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I'm just curious how other DM's are ruling or would rule on this. Say you are running a bronze age game. What would be the additional effect to a character wearing Bronze armor when they get hit with a FIRESTREAM spell?

Are they covered in molten bronze that continues to deal damage?

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Just like the title says... has anyone tried to convert the films of Hayao Miyazaki to Pathfinder?

For example -

Castle in the Sky
Howl's Moving Castle

How would one create the toxic world of Nausicaa?

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I'm just having myself a little Pirates of the Caribbean marathon. As I'm a gamer and and DM... I began asking myself how I'd stat up Capt. Jack Sparrow and other characters.

While I ponder on this question myself and finish my marathon, I thought I'd post this up and ask the boards...

How would you stat up the cast and crew of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies?

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I was thumbing through my books looking at possible alchemist builds and was wondering about a Chirurgeon/Vivisectionist Archtype Alchemist...

Has anyone played one of these? How'd it go?

Just thought I'd toss this out there. Any of my fellow gamers in the Jacksonville area looking for a room to rent? My previous roommate took off and I've got a extra unfurnished room in 2-bedroom/2-bath apartment that is open and in need of occupancy.

Any takers?

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I'm building a back-up character for a weekly game I'm in. The campaign world is low magic. With this in mind I figured a good fit would be the more "common man" Martial Artist Archtype for the Monk. The DM is having us use the 2d6+6 stat rolling method. My Rolls: 18 16 16 12 11 11 NOT BAD!

The build I'm putting together is going to somewhat mimic a modern day MMA/Martial Artist who is skilled at breaking things and to take advantage of the first part of:

PRD wrote:
Exploit Weakness (Ex): At 4th level, as a swift action, a martial artist can observe a creature or object to find its weak point by making a Wisdom check and adding his monk level against a DC of 10 + the object's hardness or the target's CR. If the check succeeds, the martial artist gains a +2 bonus on attack rolls until the end of his turn, and any attacks he makes until the end of his turn ignore the creature or object's DR or hardness. *SNIP*

I'm maybe thinking a Human multi-class Martial Artist/Barbarian but have yet to make up my mind on specifics.

Any suggestions?

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Please cancel all my current subscriptions except for my Adventure Paths Subscription.

Please put my Adventure Paths Subscription on hold until the month of July.

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It appears to me as this would work... but I just thought I'd ask for a double check on the rules.

Would using the Hurl Scabbard trick from Adventurer's Armory work with the Opening Volley feat?

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Hello Paizo boards,

I'm a DM who runs a weekly Pathfinder home game who needs a few more players to fill out the ranks. I currently run a Monday morning "10am-4pm" -ish game. However, another game for Tuesday evening may be in the works if there is enough interest.

Any takers for either day?

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Today I received order #1793456 that was placed a week after and shipped on the 13th.

I still have yet to receive order #1773284 that shipped on the 9th. I'm pretty sure by this point that the package has been lost in transit.

What needs to be done?


Sad and missing his Ultimate Combat...

Christopher Bryan Inglish

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Has anyone toyed with a build for a Half-Orc Barbarian who focuses on bite attacks?

I'm thinking the character would function much the same as two-handed weapon type character. The bite would be a primary natural attack and thus would function well with power attack and furious focus.

Has anyone done this character?

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No... I'm not talking about a certain Great White Shark.

I was thinking of creating Jaws of James Bond villain fame as a NPC for a game. To achieve the basic requirement (he have jaws) I was thinking of using a Half-Orc and some of the APG variants. Past that... I'm kinda at a loss for how to set him up.

Any Advice?

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So... I was thinking of creating a Sumo type character. I was looking at a Human (Tien) as the race and would put him close to max weight and height limits for humans but past that am kinda torn between using Monk or Fighter. I know I need to be good at combat maneuvers...

Does anyone have any suggestions for what would constitute a good Sumo type character?

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Really... nobody?

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Alrighty... no automatic negative response is better than nothing I guess.

I was thinking that I wanted this little derringer to fire a special round. Thus I was thinking about making a batch of magic bullets.

