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MuertoXSky wrote:

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Sorry I messed up the - and _.

Now it is corrected.

Jen the GM wrote:

I just posted this yesterday.

By the rules, yes. Just have your Eidolon stay with the summoner for more than 24 hours (just skip sleep from one night). It becomes a permanent bonus, then you take power attack. It only works when you are fused, but that is really when you needed it, right?

Jen the GM is right: Just like all boni you can maintain on a large timespann (24h+) you are qualified.

Somewhere the question was already awnsered... but I don't have time for a search^^
You can take it but it is only usable if you meet the prerequirements.
So a synthesist with Str 11 (and no Str-belt, buff, etc.) can take the feat but not use it till he has his eidolon (with Str of 13+) summoned.

Same as the good ol' Eldrich Claws and the druid.

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My Group just plays with the basics (Core, Advanced, Bestiary I+II, Ultimate Combat and Magic) but is getting more and more off the mainroad - we getting interrested in 3PP stuff and looking for good (and especially useful!) stuff.

The only of your products I know is the '30 not so mundane items', but after reading it I know we need more of these rules.
Good quality and many ideas our group will never have on its own.

Gentleman wrote:
Banjax wrote:

You're confusing the item's CL and the crafter's CL, the Cloak of Resistance has a CL of 5 which basically states how powerful it is but it's the crafter who needs to have a CL of 3x the bonus

Wait, now I'm really confused. Each item has a CL, which I know is used to determined the identify DC of it, as well as the DC for item creation. But this CL is not a requirement for the caster to have?

So for the cloak of Resistance, for a +1 bonus you would only required a crafter CL of 3, even as the CL of the cloak of resistance item is 5? Some items doesn't even have much of a requirement, a Belt of Giants Strength has a CL of 8, but the only requirement is bulls strength and no caster CL . So you could technically make a +6 belt at level 3 since a spellcraft DC of 13 isn't very hard to beat, provided you have the money for it.

Magic weapons and armors only add to the confusion, as they state that you take the highest of either the enhancement bonus * 3 or the specific enhancements required CL. But none of them have requirements, for Flaming example it only says: Moderate Evocation, CL 10th, Craft Magic Arms & Armour and Flameblade, Flamestrike, or Fireball. Is the CL10th a requirement, or just the items CL?

There are 2 different CLs here and many players are mixing them.

Somewhere the good Jacobs has clarified this (search for the pearls of power-question).

Each magical item has a CL (dermining the minimum CL it has) and sometimes there is a CL required from the creator.


Lets have some examples: we create some items (a cloak of resistance +3 and a longsword +4) with differnent charakters (a CL 6 creator and a CL 10 creator):

CL6 creator trys on the cloak of resistance and his spellcraft-check DC is 13 [5 (basis) + 3 (the item CL) + 5 (because we are missing the "creator is at least 3*bonus"-requirement)] now he can increase the DC via increasing the item-CL - if he wants to give the cloak a higher save...

and the CL6 creator creates the longsword +4 with the spellcraft DC of 17 [5 (basis) + 12 (item CL)] ... here we can increase the item-CL the same way as above.

Now our CL 10 creator: He can make the cloak with a DC of 8 (if he meets all other req. and not increasing the item-CL) and the longsword with a DC 17 (same here).


One special thing are the weapon speacial abilities: They have a own min-CL. so if your special ability has a CL 8 and you want to create a <special ability> weapon +2 or a <special ability> weapon +3 the item-CLs are maximum of both CLs.

weapon +2 (at least CL 6) and special ability (at least CL 8) means the item has to be at least CL 8 [means at least a spellcraft-DC 13 if you meet all requirements and not increasing the item-CL any further]

weapon +3 (at least CL 9) and special ability (at least CL 8) means the item has to be at least CL 9 [means at least a spellcraft-DC 14 if you meet all requirements and not increasing the item-CL any further]

hope that helps and because I'm in a hurry and without a rulebook there just a few mistakes ;)

I think nearly everyone is right but talking about different evolutions.

1) Improved Damage: You have to buy it once for each FORM (bite in our discussion) to increase the dice for damage by one step (1d6 -> 1d8 -> ...)

"One of the eidolon’s natural attacks is particularly deadly. Select one natural attack form and increase the damage die type by one step. This
evolution can be selected more than once. Its effects do not stack. Each time an eidolon selects this evolution, it applies to a different natural attack."

2) Spend an additional point in a bite attack to get 1.5 times his Str-Mod.

"Bite (Ex): [...] If the eidolon already has a bite attack, this volution allows it to deal 1-1/2 times its Strength modifier on damage rolls made with its bite."

So my solution would be:
Sam the summoner want to have his eidolon to chew on every enemy in sight... he decides to buy 2 additional heads (2x2 evolution points), 1 more bite (1 evopoint), increases his bite-damage-dice by one step (1 point) and make the first bite more dangerous by adding a 2nd row of teeth or whatever by spending 1 point.
At the end we have 3 heads: one without a bite (maybe for grinning at the foes while chewing), one with a "normal" bite with increased damage 1d8 (medium) + Str-Mod and one with even more ouch: 1d8 + 1.5x Str-Mod

You can always cast a Mage Armor (+4 armor bonus) and add a enhance bonus to your clothes (is a valid target in the spell description).

Now you have a Mage Armor +4 armor +0 enhance and cloth +0 armor and +X enhance. The same bonuses won't stack, but you have different.

Problem solved ;)

thepuregamer wrote:

Can a synthesist take the resilient eidolon feat?

