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A Miyazaki theme would fit well within both an Urban role-play heavy game/campaign or a combat heavy game I think...

There is room for both if you take "Princess Mononoke", "Nausicca", or "Howl's Moving Castle" as an example. "Princess Mononoke" also shows there is room for guns in fantasy as well.

If you want a "High Sky Piracy" kind of game with airships and guns you could look to "Castle in the Sky" for hints.

A good example of a role-play heavy Miyazaki game could use elements of "Spirited Away" or "Kiki's Delivery Service" or perhaps even "A Cat Returns".

I'm still giving it some thought but I'll most likely be using elements from all of these.

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Joegoat wrote:
You could shatter their powder horn... no black powder means they just have very expensive clubs and if you would cast spark on the now un-attended black powder at their feet then I could see it blowing up

If you are going to sunder something...why not the gun?

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Pol Mordreth wrote:

Seeing as how the book lists a specific item that protects the powder from fire?

As the powder horn specifies it protects it vs. fire, I'd still say you'd need to roll a nat. 1 for the horn to fail.

If they had a open keg of black powder that they were carrying then perhaps "boom". A carried closed keg might not explode because the powder is not "exposed" to flame. As a attended carried item I'd think the roll nat. 1 rule applies.

This would of course be up to each individual DM. Otherwise spells like fireball that say they melt metal or ignite items would leave PC's running around with clothing and hair on fire with melted coin slag in their pockets.

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Pol Mordreth wrote:

Blasty caster or fire domain cleric. Ready an action to cast burning hands, fireball, etc. Ready condition is "when I see the gunslinger open his powder horn".

BOOM! No more gunslinger.

That'd be a houserule. Equipment on a character is protected vs spell effects unless they roll a nat. 1 on a save or the spell specifically states it targets equipment.

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Would depend primarily on how advanced the gun was. I'd say that emerging guns are going to count primarily as wood. Advanced guns are more like their modern counterparts and may consist of more metal construction.

My suggestion is to do a google image search for the type of gun you are using and then talk it over with your DM.

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There are a number of spells that specifically target guns and gunpowder in the Ultimate Combat.

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I've run a variety of "sandboxes" some on a whim, others with a theme, sometimes I'm just wanting to try certain rule-sets. It usually starts with me having an idea. I'll then pose the question to my player's "If I run a game with (fill in the blank) would you be interested? If there is enough interest then I run the game. I never "force" my players to play a specific class, or to play in my world. I run games for those that are interested in having fun sharing the game world I envision.

For example:

When new books come out, I might decide to run a game with "non-core" classes only. Just to see how the classes function. Or, I might decide to run a "monster" game with "non-core" races only.

I've run a game with the theme of "Ninja's Vs. Pirates". While the assumption was that the player's would be pirates I did allow one of them to play a Ninja because he gave me a fun reason to allow it. (Role-play wise) P.S. - The pirate game started on talk like a pirate day and yes there was rum involved.

My latest sandbox was under "Magic was forgotten" and "Alchemy replaced Magic" themes and I only allowed classes that did not prepare or cast spells at the beginning of the game. (Alchemists being the exception with their infusions) The idea being that the players would eventually have a chance to rediscover magic.

For the most part I don't limit either class or race but do request a "GOOD" reason why a PC turned out the way they did regardless of what world, campaign, sandbox, or system I might be running in. The one thing I do ban would be evil alignments, as I generally prefer a "heroic good" kind of game.

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AdAstraGames wrote:

Ranger 1

Sorcerer 2
Fighter the rest of the way.

Ranger 1 lets you use wands of Lead Blades.
Sorcerer 2 lets you cast 6ish True Strikes per day.
Fighter lets you take Weapon Focus: Greataxe, Weapon Spec: Greataxe, etc, and take Vital Strike at level 7 or 8.

Lead Blades. Greataxe now does 3d6 base damage. Triple crit.
True Strike: +20 to hit on next attack, ignores concealment.
Vital Strike and Everything Else: "I'm rolling 6d6+18 damage, I hit on a +32 or so."

True Strike is nice... but unless quickened some how... it does limit you to an attack every other turn.

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Daelen wrote:
I posted a thread about these guys, but didn't get a response yet. I so want to combine this with the Fire bomber archetype for a crazy goblin that sets himself on fire (turns into a fire elemental) and then lunges at the enemy!

Setting yourself on fire... workable. Turning into a fire elemental... not so much, as you are no longer a goblin.

A combo alchemist/barbarian does have good benefits from the stacking bonuses to strength from rage and mutagen. Depending on the flavor of alchemist, you also get any number of interesting abilities from the mutagen as well.

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The main problem I see with it is that he looses his ki pool... since the alternate specifically says "add to ki pool", I'd say "No" on that one.