So... creating bullets would require a batch of 50 MW bullets, a +1 enhancement, and then I could drop some interesting magic on them. Each +1 bullet is 46gp. Each +2 magic bullet would be 166 gp.

The reason I'd create the BBEG with a batch of magic bullets is that I could mix and match the enhancements on them. This would allow me to have a selection of Bane bullets for each of the major races.

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If nobody has used the Combat Form feats... what modifications would we make to them to adjust them for Pathfinder?

Combat Defense I could see just having it give a bonus to dodge. Combat Stability would just give a flat +4 bonus to combat maneuvers.

Any other changes required?

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Using the new fused grenades from the Adventurer's Armory, some twine, and a few tindertwigs I could see one devising a booby trap.

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Request -

Please cancel the campaign coins from this order and ship the other two items ASAP.

Thanks much! :)

- C. Inglish

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The spell Dimension Door say that you can bring along objects as long as they do not exceed your maximum load. However, it does not specify that you be "CARRYING" those objects.

Thus... should you be able to touch an large object sitting on the ground next to you when you DD and bring it along?

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For starters... I generally ignore "alignment" for my campaigns. It only comes up on a few occasions.

I've seen some interesting threads pop up recently that related to alignment. "Good vs. Evil" kinda stuff. The topic is of course a fairly heated one. That said... I've taken some things away from those conversations and am thinking of creating a house-rule for alignment in my campaigns to build upon my general "neutral" view.

I'm of the belief that characters come into the game world as Neutral, and that Neutral should be the base alignment for everyone.

Of immediate impact the axis of Law vs. Chaos changes depending on the rules of land you reside. If you have a habit of breaking or following those laws determines your position on that axis. This is fairly easy to rule on. It seems to me that "society" generally determines on if you are considered lawful or chaotic. What defines this would change to a certain extent from society to society.

The Good vs. Evil axis should also have a back and forth to it as well. What immediately comes to mind is the channeling of positive or negative energy, casting of spells with the Good or Evil descriptor, or other such acts that are "magically" inherently evil or good. These acts should accumulate the most "points" back and forth as you are magically bleaching or tainting your soul.

Of less ease in ruling on are other "evil" or "good" acts. Killing? Saving? Maiming? Healing? Taunting? Encouraging?

For example ... Killing someone at their own request to put them out of their misery. "Killing" is "evil". However acting out of compassion to end pain?

I'd like help in developing some charts that give a point value to these acts. Any takers?

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5 hours later and still no takers huh? A little more info then...

PRD wrote:

Goblin Characters

Goblins are defined by their class levels—they do not possess racial Hit Dice. All goblins have the following racial traits.

–2 Strength, +4 Dexterity, –2 Charisma: Goblins are fast, but weak and unpleasant to be around.

Small: Goblins are Small creatures and gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a –1 penalty to their CMB and CMD, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.

Fast: Goblins are fast for their size, and have a base speed of 30 feet.

Darkvision: Goblins can see in the dark up to 60 feet.

Skilled: +4 racial bonus on Ride and Stealth checks.

Languages: Goblins begin play speaking Goblin. Goblins with high Intelligence scores can choose any of these bonus languages: Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Gnoll, Gnome, Halfling, Orc.

I'd say this little fellow is "heroic" for a goblin.

PRD wrote:
Heroic NPCs: The ability scores for a heroic NPC are: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, and 8.

So stats before racial mods...

Str 12, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 8

... after racial and level mods...

Str 10, Dex 20, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 6

HD: 5d12 + 10 ⇒ (4, 12, 2, 9, 5) + 10 = 42
Speed: 30
Special: Darkvision

Feats: 1st-Improved Unarmed Strike, 3rd-Skill Focus (Concentration), 5th-Weapon Finesse, Blade Meditation (bonus)

Skills: Acrobatics, Concentration, Stealth, Perception (These would be my main choices with more being possible.)

So going with the above info... when making a concentration check my Goblin Warblade would have a +15. (5 ranks, +3 Class, +2 Con, +3 Focus, +2 Blade Meditation)

So on a Insightful Strike he would have a +11 to hit and deal 1d20 +15 damage.

Sound right so far?

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The idea for this feat tree popped into my head while I was working on a series of drawing feats based off of the Quick Draw feat HERE.