RAW: nope!

But James Jacobs said "Some GMs might allow it..."

Your eidolon class feature was removed because of the merged eidolon class feature. No "extra evolution", no "xyz eidolon", no nothing...
Make a nice pizza, buy some energy drinks and ask your GM with your silver tounge while he's happy ;)

thepuregamer wrote:

He might not be able to wear armor but he can definitely cast mage armor and he can use a shield(shields are not armor. do not use the armor slot, do not use armor proficiency, do not provide an armor bonus). Mithril light shield for the win. don't even need to spend a feat getting proficiency.

By lvl 8 that means that while fused the summoner has

around 12 natural armor(2 base, 2 large, 6 lvls, 2 ina evolution)
-1 size
+2 dex
+3 barkskin
+4 mage armor
=31 ac self buffed. If he wants more ac he can get a ring of deflection and also cast shield on himself early in combat.

At lvl 9 his barkskin goes up to +4, at lvl 10 he can get improved natural armor evolution again. when he can afford it, he can pick up a mithril light shield and enchant it. Then he won't need to cast shield anymore.

That is hard to compete against.

Never forget the "shielding merge" (or was ist "merged shield") which replaces shielding ally: as long as the eidolon and the synthesist is merged she gets a +2 AC shield bonus (therefore casting shield or using a shield is useless) ...and in addition a +2 circumstance resistance bonus. I guess it was level 14 when the boni increased to +4.

The weakness of a "tanking" synthersist are fights in public (yeah the summon eidolon-spell decreases the time of beeing exposed without the outstanding AC) but is still a 1-round-cast. And the first caster hitting with a sleep-spell or casting a banish take the poor guy out.

An other usefull spell is the protection or circle of protection-spell in a suprise-attack: The synthesist have to use his summon eidolon spell to become ready in time and every non-attacking enemy (smart enemies just ignore the poor guy) can't be hit till the synthesist got any SR.

I think a "fair" 1on1 against a synthesist is not a good idea ;)

Hope my GM will never read this...


On the healing-problem:
James Jacobs said (somewhere in his "ask me everything") that we have to stop of thinking of two different beeings and see the synthesist as becoming the eidolon. The syn should be healed up to his HP + temp HP and the problem with the fast healing is also cleared: one beeing - one fast healing.

Cheapy wrote:
Morris Chan wrote:

your way makes sense too, i was thinking

minium damage for 2d6+5 is 6 damage than you add int modifier which is 4
to get a total of 10 damage splash

The minimum damage of rolling two d6 die is 2. The +5 is the Int bonus, although I'm not sure where you got +5 with an Int of 18.

I think you got confused from this line:

SRD wrote:
(so if the bomb would deal 2d6+4 points of fire damage on a direct hit, its splash damage would be 6 points of fire damage)

+4 Int +1 Point-Black I guess

ShadowcatX wrote:

There's more to a summon / eidolon than just its stats. They grant twice as many actions per round to a single player. That's a huge bonus.

Beyond that summons in particular are expendable resources, there's no penalty if they die, there's not even a reason to expend resources if they take damage.

The issue isn't that they're poorly balanced with regards to an epic point buy. They are balanced with how the game is designed, and while their power level will be higher at lower point buys they should still be considerable help at higher point values.

Assuming, of course, that you're playing by the rules of the game. If you're slapping templates on all the player characters, and their foes then yes, their stats are going to be lack luster.

As I said IF the summoner is to weak... (my synthesist just startet his adventure and has no fighting/play-experience but seems to be balanced even with the standard-stats on charakters with a higher point-buy-basis).

Even a "weak" eidolon taking the large-evolution is a good fighter.

Gorbacz wrote:

Your question is un-answerable, because we don't know what you mean by "fantasy level". Everyone has his own definitions of that.

For some people, swining swords at dragons is epic, for others that's run the mill and epic begins when you fly across the stars and shoot meteors at nearby planets.

He means the "low fantasy"-option on table 1-2 p.16 pfcr (low-fantasy-chars have 10 points to spend using the purchase method).

If the Synthesist is to weak ask your GM if he gives you a buff:

May be calculate
normal points 10
high fantasy 13-14
epic fantasy 16-18

a full upgrade (1 more char-point = 1 more eidlon-point) is to much in my opinion because you aren't really increase mental stats with these points.

But don't worry: the 'Shielded Merge' pushes the saves just high enough to stand in the line of fire ;)

Fighter 20: +12 Fort
Summoner 20: +10 Fort

Moonglade wrote:

Did anyone notice those are level 2 spells for him?

Why's that? I'm just wondering. I always thought those are extremely
powerfull spells.
Shouldn't they be level 3? Is there some sort of errata or something?
Is the summoner getting them because he misses out a lot? Can someone please explain?

thanks ^^

A summoner get access to new spell-levels slower than other caster. He gets the first 2nd level spell on the 4th level. I guess making hast/slow a summoner3rd means he gets the spell "to late" compared to other spellcaster (3rd are available on the 7th summoner level).

I have fond no other solution. ;)

TarkXT wrote:

So the skilled Evolution allows the eidolon to gain a +8 racial bonus to a skill.

However the synthesist says that an eidolon has no sklls.

Will I still be able to take the skilled evolution adn thus give my summoner a +8 racial bonus on something?

The Synthesist gets access to all evolutions the eidolon posess. As long as the Eidolon is summoned the syntesist get a +8 racial-mod to the choosen skills.