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Thank you for this. I recently started running a Jade Regent campaign and doing after game write-ups on facebook. Your write-ups inspire me to take more notes myself during gameplay. BRAVO!

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Well now... I'm going to have to dust off my copy of Chrono Trigger then. :)

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Now back to the main question. In the event of having your armor or other worn metal equipment slagged, should a PC need worry about being covered in molten metal? Do they need to remove the armor or suffer continual damage?

In the case of a clothing item failing a save, I'd say it'd be on fire. Would this also occur in the case of "soft" metal items?

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blackbloodtroll wrote:

Intelligence = book smarts.

Wisdom = common sense.

Exactly! :)

Smart enough to figure out how to do it. Wise enough to figure out that "Hey, this may hurt, lets not do it."

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Happler wrote:

For the items taking damage on a 1 on a saving throw, they have the text and chart on the order to work through here:

Items Surviving after a saving throw

Order most likely to be affected:

Order* Item
1st Shield
2nd Armor
3rd Magic helmet, hat, or headband
4th Item in hand (including weapon, wand, or the like)
5th Magic cloak
6th Stowed or sheathed weapon
7th Magic bracers
8th Magic clothing
9th Magic jewelry (including rings)
10th Anything else

Here is the text for the rules:


Items Surviving after a Saving Throw: Unless the descriptive text for the spell specifies otherwise, all items carried or worn by a creature are assumed to survive a magical attack. If a creature rolls a natural 1 on its saving throw against the effect, however, an exposed item is harmed (if the attack can harm objects). Refer to Table: Items Affected by Magical Attacks: Items Affected by Magical Attacks. Determine which four objects carried or worn by the creature are most likely to be affected and roll randomly among them. The randomly determined item must make a saving throw against the attack form and take whatever damage the attack dealt.

If the selected item is not carried or worn and is not magical, it does not get a saving throw. It simply is dealt the appropriate damage.

I've bolded the bit I think is relevant here. I was thinking in order of layers and forgot about held items.

I'd actually think that a cloak would be one of the items at the top of the list as it is an outer garment that goes over everything else. Next would be armor as it goes over clothing. I can see how a shield would go first though as you'd be holding it up to defend yourself. A weapon or held items would be in the top four as well I guess for the same reason.

Anywho... thanks for this. :)

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BB36 wrote:

I have to agree with SOTS here:

Mixing rage and alchemy I believe would lead to way too many explosive situations

Why do I think far too many Barbarians who know alchemy would be like handing TnT to rednecks?

I can see/hear many a last word of the Darwinian overachievers going something like:

Hey guys, watch THIS!!!

Funny thing... the barbarian rage actually INCREASES your will saves and the ability to resist taking INT damage. If you INT is above average and your WIS is high... you'd be gimping the character yourself to play it like a retard.

Most of the "Hey guys, watch this" comes from low wisdom.

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Ah... but are you jumping off the bridge with a parachute or bungee cord?

I was just saying, that if you are willing to take the precautions necessary to provide a high enough will save that you practically just have to roll a non-one not to fail once a round, you effectively have that parachute or bungee cord. You can still fail, but rolling a one on a save is relatively rare. In that instance the RageChemist becomes viable.

Granted, you CAN fail, just like something could happen to your parachute or bungee cord. Luckily in this case, death is not the result, the save just gets harder but again... if your starting stats and will save is high enough that is not the end of the world and does not guarantee a unconscious PC.

Also, I'm not suggesting this is an option for a game that using point buy unless its a very HIGH point buy. If you'll note I mentioned "if you got good rolls". I've known players who can take any set of dice and consistently roll high on their starting stats and generally love to play characters that have "MAD" issues.

Just being a RageChemist does not automatically make you eligible for the darwin awards. PC or Player alike.

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I'd like to note... that I sometimes get confused between the changes of the rules editions. Fireball has gone through several changes. At one point it could not ignite stuff at all. :)

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Not sure how others would do this but if the situation came up in my game I'd rule it like this...

As this is a flask that needs to break like an alchemical item, I'd rule this touch attack is special in that it does not need to just "touch" the enemy.

If you are using deflect arrows, you'd slap the flask away randomly (treat flask like a grenade-like weapon that has missed).

If you are using snatch arrows, you'd catch the flask without it breaking. However, having gained possession of the flask it'd be nullified as per the rules on others using alchemist stuff.

Again... this is just how I'd rule on it in my games.

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Ah yes. Knowing where to look helps.

So items are only effected if they are non-attended or on a nat-one saving through if attended. Un-attended magic items get a save, non-magical items do not.

A PC rolling a one inside a fireball is likely to have armor, cloak, clothing, or a bag go up in smoke.