I began thinking more about the anime Rurouni Kenshin and the fighting style of the main character Kenshin, I thought it would also be nice to have a series of feats that add extra damage to a drawing style attack.

On to the feats...

Battojutsu Training (Combat)
You have studied the art of quickly drawing your sword, attacking, and then sheathing your sword all in a smooth motion.

Prerequisites: Quick Draw
Benefits: As a attack action you may draw and make a single attack with a sword and return it to its sheath after the attack without provoking attacks of opportunity. If you have a sheathed sword on your person (not hidden or in a container) you are treated as wielding and threatening the squares around you with that weapon as if you had it in hand.

Battojutsu Strike (Combat)
You have learned to used the increased speed of your draw to deal greater damage.

Prerequisites: Quick Draw, Battojutsu Training
Benefits: When you use your Battojutsu Training to attack a foe you may add your dexterity modifier to damage.

Greater Battojutsu Strike (Combat)
You have increased your speed and learned how to strike multiple foes with your Battojutsu Training.

Prerequisites: BAB +6, Quick Draw, Battojutsu Training, Battojutsu Strike
Benefits: When attacking with your Battojutsu Training you may now make as many attacks as you are able before returning your sword to its sheath. Additionally, when making only a single strike you may add 1 1/2 your dexterity modifier to damage.

(So what does everyone think? Too powerful? Too Weak? Just right?)

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I'm a big fan of the anime Naruto (we all have our little weaknesses) and really enjoy how they included various abilities into the anime.

With the addition of Ki Power to the PF Monks bag of tricks we have a wonderful mechanic to add in additional powers and abilities to the Monk without needing to make any major changes to the rest of the class. I feel the PF Monk could easily fill in for the old 3.5 Ninja.

To start things off... Monks already get bonuses to jump and movement speed something done by focusing chakra to the feet in the Naruto anime. It would be nice to have monk ki powers that allowed...

Ki Power focused on the feet to allow "climbing" without the use of hands much like spider climb. By expending a single Ki point you'd get one rounds worth of this climbing ability. This could be maintained by spending another ki point each round. One rounds worth of such "climbing" ability would allow you to walk or move over vertical surfaces or even cling to the ceiling.

Ki Power focused on the feet to allow "water walking" just as the water walk spell. (This is a very ninja like thing to do) Again, one Ki point would give you one rounds worth of water walking. Extending the ability would require further expenditure of ki points each round.

Ki Power to allow invisibility as per the spell. 2 Ki points would give you one rounds worth of invisibility.

And to really mimic the anime... how about a Ki Power that would allow you to create mirror images as per the spell?

How do these ideas sound?

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Quick Draw is a very useful feat that lets you ready your weapon quickly...however this is only on your characters turn. What I propose a feat called Flash Draw that would allow you to draw a weapon as a immediate action and would require Quick Draw as a pre-req. This would allow you to draw a weapon in reaction to any enemy on that enemies turn. It would allow you to ready another weapon immediately after being disarmed. It would also allow you to ready an action to attack an enemy that comes close, but to keep your weapon sheathed so as to not appear ready to attack.

Flash Draw (Combat)
You can draw weapons so fast it dazzles the eyes.

Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +5, Quick Draw
Benefit: You can draw a weapon as a immediate action.

Is there anything that immediately comes to mind that might suggest this should not be advisable or otherwise "broken"? Should the proposed BAB requirement be lower?

I'm thinking of creating a serious of feats that would use Quick Draw as a base. Flash Draw would be the first and there would be at least one more that would allow you to draw objects such as flasks and alchemical objects.

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Just talked with my DM and got approval to playtest the summoner in his weekly sunday game. Will be creating a Halfling Summoner (3rd) and Eidolon.

Got some ideas for the Eidolon that I'm going to mule over a bit however the basic concept is


3rd Level Medium Bipedal Eidolon

Evolutions - Swap out claws for two Slams (2 points), Add Reach-Slam (1 point), Ability Score Increase +2 Strength (2 points)

Feats - Weapon Focus (Slam), Improved Natural Attack (Slam)

This should give me a bruiser that does 2 slams as primary attacks at +7 to hit (2d6 +4) damage each.

