000, half of them humanoids like orcs and gnolls. It is pretty messed up and Cranzer is doing an unthankful job there fighting off the rifters in the canyon.
The northern rim of the canyon is guarded by a series of
"leering keeps" against the rifters raids for "Iuz's Silver".

That's pretty much all I could research. Most of it from the
"Iuz the Evil" - sourcebook and the net. Is there more information to be found elsewhere? Or maybe (may i dare to ask?)a city - map???

Sorry if this is detailed elsewhere. Any "bit" of Info about
the city and its immediate surroundings is very much appreciated. I know there are a few rpga living greyhawk
adventures located in the region. Can I buy them somewhere
online? Do i get them if i join the rpga? I´m not from Texas
(obviously) :-).

Thank's in advance.


Thanks to both of You for the quick answer.

As an employee at "Deutsche Post/DHL" explained to me,
there is a difference between a tracking number and a
parcel number. Quote: "Every parcel has a number". But
maybe he is just wrong. Knowing the "Deutsche Post" this would'nt surprise me.

Best regards


Dear Paizo-Crew, please send the USPS global parcel number
for above mentioned order.

thank You and best regards


Good questions Aubrey!

"What method is used? Sailing ship?"
I don't think so!

You can count me in as another frustrated european customer.
It´s always the same. Ordered 6 items (small one's!) on the
7th September, been charged $ 24 for shipping & handling only, and no sign of the desperatly needed "stuff" until today.
The worst: The parcel is not even trackable!
I'm a huge Paizo "Fanboy" but this is to slow!
Dear Paizo Crew. Please use a trackable mail-system at least!

P.S. I know this is a magazine-subscriptions thread!

DungeonMag #138 arrived here in Berlin yesterday.

Maybe I don´t get the joke, but where´s the deal in describing
the ad on the last page?

Here we go:

- set -

Not availlabe in stores - only at www.dwarvenforge.com"

The ad shows three photos. Two of them with wall pieces in good old german timber framed medieval style. The walls are white, irregular, with small cracks in them. They are lined with heavy brown wooden planks. Some or them have secret doors in form of bookshelves. There are some wall pieces with windows and some with doors. The walls are based on squared (1 inch I guess:-)) brown wooden floor tiles and arranged as a medieval house with four rooms. The third photo shows the whole set: 10 solid wall pieces with a 4 square floor
tile attached to each of them. 8 wall corner pieces with floor attached. 4 wall with window pieces, wooden floor attached. Ther is one secret-door-in-turning-book-shelf piece with floor. There are 4 wall pieces with a door and a small step in front of it. (No double doors as far as I can see.)
There are 13 four square wooden planked floor tiles without any walls. One of them is decorated with a bearskin.
Together these are 40 pieces.

The text on the bottom of the ad says: "Comes complete with all of pieces shown. Cast in highly durable poly-resin. Fully hand painted an outfitted with felt bottoms. Scale 25 - 28 mm.
$ 99"

In the right corner of the bottom there is a 10th Anniversary Dwarven Forge Insingnia.

That´s it.

Edit: I of course don´t guarantee for this description beeing correct!

To all Greyhawk Experts:

I resurrected this thread, because I´m also eager to hear the answer to Rob Bastard´s question.

To all:

I don´t have #135 yet, but would like to know the answer to following up questions to foreshadow events in my game tomorrow

Any further insights on the visions? What becomes clear in the end according to James Jacobs?

Thanks in advance & game on.


Well done Mr. Chin! Thank you!

Loops! (belonging to no subculture!)

I bought Dungeon #134 and Dragon #343 last week in a Game Store here in Berlin/Germany.
This is why I don´t subscribe to my beloved Paizo-Mags...


Okay Wayland, if You don´t care we don´t care either!
Paizo should stop doing the online supplements until You need them again. See You next year...

That´s not the exciting answer I was looking for but..., nevertheless, thanks Sebastian!

Now I am curious!

What is GAAP ???

Jeremy, Aubrey, please explain!

Thanks Vic.

That´s good news... I guess...

Dear Customer Service,

I just noticed, that the invoice amount for my Order # 610705 is not even written off from my account yet. This is weird.
Would You be so kind to check the whole procedure?

Nevertheless I still need the tracking-nr. please.

Thank You very much


Has anyone already mentioned, that the ecology-articles fit surprisingly well to the Age of Worms Adventure Path?

I like that coincidence :-)

You really should buy MMII :-)

Dear Paizo-Crew,

please give me the name of the parcel-service You use
for delivery here in Germany and the tracking-nr. for
my order # 610705.

Thank You



On the other hand, moderating Your front cover won´t change that for a second.
I bow down before You GREAT LORDS OF PAIZO! :-)
Keep up with Your fantastic magazines and don´t start making compromises, please.


D&D had a big comback in the last years.
Thats why I bet these stupid "satanism" accusations will have a big comeback too... Just one terrible incident/accident could be enough to feed the discussion again. So called "conservative" TV, Press, Parent Organisations etc. love this kind of attention. In the USA and also down here in "Nazi-Germany".