A PC being hit by a firestream and rolling a one has a good chance of taking it full in the chest or back.

Again - in the case of bronze armor getting slagged (steel will most likely just shatter or something) would the PC need to worry about molten metal?

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Ok... let me widen the question to the Fireball spell as well. I ask because I've never really run into a situation with a fireball or the firestream spell and armor that can be melted as I'm usually running in a game or running a game where steel armor is the norm.

Fireballs are also one of the spells that I've always aired on the side of caution with when I'm running and kinda glossed over allot of the fire effects.

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I'm just curious how other DM's are ruling or would rule on this. Say you are running a bronze age game. What would be the additional effect to a character wearing Bronze armor when they get hit with a FIRESTREAM spell?

Are they covered in molten bronze that continues to deal damage?

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StreamOfTheSky wrote:
No, Ragechemist is never worth it. But I'm sick of explaining why, so now that I've done my civic duty once again, I suppose I'll just sit back and let characters who don't "get it" earn their Darwin Awards.

Its a matter of opinions that just don't agree. No need to be calling us idiots.

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It depends... does your character have some of those permanent flaming ink tattoos? If so, between those and the hair, you may have the rest of the party throwing water on your character to extinguish you.

I'd agree with Are. Base rules wise there is nothing that says you actually produce heat or light with your hair, it just "moves" like flames.

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Lune wrote:
Please Don't Kill Me is correct. The +2 Str is not worth the drawbacks of the Rage Chemist. I recommend against it.

If you can manage the MAD because you got good rolls... then bumping wisdom up for high enough will saves makes the +2 totally worth it. If your will save is high enough it never gets worse. :)

A Barbarian with a nice will save is also something most enemies have not encountered often. No Calm Emotions draining YOUR rage. :D

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I wants...

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Felantron wrote:

Well done!

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Benoc wrote:

I suggest getting an adventure path or module at first. There are a number of free modules in the paizo store.

For online tools maptools is a great program as far as virtual table tops go. Im sure other people will suggest rolld20, d20 pro fantasy grounds or others but i find maptools to be perfectly fine plus its free. You can find plenty of resources like tokens and building icons and things at also free.

I would also suggest a 15-20 point buy, 15 is the assumed buy but 20 is what is used for Pfs and i find that it works well for newer players as it gives a little more wiggle room.

Hope that helps.

Ah... I got partially ninja'd

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Monstropolis wrote:

The title says it all, I'm new to GMing and I'll be doing this all online with Skype calls and any other tools I can find.

I'm not new to Pathfinder, but I'm also no expert at the game. I know the rules well enough by heart, but can muddle them from time to time. I want to play a forgiving game of pathfinder, encouraging creative and free thinking. However, the last time I tried to GM I railroaded the party a little too much.

So I ask of you guys, any useful tips and tricks that you use as a GM? Also what useful tools their are online for myself and my players to use?

As for the players, what is a good starting point for the players? They are for all intents and purpose brand new to the game. My thoughts are first level as more levels complicates the process, and have them with a 25 point buy.

I have hinted that I'll be forgiving of mistakes made for the first 4 levels to encourage creative and outside of the box thinking, but will start to come down harder as their levels progress. My hope is to allow them to establish a sense of what their are capable of and make the game centered around the players.

Thanks in advance.

As you'll be doing the game online, you might consider setting up any maps you might be using and pointing a webcam at them. You can then lay out a grid with letters down one side and numbers down the other. This way you can control the minis and the players can decide where they wish to move.

Being in front of a computer also makes it very easy to have the rules right at hand via the PRD.

I always suggest starting "new" players at first level. It lets you build your character more "organically" as the game progresses with the PC's picking up abilities based on what they have experienced. There are a few published adventures you can pick up from paizo as a free download. I find that by running some published adventures it can give you a feel for the right kind of pacing you'll need for your own games.

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Soon as I own one of those plushes... it will be named "Pickle". Seeing as how you are what you eat as they say.

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BB36 wrote:
Only after a lot of alcohol

I see... so that probably means you don't remember doing it.

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Elamdri wrote:
Lokie wrote:
Elamdri wrote:
Nausicaa wouldn't be that hard, just cover most of the world in an inhaled poison that does 1d6 of Con damage per round and then give the players a mask that filters the poison.
The difficult parts would be the airships, planes, and gliders. We'd also need to stat up the chocobo-like mounts.
Just adapt the vehicle rules from Ultimate Combat. They already have stats for airships and gliders.

Having just viewed the movie again... I think I may just do this sometime.

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Third Mind wrote:

Hi everyone, sorry if this is common knowledge but I couldn't seem to find it in a brief search. Maybe I was searching in the wrong spots though.

What is the HP and Hardness of Iron & Steel?