Got to hash it out with the DM after he has had time to read up the material. So for now... off to bed.

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As a Eidolon is "Summon once - hang around all day" kinda creature this makes me think of them as a perfect bodyguard. The Summoner is kinda squishy, so needs to keep melee foes far away. The working idea for my Guardian Eidolon is this...

1st level Medium Serpentine Eidolon - Evolutions: Bite (F), Climb (F), Tail (F), Tail Slap (F), Reach (Tail), Push, and Sting. Feats: Combat Reflexes

5th level Medium Serpentine Eidolon - Evolutions: Bite (F), Climb (F), Tail (F), Tail Slap (F), Flight (Magical), Reach (Tail), Push, Trip, and Sting. Feats: Combat Reflexes, Alertness, Skill Focus (Perception)

... given the example above, the idea is for the Eidolon to stick to the summoner like glue. Once flight is gained, the Eidolon hovers over the summoner ready to strike at anything that comes withing AoO range. Using trip or pushing tail slaps to knock back or drop prone any creature that gets too close to the Eidolons Summoner. Eventually, you'd pick up SLA that would grant invisibility or greater invisibility The Guardian would then hover silent and invisible.

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Lokie wrote:
I'm not bashing the concept... I'm highly impressed by the idea in fact! Yet, as I said in the title, does the Eidolon seem to have some resemblance to the astral contruct?

Evolution choices from menu options 1point, 2point, etc...


Construct choices from Menu A, Menu B, etc...

Complete Psionic opened up various base forms of the Astral Contruct with a series of feats and reduced the amounts of constructs summoned to 1 at a time.


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PRD wrote:
Smokestick: This alchemically treated wooden stick instantly creates thick, opaque smoke when burned. The smoke fills a 10-foot cube (treat the effect as a fog cloud spell, except that a moderate or stronger wind dissipates the smoke in 1 round). The stick is consumed after 1 round, and the smoke dissipates naturally after 1 minute.
PRD wrote:

Smoke Effects

A character who breathes heavy smoke must make a Fortitude save each round (DC 15, +1 per previous check) or spend that round choking and coughing. A character who chokes for 2 consecutive rounds takes 1d6 points of nonlethal damage. Smoke obscures vision, giving concealment (20% miss chance) to characters within it.

Breathing in thick alchemical smoke cannot be good for you. I can understand giving out the rules for fog cloud to cover visibility issues and the like... but shouldn't a smoke stick also be smokey?

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There are a great amount of posts that are constantly about why many people believe the Monk class "sucks", this thread is not to be used for that purpose. I myself rather like the look of the PF Monk class on paper. (Even if there is always room for improvement) However, that being said, I've not yet had a chance to seriously play one in game. Instead of commenting on the "bad", I'd like to take a look at what the class CAN do.

One of the things the Monk class has always been lauded for has been its maneuverability. In 3.5 this was mostly because of class skill access to tumble and balance in addition to its fast movement class feature. This has not changed but now the Monk does compete a little bit at levels 1-3 with the Barbarian for maneuverability because both classes have access to Acrobatics and the Barbarian starts off with Fast Movement from 1st level. However this becomes less of an issue when the monk gains Fast Movement and Ki Pool access.

Another neat feature of the Monk is that it gets bonus feats. While not as great in number as the fighter after 2rd level, the added option is nice. The PF Monk has improved in this respect over the 3.5 Monk as they now have a wider selection of feats to choose from at any given level. Also, not having to spend a feat to get Stunning Fist is flat out awesome, effectively giving the PF Monk one extra feat over its 3.5 counterpart.

Ki Pool - How I love thee! When the 3.5 Ninja class came out with this type of class feature, I've long thought the Monk should have something just like it. Channeling and using internal energy to accomplish acrobatic acts of stunning agility and or even the supernatural. Just Brilliant! I'm looking forward to any material containing further options that expand upon this class feature. So much potential here.

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So... this last Sunday when my group got together the DM sprang a "tough" fight on our group of three 1st level characters + wolf animal companion. Afterwards we began searching a chamber and found a variety of artifacts of power.