Great, thanks, just in time...

Thanks for the input James and Erik!

A Druid in Diamond Lake... is like a Paladin in Hell.

My Players Druid fights to make DL a better place.
People there are digging holes in the land, cutting trees
for their mining operations and pollute the Lake with the big
smelting house (killing all the fishes).

It´s kind of a Greenpeace approach!

Keep on Gaming.

Is it possible to get an update, please? Just the estimated time of arrival? An academic guess?

Keep on Gaming.


Thanks for the feedback Wolfgang!

Dear Fellow-Gamers, Dungeon-Crew and Wolfgang Baur!

I have trouble locating the Kingdom of the Ghouls.
Is it somewhere far below the Fields of Pesh, near White Plume Mountain and Dragothas Lair? Reading p. 44 and Moretos story on p. 57-58 of DungeonMag #129, one might think so.

Or is the White Kingdom located far away in SW-Greyhawk, below the Hellfurnaces near Ereleih-Cinlu, as Wolfgang Baur states in his Kingdom of the Ghouls - Adventure in DungeonMag #70?

Or did Moreto travel all the way from the Hellfurnaces to White Plume Mountain underground along the River of Blood? That´s a long way to go...

This might seem unimportnant, but I´m blessed with very inquisitive players and I´m thinking about a side-trek adventure, using parts of Wolfgangs original setting, that I like (and recommend) very much.

Thanks for answering. Happy Gaming. Loops!

Britney Spears, maybe?

Or Christina AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaguilera?


Just finished the champions belt, preparing gathering of winds now...

Is that good news, or bad news for me?


For more information regarding taint, temptation vs. redemption, corruption, infusion, etc. and possible results for "collecting" to much taint points I recommend Dragon Magazine´s # 302 p.32; # 306 p.20 and # 321 p.16.

Happy Gaming

Happy New Year Drew!



1. Perhaps the Free City Thieves Guild is tired of the Mind Flayer messing around in "their" sewer system and attacks his base "in just the right moment"?

2. What about a sudden violent flooding of the sewer system to save the day?

3. Perhaps one of the Mind Flayers Thralls broke free from control and helps Your party? Or frees them in case they are captured by the Flayer for later enslavement (or blackmail)?

4. Retreat is still the best solution, perhaps Your Cleric has a divine inspiration: "You have to retreat my son..."

All this is lame, but better than a TPK!

Good Luck!


I recommend E-Adventure Tiles ($downloadable$ from SkeletonKey Games).
One set is named "Coliseum" (I think there is another, older one: "Arena"). With these Tile-Sets You can scale up a nice looking Gladiatorial Battlefield as big as you want it to be.

Happy Fighting


Thanks Icebreaker,

I really have to take a closer look on Paint Shop Pro,
I didn´t even knew there is a clone feature in it...

Thanks again for the kind offer, but I want to learn it
by myself, might come in handy in the future.


You indeed add a new dimension to my player´s appreciation of their magic items! They (an me) love Your Handout´s, thanks a ton T-Bone!


Thanks Icebreaker.

Time to cut and paste... :(

What kind of Clone Tool/Image Editor do You recommend?


Dear Dungeon Crew,

I don´t expect a Dungeon Online Supplement #127 Errata! But perhaps someone of the Dungeon Crew could drop in a line concerning future Online Supplements? Will there be solid walls instead of gaps in the places with secret doors on the Player Maps? Or is it a general problem with the Artwork?
I still don´t know...

Thanks for answering

I´m with you Takasi!!!

I´m also one of these DM´s "lacking" the foresight, patience and wisdom to wait half a year to do what they like to do! :)

Therefore I´m playing Age of Worms right from the start. Who knows what great games we can play in half a year?

And don´t get me wrong...


In fact they removed all the "S"-es, but didn´t replaced them with "solid" walls, to make all look normal to the Players.
In case you blow the maps up to Battle-Map-Size, like I do.

But ... why???

I can´t open a new thread in the Dungeon Magazine General Discussion Forum, that´s why I (try to) open it here.

Perhaps it´s just a stupid question or handled somewhere else on these boards - sorry for that.

Why are all the secret doors (except one in the Sodden Hold Catwalk area) in the Dungeon #127 Online Supplement revealed on the Player Maps???

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.


I already opened this thread yesterday ... I think it missfired.
Maybe this is just a stupid question or has already been handled somewhere else - sorry for that! But....

why are all the secret doors (except one in Sodden Hold Ground Lvl. - Catwalk) in the # 127 Online Supplement revealed on the Player Maps?

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance


This might (hopefully) be a stupid question or already handled somewhere else - sorry for that!

Why are all the secret doors in the Player Maps without numbers revealed? Am I missing something...?

Thanks in advance

Now I got it! That should work out without to much trouble from my player´s side. Thank´s a lot.

To sly for me, ´cause I don´t get it! Sounds interesting. I´m still looking for an elegant solution for the "doppelganger-situation". Okay, all Players think they are the Doppelganger. How does this work out??? Cardinal_Malik: What happend after the revelation? Please explain...



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