I ask because I'm working on creating a custom class and it utilizes iron and steel fairly heavily.

Please and thank you. :)

You can find it HERE

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minoritarian wrote:

Princess Mononoke would be quite fun to convert.

Ashitaka as an archery ranger, with an Elk companion for Yakul. Awakened Dire Wolves and Dire Boars. The Spirit of the Forest as a Jinushigami and I guess the little shaky head spirits are Shikigami? It could even be set in Golarion quite easily around Minkai, Chu Ye, Hongal and the Forest of the Spirits. Lady Eboshi and her "leper factory" as an alternate/additional source of firearms in the world.

The "little shaky head spirits" would be a Kami, Kodama. Firearms would be emerging or worse.

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If I figure this correctly... you'd only really be able to throw a creature of tiny size without suffering "size" penalties.

Anything larger would most likely give you a -4 penalty for each size larger.

At least... that is how I'd rule on it for my game.

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You'd rather have a Pathfinder hardback than a solid meal.

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Elamdri wrote:
Nausicaa wouldn't be that hard, just cover most of the world in an inhaled poison that does 1d6 of Con damage per round and then give the players a mask that filters the poison.

The difficult parts would be the airships, planes, and gliders. We'd also need to stat up the chocobo-like mounts.

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Just like the title says... has anyone tried to convert the films of Hayao Miyazaki to Pathfinder?

For example -

Castle in the Sky
Howl's Moving Castle

How would one create the toxic world of Nausicaa?

Pathfinder PF Special Edition Subscriber


Has anyone used this book to make the characters from Crono Trigger?

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When running my games I occasionally go by "God" or even just "Master". (Mostly just in jest of course.)

Of course my games tend to towards humorous over serious recently.

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I played a wizard like this once in 3.5. He would either toss the shrunken items against a ceiling, toss them above his target and then dismiss the effect, or while "flying" hold the object over his victim and dismiss the effect. In all cases he let gravity do the work. Damage was limited by the height he could drop the object from and the size of the object he could shrink.

Were you to toss a shrunken block of stone against a enemy, the effect would not be nearly so pronounced. However the enemy would still have to content with having several hundred pounds of mass suddenly appearing in their arms.

In all cases I believe the DM was ruling that I was just targeting a square and the enemy got a reflex save to avoid being crushed.

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Hmm... or the two pistols Christie had attached to his arms in Aliens Resurrection. "Drop the guns!" ... "I can't they are attached to my arms!"

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Professor Moriarty ... evil genius and gunslinger?

Pathfinder PF Special Edition Subscriber

I just have to say that this book is worth it just for the additional Goblin material. Goblins make me happy!

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*Shameless bump*

Room still available.

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Nodnarb wrote:
If I lived anywhere near there (or even considered moving anywhere near there), I'd take you up on the offer. But Michigan is a bit far to consider that kind of move....

Buy in now and you'll have a place to stay when vacationing away from the cold in sunny florida!

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In instances where you have attacks like this that include more than one bolt, bullet, arrow... what have you I'm pretty sure you only get one sneak attack. Its the same as the Archer shooting two arrows with the Manyshot feat.

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Assuming you are using a single firearm (so you have a free hand) and can reload as free actions then I do not see anything in the rules that would prevent you from firing two shots as a single attack (but making two rolls at -6 each), reloading, and repeating until you've run out of attacks.

Progression should be something like (+5/+5)/(+5/+5)/(+0/+0)

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Thanks I appreciate it. I figure since I'm a gamer if I could get a gamer roomie that'd be perfect.

To keep it somewhat general ... I'm just south of the 295 overpass on San Jose in Mandarin.

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CountMRVHS wrote:

Neat thread!

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about how I can trick out my cleric's crossbow.

He's a cleric of Abadar (or a re-skinned version thereof), with domains as Travel and either Metal or Defense.

I was thinking going up to Crossbow Mastery and using a Heavy Crossbow. Alternatively, I could free up some feats and stick with a light crossbow, choosing Rapid Reload and a few others to keep the weapon fairly decent. But heavy has such a visceral appeal! (Either way, I'll be doing other things, not just shooting all the time.)

I'll definitely pick up a Guided crossbow at some point. I was also considering Create Reliquary Arms & Shields to make my crossbow a holy symbol, which just seems cool.

Apart from that, I'm really wondering about crafting or buying special bolts. I don't see a lot of great ammo options out there and am looking for suggestions. If I want to make my own magic bolts, would that even be possible - since a lot of the relevant spells would be on the sorcerer/wizard list, I assume?

It depends allot on what your DM will allow. My suggestion for special bolts would be to make batches of bane bolts of different races. As a cleric can cast summon monster this is a easy one to make.

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