One of these items was the Deck of Many Things. Needless to say much hilarity ensued... but there were some lucky draws first and then unlucky draws. Being rather unwise my fighter Gregor was the first to draw one card. I had managed to draw the hard that gave me 50,000 exp. and a moderate magical item. Having gained a wealth of experience in such a short time I RP'ed him wandering off to a corner to absorb his new life experiences. (on the slow progression and still gained 4 levels)

The other two players (a druid and a cleric) changed off drawing cards back and forth. The player of a cleric got 4 wishes... then managed to draw three bad cards in a row which he negated with his wishes... While he was deciding what to do the other druid's player drew several cards managing to get his soul entrapped... which was negated with the cleric's final wish and then get a 4th level fighter retainer and 10,000 experience. The cleric drew several more times and managed to get a castle, a mace of smiting, a free avoid any situation card, as well as draw a card that let him level up on the next creature he defeats. (At which point a spider wandered by.)

So our party of 3 first level characters is now a party of...

Gregor - Human Fighter 5th
Hida - Half-elf Cleric 2nd (master of a castle)
Phin - Half-elf Druid 3rd (4th level Fighter Retainer + Wolf Animal Companion)

... and we've managed to wander onto the elemental plane of earth through a portal in the next room. This'll be interesting.

Do any of the wonderful members of the boards have amusing stories dealing with artifacts?

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Speaking of anime flavored characters... I've always wanted some means in D&D to mimic the "projected sword attack" used in many different anime such as Bleach or R. Kenshin/Samurai X. As well as a few games or computer generated anime such as as FF7: Advent Children.

The "Heaven Shocking Fang" from Bleach being a very powerful example of this.

Its basic form though being that a swordsman swings his sword and projects ki or some other energy from the edge of his weapon in a line that cuts anything in its path. Thinking on this, I believe there is a spell (perhaps in Spell Compendium) out there where a caster can throw a weapon and deal damage to all targets in a line. Were we to change the flavor of this slightly I believe we could use the crunch of the spell to mimic what I have in mind.

Question is... should we leave it as a spell for the use of Fighter/Mage's or could we adapt it into a feat?

Perhaps something along the lines of the Ki attack feats from PHBII.

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With the addition of the Catch-off-guard feat with the Pathfinder RPG, we have a bunch of new options for characters. Improvised weapons are everywhere. Several such weapons are listed right in the equipment list. That being said - you've all seen comics, cartoons, anime, video games, etc... with a character that uses a large wrench or other tool or some odd object as their weapon of choice. I myself have been highly tempted to explore these options for characters who specialize in a improvised weapon as their weapon of choose. The rogue who totes around a crowbar for example.

Though this brings to mind a question...

If you wonderful members of the boards were to create a character that used Catch-off-guard and improvised weapons as your main attack option, what would your choice of class and weapon be?

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Barrier Adept -

The first Barrier Adept began learning his abilities in a land full of hostile spirits. Undergoing fierce training of mind, body, and spirit the mystic slowly learned to tap the latent raw magic that surrounded him and gather and shape it through shear force of will. This warrior mystic used his newfound abilities to defend his people against these evil spirits and to destroy them. Over time, he trained others in his skills so they might continue his work. Barrier Adepts have since spread throughout the world seeking to use their abilities for as many reasons as there are barrier adepts.

Role - Barrier Adepts are prized for their skill with defensive barriers and as spirit hunters. They can function well as body guards or adventurers.

Alignment - Barrier Adepts can be of any alignment. Though, because of their training, Barrier Adepts tend towards lawful over chaotic alignments.

HD: d8

Class Skills - Acrobatics, Climb, Craft, Knowledge (all), Perception, Profession, Sense Motive, Spellcraft

Skill Points - 4 + INT mod.

1 Force Barrier , Barrier Destruct 1d6, Martial Training
2 Harden Barrier (Crystal 1)
3 Barrier Destruct 2d6
4 Bonus Feat
5 Barrier Destruct 3d6
6 Harden Barrier (Wood 5)
7 Barrier Destruct 4d6
8 Quicken Barrier
9 Barrier Destruct 5d6
10 Harden Barrier (Steel 10)
11 Barrier Destruct 6d6
12 Flash Barrier
13 Barrier Destruct 7d6
14 Harden Barrier (Mithral 15)
15 Barrier Destruct 8d6
16 Bonus Feat
17 Barrier Destruct 9d6
18 Harden Barrier (Adamantine 20)
19 Barrier Destruct 10d6
20 Barrier Master

Class Features -

Weapon and Armor Proficiency - Barrier Adepts gain proficiency with Simple weapons and Light armor and shields. (light shields and bucklers only.)

Force Barrier (Su) - A Barrier Adept has the ability to gather and store a pool of raw magical power for use in creating force barriers. This pool of raw magic is equal to (10 x Barrier Adept Level + Int. Mod.). A force barrier is a immobile barrier that appears made of visable iridesent force (looking much like a soap bubble). A Barrier Adept can create and mantain one or more force barriers (Max barriers equal to Int. Mod. with a minimum of 1) by using an amount of points from this pool. For example a 1st level Barrier Adept with a Int. score of 14 could create two force barriers by using 7 points each, one barrier using 14 points, or any combination equal to the total pool of availible points. Each force barrier has HP equal to the amount of invested points and a AC of 10 with a default hardness of 0.(With the consistancy of hardened gelatin.) The force barrier can take the form of a wall, sphere, half-sphere, or cube. At first level the force barrier a Barrier Adept can create is only large enough to surround one medium sized creature. As the Adept grows in power, the force barrier can surround a number of medium creatures equal to the Barrier Adept level of the Adept that created it. (For example, at 4th level a Barrier Adept could create a force barrier large enough to surround 4 medium creatures or 1 large creature.) Creating a force barrier takes a standard action and has a range of 25ft. + 5ft. per Barrier Adept level.

Barrier Destruct (Su) - A Barrier Adept can also use force barriers for offence. The Barrier Adept can attempt to capture an opponent or opponents in a sphere or cube shaped barrier; the creatures are allowed a Reflex Save with a DC equal to 10 + 1/2 the Barrier Adept's level + the Barrier Adept's Int. Mod. to avoid being captured in the barrier. The size or number of creatures a Barrier Adept can capture is dependent only on the size of the force barrier the adept is able to create. Once an creature is captured, thereafter at any time as a free action, a barrier adept can decide to cause the force barrier to self destruct in a explosion of raw magic. This explosion deals the listed Barrier Destruct damage for the Barrier Adept's level to any creatures trapped within that force barrier.

Martial Training - Barrier Adepts undergo rigorous physical training and learn how to fight unarmed in case they are unable to use thier abilities. The Barrier Adept gains the Improved Unarmed Strike feat.

Harden Barrier - At 2nd level a Barrier Adept starts to gain further control over the force barriers that are the classes trademark. Starting at 2nd level a Barrier Adept can apply the hardness of crystal to created force barriers giving them a hardness of 1. This ability improves every 4 Barrier Adept levels thereafter, giving the Barrier Adept a new material to have created force barriers mimic.

Martial Talent - At 4th level and again at 16th level a Barrier Adept gets a bonus feat. These feats represent further martial training and can be any combat feat that the Barrier Adept meets the prerequisites for.

Quicken Barrier - At 8th level a Barrier Adept begins to figure out how to create force barriers at a faster rate and can create a force barrier as a move action instead of a standard action.

Flash Barrier - At 12th level a Barrier Adept learns how to create a force barrier in response to a deadly threat. A barrier adept gains the ability to create a force barrier as a immediate action once per day.

Barrier Master - "Insert yet to be written text here."

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Has anybody thought about converting GHOSTWALK to Pathfinder?

If so, where in Golarion would seem to fit?

What would it be like if the entire world of Golarion was effected by these rules?

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While I was working today, I let my mind wander as I often do. As I thought about this and that, it became clear to me of something that is currently lacking in D&D/Pathfinder. Almost nowhere that I know of are there abilities/feats/spells/etc... that allow force effects with "hp totals" as it were. Very closest that I can think of is the Psionic power "Ectoplasmic Wall".

In fiction (sci-fi/or fantasy) and movies and very often in anime you'll often see a hero protect the group by erecting a field of force to protect the group from falling rocks, or the attack of a massive creature. Often this field of force weakens as it is struck until it eventually shatters. Yet, the hero bought the group valuable time.

One near perfect example of what I have in mind for this class concept in action might be the 2 main characters from the anime Kekkaishi. They use and create various different force effects for both attack and defense to capture spirits.

What I propose is this... a new 1-20 level "base" class that focuses on the manipulation of force effects. Starting at 1st level being only able to provide basic protection to him/herself but eventually able to create force effects powerful enough to stop the attacks of an enraged dragon.

This will be my very first attempt at creating a class so I'd be very grateful of any help I might receive.

To start -

I envision a member of this class being relatively durable and capable in a fight. The d8 Hit Dice and corresponding BAB of a cleric fits the bill. Having undergone rigorous training to maintain their force effects they are tough of both body and mind... so good saves in FORT. and Will also make sense to me. Considering the classes reliance on force effects... No armor proficiency and simple weapons seems ok.

One of the main class features I'd like to include is the manipulation of force effects.

Starting with the ability to create "mage armor" and "shield" effects as per the spells.

Taking the "Wall of Ectoplasm" psionic power and adapting it as another class feature. However I'd like it to be able to "power up" as a character progresses in the class. Starting with only a moderate size and amount of hp on the effect and gaining a larger and larger pool of HP. Also, the effect would not start off having hardness, but would eventually gain hardness incrementally. (The force field growing stronger and more stable as the character grows).

Having the ability to hurl small darts or needles of force. (much like magic missile only with attack rolls)

And lastly having the ability to create a "clone" using minor illusionary effects combined with force effects. (Sort of like a visible combat version of a Unseen Servant.) The idea being to give you a means to act and manipulate things outside of your protective barrier.

What say the boards on the concept so far? :)

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I just recently finished watching through Van Helsing recently. The scene when Van Helsing is using the two hand powered buzz-saws... inspired me to create a two-weapon fighter with starknifes.

Due in part to the weapon of choice I'd want to go with a Varisian Human character. For flavor I'd want to take ranks in perform (dance), acrobatics, and sleight of hand over the life of the character. Dancing through combat with a pair of starknifes... or performing juggling and dancing for coin.

You would of course at 1st level go with two-weapon fighting, double slash, and weapon focus (starknife).

Past first level things start to get a little interesting. I myself prefer powerful attacks over lots and lots of attacks. I'd want to pick up power attack and weapon specialization (starknife). The starknife also makes a excellent thrown weapon, so tossing in feats like point blank shot, precise shot, or deadly aim also make sense.

Training your fighter in a mixture of these feats up until 6th level is the basic concept with Weapon Training going into Light Blades.

I was thinking of breaking the norm. a little and perhaps taking a level dip as a Wizard with a item bond. By 7th level you should perhaps have been able to afford at least one if not two adamantine starknifes. If you take a level of Wizard at 7th level you can use one of your adamantine starknifes for your weapon bond and pick up arcane strike as your 7th level feat. As a swift action each round you would be able to make your weapons magical. (without the associated cost)

If you chose Transmuter as your Wizard school you could also bump your physical stats to cover any weaknesses. Having cantrips would allow you to use Mage Hand to retrieve miss-thrown or disarmed starknifes or use prestiditation to add minor effects to your street performances.

I'm not sure on what exact progression I want to go with though. There are benefits to taking wizard at first level and then moving into fighter as well. You'd get a free mw weapon for your weapon bond and could pick up the Magic Weapon spell or True Strike to help cover for lack in BAB. Levels in Bard would also mesh well with the character concept and also allow for Arcane Strike.

The over all combined character would be able to cut through all kinds of objects with his starknifes as well as have a fair bit of mid-range combat ability.

How would the fine people here create said character?

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Thanks to the new skill system, for classes that require mostly skill points a pre-req nearly any class can get into them.

Taking this in mind, a fighter can get into shadowdancer at 6th level fairly easily by just paying the skill ranks in stealth and perform (dance) as the feats themselves are not to problematic and are on the way to a spring attack/ whirlwind attack/ feat tree.

At 6th level, those skills become class skills with the awakening of his skill as a shadowdancer and he gets the class skill bonus on stealth.

With this in mind... I'm thinking the Hide in Plain Sight ability gives you a fighter that can brutally cut down a target (or two) from hiding and then hide again as the body falls.

Perhaps even give him training in unarmed strike/scorpion style to prevent foes from running away and eventually stunning blow. How frightening would that be?

How feasible is a fighter /shadowdancer?

What say the boards?

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I was reading through my 3.5 books looking for interesting feats to use for a Pathfinder Monk. I dusted off my Magic of Incarnum and flipped to the chapter with feats. Almost immediately I saw one of use.

Azure Touch, simply put, this gives a Monk one more point of healing per point of essentia. BUT THEN... I realized it has a even greater effect for a Paladin. Effectively this raises your Paladin's level by the amount of invested essentia for the purposes of your lay on hands class feature. Pretty sweet.

Then I began thinking... it'd be pretty fun to try a incarnum race in PfRPG as well.

The simplest race to convert would of course be the Azurins as they are basically humans with essentia instead of skill points. So to convert them you just give them a +2 racial bonus in any stat.

The other races seem somewhat intimidating to me though... has anyone converted Magic of Incarnum races of their games yet?

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Something that is almost required... would be for you to pick up Crossbow mastery to use with your double crossbow. Being able to fire those two bolts every round is rather useful.

The Double Crossbow does not have any art attached to it in the PFCS book. I'm kinda curious what it looks like. Are there two tracks for bolts sitting side by side that are fired by the same string? My thinking from the description that, YES, this is the case. What if the double crossbow is covered to prevent the bolts from falling out? Would it be mechanically silly to have a hinged "break" in the crossbow that you load the bolts into? (Kinda like a double barrel shotgun)

What would a covered double crossbow look like?

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I'm thinking about creating some variant magic items based on the Bag of Tricks in the 3.5 DMG. I was thinking it might be fun to have "themed" bags that create one animal type.

The first I'd like to create would be a "Bag of Bats".

Much like a bag of tricks you reach in and pull out a creature. However, I kind of like the "charges per day" concept that allot of items from the Magic Item Compendium have. So 3 times per day you can reach in a pull out a bat at the cost of 1 charge.

I was also thinking of adding one more ability. At the cost of 3 charges you can turn the bag inside out to create a swarm of bats.

How would I go about pricing an item like this for Pathfinder?

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My postal person is unreliable and has not been delivering my packages.

Please upgrade my shipping to UPS Ground for pending order #1239460.

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The possibility exists that I may be out of town in the next few weeks and will not be back in town till sometime after the 16th.

This order is currently pending and waiting on my pre-ordered subscription items. Do we have a estimate on when this will be shipping out?

Edit: I ask so I can decide if I should request a temporary hold on this order so that I can be sure I'll be in town to receive it and not have the post office send it back.

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As part of an Overrun attempt made by someone with the Greater Overrun feat, if the target is knocked prone it provokes attacks of opportunity.

If I stopped my move on the opposite side of the enemy after performing a successful overrun and knocked the target prone, would I be able to take advantage of that AoO?

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Ok... guess not.

The 3.5 Reaping Mauler has the following prereqs -

BAB: +5
Skills: Escape Artist 5 ranks, Tumble 5 ranks
Feats: Clever Wrestling, Improved Unarmed Strike
Special: Take down three opponents one size catogory larger than himself with his bare hands.

The Pathfinder Reaping Mauler should have the following changes-

Skills: Escape Artist 2 ranks, Acrobatics 2 ranks

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I'm running my game under the new PRPG rule-set. I have a PC Wizard Conjurer in my group who is wondering where to find stats for a Poisonous Frog.

I'm at a loss and need to find something for the player to use at my game tonight. Where would a Poisonous Frog or something close be located?

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On a whim I did a search on ebay for pathfinder just to see. Amongst what came up for the search... I found this.


Sure... meant to be for fans of the car but works just as good for a gamer I'd say.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
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Has anyone used material from Tome of Battle in their Pathfinder games yet?

I'm thinking the book could provide quite a bit of fun material to a game. Thanks to the feats Martial Study and Martial stance, any class can have access to this material.

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